Cooking under a vacuum, which is also known as the sous vide cooking procedure is the healthiest and a delicious way of cooking meats. As the process’s name goes, you would need to seal the food in an airtight bag. And the pre-requisite of that would be to have a proper vacuum sealer.

By getting the best sous vide vacuum sealer, you can substantially lower the chances of spillage that might occur during the procedure. Also, those can enhance the overall marinating method of meat. However, choosing one of those devices is something where you are going to struggle a lot for sure.

But as you have found us, you would not have to worry about that anymore. We are going to make the choosing process feel like driving a hot knife into butter.

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Best Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide

You are sure to find yourself in a tricky situation while trying to get yourself one of these devices because of the overabundance of options that are out there. Well, as we said, we are here to make your life a bit easier.

For that reason, we have gone through all the options and picked only the devices that are worth your money. They are:

1. Lincom Tech Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation

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Easy operation is something that should be on your priority list while looking for the best vacuum sealer for sous vide. However, you would not have to worry about that if you opt for this one that Lincom Tech is offering.

First of all, the unit is highly potent. It takes a small amount of time to drain out all the air from the bag. As a result, you would not have to waste that much time to get a proper seal.

There are two different sealing modes. One of them is for wet foods, and the other one is for dry foods. The wet mode will ensure that all the liquid marination ingredients that stay around the food.

Just like we said, the device is pretty easy to use. It has touch buttons on the body. Those are the buttons that you would have to tap to use to operate the unit. And they have LED lights, which is going to let you know whether your tap is registered or not.

There is a built-in cutter that will enable you to cut rolling bags instantly. You would not need any separate tool to carry out that cutting task.


  • Easy to operate
  • Has two different modes
  • Comes with touch buttons
  • Seals reasonably fast
  • Built-in cutter


  • Not that durable
  • Tends to malfunction quite often

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2. Toyuugo Automatic Air Sealing System

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While looking for the best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking, you are going to stumble upon a plethora of units. However, hardly a few will have as many protection features like this one from Toyuugo has.

Let us talk about the most highlighting feature first. The unit comes packed with five different levels of security protection. It has over-pressure protection, empty plumping protection, lack-pressure protection, inverter protection, and finally, voltage fluctuation protection.

The device is pretty easy to use too. It has two different modes. One is for sealing, and the other is for vacuuming. You can do both of them using a single button. The sealing process utilizes a strong heat coil, which will ensure that the bags are airtight.

Apart from that, the vacuuming efficiency is quite praiseworthy as well. It can vacuum a bag in just eight seconds, allowing you to seal multiple bags in a short amount of time. Also, it has an indicator light that will let you know when the device is in operational mode.

In the package, you are going to find ten BPA-free Sous Vide bags included. As a result, you would not have to get yourself a separate set of bags just to begin your Sous Vide adventure.


  • Has five layers of protection
  • Vacuums bags in just eight seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Two different operational modes
  • Comes with ten BPA-free bags


  • Heating element tends to leave a burning smell after the operation
  • Vacuum tends to malfunction

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3. TNO Automatic Air Sealing System

Only fast vacuuming does not make a unit the best food sealer for sous vide. It has to be easy to use too. And a perfect example of such a device would be this one that TNO is offering.

First of all, the suction power that this unit can offer is higher than most of the other ones that are out there. For that reason, it would not take that much amount of time to seal a bag.

Apart from that, there are operational buttons on the top of the body. They have clear labels, which will make it easy for you to operate the machine. You can start the entire procedure by pressing a single button.

Just like some of the other units, this only also boasts two different operational modes. It has a dry mode and a soft wet mode. The wet mode is for the packs that have liquid marination ingredients in them.

The sealer is 14 inches wide. As a result, it will enable you to use bags that are up to 12 inches wide. Cooking a large chunk of meat using the sous vide process will be an easy task for you after you get this.


  • Can accommodate bags that are up to 12 inches wide
  • Operational process is pretty easy
  • Seals bags reasonably fast
  • Features two different modes
  • Buttons have clear labeling on them


  • Suction power is not that praiseworthy
  • Leaves some air inside the bag sometimes

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4. STRENTER Automatic Food Sealer Machine

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Among all the available units in the market, the best food saver for sous vide would be the ones that have adequate built-in protections. And STRENTER is here to offer you exactly that and many more added features.

To begin with, it boasts a triple layer of protection. First, it will cut off the power when the heating elements overheat. Alongside that, it also has over-voltage protection and power failure protection. You basically will not have to worry that much while using this because of those protections.

Apart from that, the operational process is exceptionally simple. It has a single button, which will allow you to do all the operations. You would not have to get yourself bewildered among all the buttons that most of the other units tend to have.

Other than that, there is an indicator light. It will let you know when the device is in operational mode. Also, the operational time that it takes is minimal. It can properly seal up bags in just eight seconds. The cooling time is quite fast too.

In the box, you are going to receive twenty heat-sealed bags. Because of the inclusion of these bags, it is the perfect starter kit for starting your Sous Vide cooking.


  • Single-button operation
  • Has a smart LED indicator
  • Includes 20 bags in the package
  • Features a triple layer of protection
  • Automatically turns off


  • Heating elements can emit a weird smell during operation
  • Not that reliable

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5. kealive Automatic Air Sealing System

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Not all of the devices you will find in the market will allow you to monitor the sealing process. If you were on the lookout for that does offer you that capability, you should definitely take a look at what kealive is offering here.

Unlike some of the units that are out there, this one sports an LCD screen on the front. Along with that, it has an LED indicator. Those two will allow you to monitor the vacuum and sealing process from start to end. As a result, you are sure to get an efficient sealing by the end.

Operating the unit is a pretty straightforward process. It has a touch-to-open button on the front. That button allows the user to easily open the lid. Alongside that, it also has the one-touch button operation mode. That means you would not have to worry about unfathomable function keys with this device. Apart from that, the unit’s vacuuming speed is up to part with the rest of the high-end devices in the market. Also, it has two different operational modes. Just like some of the other manufacturers, kealive is also including ten heat-sealable bags with the package.


  • Boasts an LCD screen on the front
  • Has an LED light indicator
  • Relies on a single button for operations
  • Exceptionally high vacuuming speed
  • Package includes ten heat-sealable bags


  • Suction power degrades over time
  • Included bags are not that high in quality

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6. AOBEN Vacuum Sealer Machine

The more the operational modes, the more versatile the sealer machine will be. And this one that is from AOBEN is going to offer that versatility that most of the other ones fail to deliver.

To start with, unlike most of the other devices, this one has three different operational modes. One is for the wet and moist foods, the other is for the dry ones, and lastly, there is a mode for the soft foods. These different modes make the device achieve a higher amount of versatility.

Apart from that, you would not have to drop a single drop of sweat while trying to operate this machine. It has digital buttons on the front that has clears markings on them. There are LED indicators under each of the buttons. Those will ensure you whether your tap has been registered or not.

Other than that, it utilizes a separated design. Because of implementing such a design, you can easily take off the lid from the body. After doing so, you can clean the insides without any issues at all. The compact and lightweight form factor that it boasts makes it easy to store too.


  • Features three operational modes
  • Operational procedure is pretty straightforward
  • Boasts a separated design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features LED indicators


  • Can not efficiently seal wet foods
  • Suction power is reasonably low

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7. Vcloo Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Having an adequate amount of protection will allow you to get peace of mind while operating the unit. Well, Vcloo kept that in mind when they were manufacturing this device.

Let us start by talking about the most highlighted feature first. It packs five different protection layers to offer you the safest user experience. Over-pressure, lack of pressure, inverter, voltage surge, and empty plumping would not be what you would have to worry about that much for this unit.

Besides that, the overall footprint of the device is highly compact. The weight is fairly minimal too. As a result, storing and maneuvering it around will be an easy task for you.

Other than that, the design that it implements makes it simple to use. It utilizes the one-button operation that most of the easy-to-use devices implements. As a result, you would not have to get yourself puzzled among multiple buttons while trying to get your food bag vacuum sealed.

Apart from that, you are going to receive fifteen BPA-free bags with the package. That means if you are just starting your sous vide adventure, you might not have to get yourself a separate set of bags after you get this unit.


  • Has five layers of protections
  • Offers an easy-to-use user experience
  • Adopts a lightweight design
  • Fifteen BPA-free bags are included
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Suction power is a comparatively low
  • Takes a long time to vacuum seal a bag

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8. WeChoicing Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Getting a good seal is important when it comes to vacuum sealing a bag for Sous Vide cooking. And for that, you would require a machine that has good suction power. Well, you are going to get exactly that with this one offered by WeChoicing.

Unlike some of the other available devices, this one has an intelligent mode. That mode allows the device to efficiently seal the bags. As a result, accidental spillage of foods inside the cooker would not be something that you will need to worry about.

Other than that, there are two sealing modes. One of them is the wet pumping mode, and the other is the regular one. The wet pumping one takes about 10 seconds, and the regular one takes about 5 seconds. That means you would not have to wait that long for sealing the bags either.

Besides that, you will have no trouble accommodating large-sized bags too. It has a wide front portion, which will enable you to seal bags that are up to 11 inches wide.

Also, it has the protection levels that most of the other manufacturers are implementing in their devices. There are five different layers of protection to be exact.


  • Offers an efficient seal
  • Can accommodate bags that are up to 11 inches
  • Boasts five layers of protection
  • Takes considerably less time for sealing bags
  • Multiple operational modes


  • Unit gets considerably hot during operations
  • Tends to emit an obnoxious smell during sealing

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9. HeaBoom Automatic Food Sealer

Opting for a device that can seal bags in a matter of seconds can save loads of time. Well, if you were looking for such a unit, you should definitely consider this one that is from HeaBoom.

Let us talk about the overall construction first. This one implements an all-metal body to achieve a high level of durability. You can expect it to last for a long amount of time. Also, that design makes it look sleek and stylish.

Apart from that, the unit is quite compact and lightweight. For that reason, you can easily maneuver it around. Also, storing it will not be that much of a hassle too. Alongside that, it features a separate design. That will enable you to take off the lid for cleaning.

Other than that, the unit’s vacuuming speed is faster than most of the other units available in the market. You can completely seal a bag in just 5 seconds. It does not take that long to cool down either. So sealing a large number of bags will be an easy task for you.

Besides that, operating the machine is a stress-free process. It has a one-button operational design.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can seal at a reasonably fast pace
  • Cools down relatively fast
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Lightweight and highly compact footprint


  • Weak suction power
  • Tends to leave some air inside the bags

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10. VINER Automatic Food Sealer Machine

We are going to wrap up our best vacuum sealer for sous vide reviews with this device that is being offered by VINER. If you were searching for something that will offer you a professional sealing experience, you should definitely take a look into this one.

First of all, the unit utilizes a constant temperature inverter. That inverter enhances the efficiency and the stability of the device substantially. As a result, you would be able to enjoy a professional-grade sealing experience while using it.

Apart from that, just like most of the other units, this one also has multiple operational modes. There are two, to be exact. One of them is for wet foods, and the other one is for dry ones. By selecting the right one for the type of food that you are handling, you can efficiently seal up the bags.

Other than that, it implements an automatic-operational design. For that reason, you would not have to go through that much of a hassle for sealing bags. The operational noise is pretty minimal too.

There are five levels of protection built right into the device as well. It will offer protection from over-pressure, under pressure, for the inverter, empty plumping, and sudden voltage surge.


  • Multiple operational modes
  • Offers a professional sealing experience
  • Has built-in protections
  • Features an automatic-operational design
  • Operational noise is reasonably low


  • Can malfunction after a couple of use
  • Buttons feel a bit flimsy

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Can You Use Any Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide?

Proper insulation and efficient sealing are a must for sealing the bags for Sous Vide cooking. And other types of vacuum sealers will not let you achieve those two. You surely can seal the bags, but it is highly likely that the bag will leak out during the cooking process.

Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide

Leakage during the cooking process can infuse an inappropriate taste in the food that you are trying to cook. As a result, you will eventually waste food. So, even though it is totally possible to seal a bag with any vacuum sealer, we recommend using the designated ones for a perfect cooking result.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you have gone through the review section, you must be pretty excited to get your hands on one of the sealers that we have included in our list.

But before you do decide to spend your valuable money on one of them, you should keep some factors in mind. They will enable you to efficiently scrutinize the devices. The factors are as follows:

Suction Power

Before anything else, you need to factor in the suction power. In the case of vacuum sealers, the higher the suction power, the more efficient seal you will get. And getting an adequate amount of seal is quite important for this type of cooking.

For that reason,  you should opt for the devices that have a considerably high amount of suction power.

Vacuum Sealer

Apart from that, the suction power will also dictate the unit’s time to seal a bag. The devices with higher suction power can seal a bag in a matter of seconds. As a result, you would not have to wait that long with those. That means a unit with high suction power will also allow you to go seal a large number of bags in a couple of minutes.


Apart from the suction power, you have to consider the overall design of the unit too. By this, we are implying the size and the heft of the device.

In this case, the more compact and lightweight the unit is going to be, the easier it will be for you to maneuver it and store it. Because of that, we would recommend opting for the ones that have a fairly lightweight body and a compact form factor.

Ease of Use

Getting yourself a sealer full of unwanted features and buttons would be the last thing you would want. For that reason, you should only shoot for the ones that are simple and has a straightforward operational process.

The ones that have a single-button operation are the easiest to use. Other than that, you can also opt for the muli button ones but do make sure that they have proper labeling on the top.

LED Indicator

An LED indicator is a must for the devices that utilize a single button design. That indicator will let you know what task the unit is doing at what moment. For that reason, you should ensure whether the sealer that you are shooting for does have a LED indicator light or not.


Different layers of protection can offer you peace of mind while operating the device. Apart from that, those protections can also ensure that nothing goes wrong while sealing the bags.

And for that reason, we would highly recommend you opt for the ones that have multi-layers of protection. There are many out there with three and five protections, and those are the ones you should shoot for.


The last thing that you would need to consider is the width. For the case of sealers, the higher the width, the more the number of bags they are going to be compatible with. Also, by getting yourself one of the high width devices, you can seal large bags without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is vacuum sealers for Sous Vide the same as FoodSavers?

Vacuum sealer also goes by the name of FoodSavers. So, yes, the FoodSavers that are available in the market are the same thing as a Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide. However, do make sure the FoodSavers are for Sous Vide cooking or not before buying.

2. What type of bags is safe for Sous Vide cooking?

The bags that you would want to shoot for Sous Vide cooking are the ones that are BPA-free. Even if you can not find ready-made bags for the cooking process, we would recommend getting yourself BPA-free bag rolls and making the bags by yourself.

3. Are ZipLoc bags considered safe for Sous Vide?

No, not all the ZipLoc bags are going to safe for Sous Vide because not all of them are BPA-free. If you cook with a non-BPA-free bag, you are going to infuse harmful chemicals into your food.

4. How long does it take to cook a steak using the Sous Vide method?

If you have an appropriate seal, it will take about sixty minutes to cook a steak. However, depending on the cut’s thickness, it can take longer or less amount of time than that.

5. Is Sous Vide cooking process worth a try?

If you have never tasted meat that is cooked using the Sous Vide method, you should definitely try it out. The flavor and the taste are surely going to amaze you.

Final Words

We hope that we could efficiently narrow down the overall options that it is now easier for you to choose the best sous vide vacuum sealer. To conclude, we wish you good luck and hope that you can easily get a proper seal for the bags.