Whether you are a seasoned baker or an aspiring one, there is a list of specific must-have kitchen tools that you need for baking.

While somethings may be very obvious such as oven and measuring spoons, others like parchment papers are less so, yet still crucial to this whole undertaking. So here we are to introduce you to the list of cake baking tools and equipment every baker should own.

Many of these may already be at your home, so it’s about time that you bring them out to bake the most delicious cake you have ever tasted.

Cake Baking Tools and Equipment

Here are the tools and equipment that you must get as a baker.

1. Measuring Spoons and Scales

Measurement is crucial in baking as it’s all a play of food science. 

Recipes across the internet use everything from the imperial system of measuring cups and spoons as well as the metric system of measuring scales. So it’s handy having both of them at reach so that you can use the one which is necessary whenever you want to bake a cake.

Measuring Spoons

Typically, any reasonably priced digital kitchen scales works. With any set of measuring cups and spoons, you should look for wholes, quarters, and halves of your table, teaspoons, and cups. With these, you can cover most of the recipes. Anything else is a bonus.

2. Mixers and Whisks

Baking means mixing. Whether it’s dry ingredients or wet, you will need to mix a lot! And the primary tool to whisk, whether it’s to whip some good old eggs or some flour, the whisk is an essential tool. However, sometimes, a whisk can turn out to be insufficient in mixing some of the ingredients.

For instance, creaming butter and milk or whipping egg to form a meringue can feel too much for the strength of your hand. To increase efficiency and precision, an electric mixer can turn out to be an investment. Usually, these come in two types, hand mixer or stand mixer.

Mixers and Whisks

Handheld one requires you to hold on to your mixer when mixing where stand mixer is fitted into a ready-made stand so that you can leave the ingredients into a bowl and let the mixer do its work.

3. Cake Pans

The shape of the cake depends on what pan you use. Thus they are important to baking any cakes.

Cake Pans

From aluminum to non-stick, any pans are fine as long as you are aware of the size and the shape. There are hundreds of different pans to choose from in any store, so we don’t believe that being non-accessible is a problem.

4. Spatulas

There are two types of spatulas that are important to baking: rubber or silicone spatula and an offset spatula. A rubber spatula helps you scrape off those wet ingredients which otherwise are hard to handle. They also help you fold and wet and dry ingredients where mixing/overmixing can turn out to be detrimental. 


Offset spatulas are made out of stainless still and the essential tool for icing. The thin straight edge makes sure that the icing is uniform. It also helps to make the cake batter flat and smooth before putting it into the oven, which helps the cake to rise and bake uniformly.

5. Icing Tips

In order to take your cake from basic to astounding, icing tips are your best friends. There are innumerable types of icing tips, each making a different pattern. While a simple star, round, and a writing tip will do, it doesn’t cost much to buy a set of 50.

Icing Tips

Also, a stainless steel tip is much better compared to plastic ones in terms of reusability and precision.

6. Pastry Bags/Piping Bags

When you have the pastry tips all prepared, the next essential for icing is the pastry bags or piping bags. There are two types of bags, 12 inches and 18 inches, which is enough to accommodate a lot of frosting so that the issue of having to refill it over and over is reduced.

Pastry Bags

Pastry/ piping bags are made out of plastic, which means they are either disposable or reusable. Both reusable or disposable, it is important to note that after a couple of washes, even the reusable bags get old and, at times, get fungal infestations. Pastry bags are a constant buy, which is incredibly necessary to ensure sure cake decorates.

7. Cake Racks

Cakes usually require to cool off after coming out of the oven before we begin the icing. However, putting it straight in the fridge is a big no-no, but keeping it in the pan would make it further stick to it or overcook from the carry on heat from the oven.

Cake Racks

A cooling cake rack makes it all easy by providing a space with enough ventilation for fast and efficient cooling. One big cake rack or two small ones is enough to last a lifetime!

8. Parchments Paper and Pastry Brush

To prevent your cake from sticking to the pan, parchment paper is your best bet. Inexpensive yet, undeniably an essential part of baking, a roll of parchment paper is enough to last you years of nonsticky baking experience.

Pastry Brush

And to grease the parchment papers, you will require a pastry brush. It can get to all the crooks and cranny of the cake pan and well and help the parchment paper sit tight. Moreover, a pastry brush is very versatile, from usage such as egg-washing, painting, or using butter on top of the dough.

9. Rolling Pins

From crushing bits of crackers for that cheesecake or the puff pastry, rolling pins are amazing with their usability and versatility. They are mostly used to roll out any pie crust, cookie doughs, or puff pastry, but they also can work as a cheaper replacement of a food processor.

Rolling Pins

Anything that you need to crush, put them on a plastic resealable bag, and roll the rolling pin on them, all the ingredients would be smashed to pieces.

10. Kitchen Knives

Two types of knives are essential to the baking process: a serrated knife and a paring knife. Firstly, a serrated knife is used for cutting any type of cake. Usually, the ones which are at least eight inches long, they can reach across the entire cake, cutting the cake into uniform layers.

Cutting cakes evenly is important to ensure that the frosting in between is being evenly layered.

Kitchen Knives

Pairing knives are useful for their sharpness in order to make any clean cuts, whether it’s the first slice or cutting small fruits to put it atop the cake, we recommend finding one that you feel comfortable with.

11. Fine-Mesh Sieves

In baking, sifting dry ingredients is one of the consequential steps to prevent the mixture from lumping up. To achieve that, a fine-mesh sieve is a crucial component in the baking arsenal. Not just sifting dry ingredients, it can also be used to separate solids from wet ingredients and add a dusting of powdered sugar as an icing.

Fine-Mesh Sieves

12. Cake Turntable

The last stage in baking any cake is ensuring that your cake looks presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Decoration of the cake requires reaching every part of the cake’s surface. A turntable that elevates the cake and spins the cake around ensures an even icing and easier experience.

Cake Turntable

You might choose a cheap plastic cake turntable, but you might want a turntable with a cast-iron framework if you want your baking experience to last a long time. Due to the sturdiness of the turntable, it never shifts when you are decorating, thus giving you the foundation to weave your magic.

Final Words

If all of these cake baking tools and equipment are in your kitchen, you’re ready to bake some cake. And if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest super shop or order online!