Whenever we try to make a tortilla by hand, we’re bound to mess some up. It’s not easy to make them perfectly round. For something so simple, it takes a lot of skill, care, and time. However, with a tortilla press, it’s utterly simple. All it takes is a few seconds, and you’re done.

So, it’s a waste not to invest in the best tortilla press you can find. That way, you can expect your lunch or dinner to have the finest tortillas possible. Of course, some presses are better than others. So, we’re here to help you find the top models in the market!

We’ve also included a helpful buying guide to walk you through all the details you need to buy your ideal unit. So, go through the guide and reviews carefully. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the perfect press!

Now let’s get down to the reviews!

Top Choice
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Tortilla and Roti Maker, Made in Colombia, 8 Inches
Best Value
IMUSA USA Tortilla Press, 8 Inch, Silver
Runner up
Norpro 6" tortilla maker
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Tortilla and Roti Maker, Made in Colombia, 8 Inches
IMUSA USA Tortilla Press, 8 Inch, Silver
Norpro 6" tortilla maker
Top Choice
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Tortilla and Roti Maker, Made in Colombia, 8 Inches
Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Tortilla and Roti Maker, Made in Colombia, 8 Inches
More Information
Best Value
IMUSA USA Tortilla Press, 8 Inch, Silver
IMUSA USA Tortilla Press, 8 Inch, Silver
More Information
Runner up
Norpro 6" tortilla maker
Norpro 6" tortilla maker
More Information

10 Best Tortilla Press Reviews

Through extensive research and experimentation, we were able to pin down 10 absolutely unbeatable units. So, let’s take a look at what makes these presses so special.

1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

To start off our list, we’re introducing something that is the very embodiment of premium. From its build to its utility, it’s easy to see that this press is something special. Once we get down to the details, you’ll see why this is the first entry on our list.

Firstly, we’ll need to examine the magnificent reinforced handle. The handle feels smooth and never stutters. You can comfortably push it down with little to no issues. This keeps the tortillas perfectly flat once you’re done. The handling quality also ensures that you can use it for an extended period as well.

One of the main reasons why we were ready to introduce this press first is its masterful casting. The manufacturers’ ingenious sand-casting molding techniques take this unit to a whole new level. It perfects flattening in such a way that it leaves no room for imperfections.

That’s right; the keyword for this spectacular press is how it commits itself to perfection. Victoria perfectly understands this. As such, its build consists of top-quality components that accommodate the iron casting. This means both longevity and quality tortillas.

These kinds of results wouldn’t be possible without its heavy-duty build. It can undergo thousands of presses without showing any sign of wear. Of course, it’s not limited to tortillas. It can press flatbreads, empanadas, and many more different types of items.


  • 8-inch size for large pressing capacity
  • The reinforced handle makes pressing a treat
  • Pristine cast iron synergizes with its other high-quality components
  • Versatile use
  • Cast iron is seasoned with organic flaxseed oil


  • Quite heavy

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2. IMUSA USA MEXI-86008 8″ Easy to Use Aluminum Tortilla Press

We’ve already introduced ourselves with a top of the line cast iron press. So, it is now time to introduce a spectacular aluminum unit to explain this build’s specific strengths.

And we couldn’t have picked a better unit than this wonderful IMUSA model to introduce you to the wonders of aluminum presses. So, let’s get down to what makes this unit so special.

Starting off, we have to mention just how light it is. It weighs significantly less than its cast-iron contemporaries. So, whenever you want to take the press anywhere else, you can do so with absolute ease. Considering how this is an 8-inch unit, you are essentially carrying around a large press with almost no issues.

Of course, the lighter material does mean that you’ll need to add in some extra effort to get the perfect tortilla. Nevertheless, the ease of storage, portability, and handle more than make up for that. However, the reason why we recommend this unit to just about everyone is the outstanding price.

There is no doubt that this unit offers immense value for its price. It offers superb flattening at an unbeatable price. Even for the standards of an aluminum build, it doesn’t cost as much as its worth. So, this unit becomes a unique value deal that is more than capable of fulfilling your press needs at a low cost.

Finally, we have to bring up versatility. This aluminum model can flatten more than just tortillas. They are very effective in flattening roti and other flatbreads. So, if you’ve set out to make a variety of dishes, this unit will more than have your back.


  • Very light
  • The handle offers superb leverage
  • Low cost
  • Large 8-inch size
  • Made with durability in mind


  • Paint may eventually come off

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3. Norpro 6″ tortilla maker

So far, we’ve only talked about 8-inch presses. We understand the fact that not all of our readers are looking to make giant 8-inch tortillas.

For them, the extra size seems pointless. As such, they should opt for ta 6-inch unit. Of course, they’re smaller in size. However, they use that small size to be more compact and effective when pressing smaller tortillas.

Therefore, to introduce these smaller presses, we will talk about Norpro’s fantastic unit. If you’ve scoured through the internet for best tortilla press reviews, you’re bound to run into this press.

That’s because everyone who has used it found a lot to love. From its impressive frame to its strong handle, it’s hard not to love it.

Let’s start off with its build. Like the previous entry, this is an aluminum unit. As such, it carries its attributes. This includes lower prices, lighter weight, and improved portability.

However, it elevates itself further through the introduction of multiple spectacular improvements over the standard aluminum design. This includes its highly improved durability.

That’s right; you’ll barely see any damage on this tool, no matter how roughly you use it. Norpro has done an excellent job of utilizing the most high-tier materials they could find. It manages to withstand countless presses with no lasting issues. You can even drop them without fear of breakage.

Lastly, we need to discuss the magnificent handle. It’s gorgeously made, emphasizing your ease of use and durability at the same time. Each component uses the strongest material to make sure it never comes undone. As such, it becomes a press with limitless potential.


  • Extremely durable
  • Expertly crafted handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • You can also choose their 8-inch option if you want


  • Due to the higher quality, it is slightly more expensive than other aluminum models

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4. Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Normally, cast iron units are the costliest presses out of all the types. However, they justify that extra cost with absolute perfection when it comes to the thickness and the flatness of your tortilla.

However, the additional costs aren’t something everyone is comfortable with. That’s why for our fourth entry, we’re going to introduce a model that gives you the benefits of cast iron at a low price.

Alpha Living has managed to create a spectacular press that deserves your attention. When it comes to cast iron, it’s possibly the best tortilla press at a budget price. As such, it’s hard to feel like you’ve sacrificed much when you buy it. It’s more than worth the price tag the manufacturers set on it.

You’re getting all of the features you can expect from a cast-iron unit. This includes their incredible flattening prowess. The press makes sure that whatever you press is completely flat and thick.

They also make sure that the thickness is just right for the perfect taste. In addition, its superb ability to flatten has made sure that all your tortillas are perfectly shaped with no uneven bits or indentations.

The unit is quite heavy, but not as heavy as you’d expect from models of its kind. Its producers made sure to give the press the exact weight necessary to imbue it with optimal stability. As such, the weight is completely justified as it uses it to make the flattest tortillas you could ever ask for.

Alpha Living’s press boasts ample width as well. You’re dealing with 7.5 inches of space to work with. While it might not be as much as 8 inches, it’s still more than enough to get most of your tortillas done. With all that under its belt, there’s no doubt that this is a spectacular model that deserves respect.


  • Low cost even though it’s a cast-iron model
  • Relatively lower weight
  • Outstanding stability
  • Handle shape is expertly designed
  • Heavy-duty build


  • Can’t handle excessive rough use

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5. Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

For the next few best tortilla press reviews, we’ll be talking about some of the top cast iron presses in the industry. These are the best of its kind and deserve the superb reputations they have earned over their lifetime. We will use this spectacular model from Uno Casa to introduce these premium presses one by one.

That’s because this press is something more than special. It’s everything you can ever ask a tortilla press can be and much more. Also, it exceeds in quality from its incredible build to its spectacular design. You’ll find this model easy to love considering the love and care the designers put into the creation of this press.

What do we mean exactly? Let’s start off by describing the heavy-duty build. This aspect is backed up by its use of top of the line materials for production. As such, it’s exceptionally hard to break.

It can handle rough use and survive multiple falls. In addition, it can flatten tortillas and other types of flatbread dough thousands of times with little to no signs of wear and tear.

Don’t let yourself think that this unit is only good for making tortillas. It’s actually incredibly versatile, allowing you to make a plethora of different meals and dishes with no issues at all.

This includes chapatis, dumplings, roti, and many more. Uno Casa will even email you an e-book filled with countless recipes that utilize this wonderful press.

Of course, attaining this quality comes at a cost. It’s quite expensive when compared to the previous models we’ve reviewed. However, its design and quality more than make up for it. It’ll have your back to such a degree that it’s easily one of the best tortilla presses out there.


  • Has superb durability
  • Design enables perfect flatness and thickness
  • You get a variety of recipes from the manufacturers
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Comes with 100 pieces of parchment paper


  • It weighs quite a bit

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6. Tortillada – Premium Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Like we mentioned, we’re going to discuss quite a few premium cast iron tortillas back to back. If the title didn’t give it away already, this is a direct follow-up from the previous entry, offering absolutely wonderful performance and reliability. It does so to such a degree that it has earned high praise from its users.

What makes this unit so special? To start off, its masterfully pre-seasoned material to boost longevity and prevent rust. On top of that, it uses the highest-grade cast iron available. As such, it’s evident that Tortillada has set out to make the best cast iron tortilla press the world has ever seen.

Unlike all the previous presses we’ve talked about, this entry offers 10-inches to work with. It’s possibly among the biggest presses in the market. You know what that means? Yes, you can make huge tortillas! With such capacity, you can explore your creativity exponentially.

The expanded capacity also lets you try out a plethora of unique and intricate recipes. Where will you find these recipes? Well, with every unit you purchase, Tortillada offers 50 unique recipes from master chef Fabian Blocher.

They’ll send it to you by email within a few days of your purchase. All of these recipes allow you to utilize the press and create stellar dishes.

Of course, since it utilizes top-quality cast iron and is 10-inch in size, it weighs quite a bit. We’re talking a bit over 12 pounds. This might be an issue if you’re looking for portability and storage. In addition, it also costs more. Nevertheless, its outstanding quality more than makes up for these drawbacks.


  • Pre-seasoned to prevent rust
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Offers 50 unique recipes
  • 10-inch size drastically boosts capacity
  • High-quality materials elevate the durability
  • Uses exceptional German design


  • Very heavy; weighing 12 pounds

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7. Premium Grade-8 inch Cast iron tortilla press

Many readers have probably been waiting for an entry from Lodhi’s. Well, we’re finally here. To put it simply, the ‘premium grade’ quality mentioned in the title is not an exaggeration. Countless users found a lot to love about this unit because of just how wonderfully it works.

You get 8 inches of this premium quality to work with. This doesn’t just let you make big tortillas; it also lets you expand your scope to a ton of different dishes, including roti, dumplings, tostones, and more.

So, it’s got versatility under its belt. The way it can press any dough with perfect thickness is more than respectable. However, it truly excels when it comes to flour and corn tortillas.

Next up, we should mention that this press barely requires maintenance. That’s because the quality cast iron comes pre-seasoned to prevent it from growing rust. So, no matter how moist your food is, or how wet you leave it, it’s not going to rust.

Therefore, it drastically decreases its need for maintenance while also increasing its overall longevity. All you have to do is rub a bit off cooking oil once you’re done cleaning.

The overall design of this press isn’t complicated. They chose to go for the simple route to boost ease of assembly. So, whenever the handle wears out, you can easily take it out and replace it with a new one.

Moreover, you can store it in tight spaces by disassembling it yourself. Although it’s not always recommended, the device is so easy to assemble, it becomes a viable option.

Finally, we need to mention how well this unit balances its weight. It distributes this weight throughout the plates in such a way that your tortillas will end up with the right thickness. If you’re looking to make the ideal flat tortillas, then this unit has you covered.


  • Ingenious weight distribution
  • Very easy to assemble
  • High quality cast iron enhances sturdiness
  • Pre-seasoned to prevent rust
  • Works on a variety of dishes


  • Gives a hard time making thin tortillas

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8. Bioexcel 8-Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Presser

We’re approaching the last few presses of our list. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the quality is going down. This spectacular Bioexcel press is more than proves that.

From its spectacular assembly to its quality build, it’s one of the best tortilla presses when it comes to flour and corn tortillas. Their dedication to quality emanates from just how exceptional this unit is.

This mostly stems from the tool’s superb assembly. It’s easy to tell that this press is very well put together. Every joint has precise proportions so that it stays together after excessive use, and so that it’s easy to assemble. As such, you can take advantage of it and disassemble it when storing it in tight spaces.

It also helps if you want to replace the handle. However, you’ll hardly feel like doing so, considering just how ergonomic the design is. You can tell that the designers were extremely precise in terms of its detail to perfectly fit your palm.

So, you’ll feel showered in comfort with every use. Besides, this intuitive design also helps you exert the right force to get flat and even tortillas.

Bioexcel were also smart enough to add an extra screw onto the initial design. These kinds of backups are always pleasant to have and show that a producer really cares about what they’re putting out on the shelves. Its uncompromising design also compounds this fact.

They made sure to use the best materials to maximize your utility. The plates are non-stick. So, you won’t have to worry about your tortillas getting stuck to them as much as you would for other units. Even though it is 8 inches, it weighs significantly less than similar products.


  • Superb handle design
  • Comes with a free backup screw
  • Weighs lower than comparable units
  • Non-stick surface for added convenience
  • Respectable stability despite the weight


  • It might rust quickly if you don’t keep it dry

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9. 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press by StarBlue

Is there only one 10-inch press out there? No, there are quite a few. How many of them are good? Only a few. StarBlue’s model is something special, even among those few.

That’s because they prioritize quality, ease of use, and utility. It can win over a household in just one use, as every tortilla it makes is a work of art. There is no doubt that this unit is more than special. So, let’s take a deep dive into how this list’s penultimate press is one of the best you’ll ever find.

Starting off, let’s talk about its utility. If you know anything about presses, you know that you should be using parchment paper to keep the dough from sticking onto the press.

So, you’ll need to buy a steady supply of these papers to make your tortillas. Thankfully, the wonderful folks at StarBlue thought ahead enough to give you 100 pieces of oil paper for free with this press. As such, it saves you time and money.

It’s not just regular parchment paper as well. Oil paper makes sure that the dough never sticks and seamlessly slides onto the pan once properly pressed.

So, your tortillas are always nothing short of perfect. Of course, it’s not limited to tortillas. The unit does an excellent job of pressing other dishes like roti and chapati as well.

Now, it’s pretty evident that this press has a lot of potential under its belt. So, how can you best utilize the potential?

Well, you get a recipe book with the press that shows you a variety of different ways to utilize the press for making countless new dishes. That way, you’ll get to use the press to its full potential, making it worth every penny.

Of course, the size and utility make it a bit pricy. However, it more than justifies its additional costs. The unit is 100% pre-seasoned, meaning that it is almost immune to rust.

It also makes the press much easier to maintain than its peers. Moreover, it has a spectacular design that significantly elevates it to a whole new degree.


  • Free recipe book
  • Comes with 100 pieces of oil paper
  • Huge size capacity
  • Seasoned for improved longevity
  • Ergonomic handle and high-quality material build


  • Is quite costly and heavy

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10. ARC USA, C0018B Tortilla Press

We’ve finally reached the last of our tortilla press reviews. So, what can the final entry offer that the previous entries could not?

Surely, we’ve already exhausted all unique features of presses, right? Well, no. We understood that our list is quite limited in terms of size variety. It’s usually 8 inches. Very few of them are more than that, and we haven’t introduced much that is less.

You might be looking for more specific sizes, not just the standard. That’s where ARC USA has you covered. Their press comes in a wide variety of sizes. So, you get the power to choose which fits you the most. Of course, if you want the standard 8-inches, this unit has you covered.

However, if you need different sizes, be it 6 ½ inches, 7 3/10 inch, and even 10 4/10 inch, they have you covered. Each of these varying sizes come at different prices. So, if you need just 6 ½ inches, you won’t have to pay as much as 10 4/10-inch models. As such, you get to pay for exactly what you need, nothing more.

Aside from that, the press itself boasts incredible quality. It has top tier cast iron that elevates it to new extremes as you get to make the most out of your tortillas. The weight distribution is just right to make the most even and flat tortillas with the perfect thickness. Moreover, it has the durability to back it up as well.

It can also press a variety of other dishes due to its spectacular stability. So, whether you’re making roti, mini pie shells, or empanadas, the press has you covered. Its ability to do so much has earned it the final spot on our list.


  • Various size options to choose from
  • Improved stability
  • Smartly distributed weight
  • Cheaper than similar units
  • Reasonably sturdy


  • Metal flakes may come off rarely

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Types Of Tortilla Press

We might have only mentioned two distinct types in our tortilla press reviews, but there are actually a lot more types out there. We’ll educate you on the different types so that you get a better idea of what types are best and how they compare with each other.

Cast Iron

By now, you must be quite familiar with what this type is. Most of our top picks are of this variety, after all. Of course, there is a reason for that. If you want to make the perfect tortillas with the right level of thickness, then cast iron has your back.

Cast Iron

They are generally heavier than all the other varieties. Most producers use that weight to its advantage, letting it flatten the dough with precision. You’ll see that your tortillas are proportionately rounded.

However, the additional weight makes it harder to handle and store. It’s hard to use outdoors and can rust if you don’t maintain it properly.

Nevertheless, it is generally the ideal option for people who want the best tortillas possible. You should keep in mind that they are generally more expensive than the other types as well.


This type is suitable for those who want a press within a smaller budget, and those who want to generally take it for outdoor use. That’s because aluminum is significantly lighter than the previous type. As such, it’s much easier to handle and move around with.


However, the lower weight means that it can’t press as efficiently as cast-iron types. You need to exert extra pressure, and it might not come out as perfectly as you’d like. Nevertheless, it’s a valid option if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly portable press.


Next up is plastic. It’s best if you avoid this type considering how inefficient they are. They are actually lighter and flimsier than aluminum models. Of course, that makes them significantly cheaper as well.


However, they don’t make well-proportioned tortillas since they don’t have nearly enough weight. They are notorious for how frequently their handles brake since you need to exert so much extra pressure. And it’s unhealthy as well. So, it’s in your best interest to avoid it.


This is the original type that Mexicans use. The quality and reliability of this type vary greatly from unit to unit. That’s because the quality depends on the type of wood you use. As such, you’ll need to keep an eye on what kind of wood the press uses and whether or not it will let you make your ideal tortillas.

What To Look For Before Buying Tortilla Press?

If you’ve carefully read each of our reviews, you’ll see that we have highlighted quite a few functions in each entry. That’s because those features the things that should impact your purchase decision the most. So, you should pay attention to these details if you want to get the best tortilla press ever.

The Type

Of course, the first thing you need to know is the type. Is it cast iron, aluminum, wood, or plastic? Once you figure that out, you can start looking into more detail.

Our previous segment already went into great detail on how each of the types differs from each other. So, you should read that and decide what type you’re going to buy.


A good press needs to be reasonably strong. Or else, they run the risk of breaking apart while you use them. As such, make sure you get a unit that is strong enough to withstand countless uses.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that the base is sound as well. If it isn’t, the screws will come off while you use it. This could ruin your tortillas, or outright break your press. So, do keep that detail in mind.


Size also plays a large role in what press you’ll pick. The larger the size, the larger your dough can spread. However, it’s natural to want small tortillas as well. In that case, getting a large unit is just a waste of money. It’ll also be heavier.

On the flip side, if you want larger dishes, you simply can’t use a small unit. It’ll limit your capacity. So, you need to assess the kind of size you need and make your decision based on that.

Ease of Maintenance

You should always try to clean whatever model you get. Of course, some units are easier to clean than others. Some can leave a residue, while others remain smooth and spotless throughout its lifetime. If you’re getting metallic units, then they can rust as well.

Tortilla Press

However, some presses are expertly crafted in such a way that it makes cleaning and maintaining much easier. Ideally, you should get a pre-seasoned model to make maintenance hassle-free. They should be properly coated as well.

Extra Benefits

Some manufactures provide additional items that could sway your interests. This can come in the form of back up parts, free parchment pieces, and even a recipe book.

Benefits like these are always welcome as these can help you save money and use your tool to the fullest. Needless to say, operating the tool becomes a lot more convenient.

Why Do You Need A Tortilla Press?

Now that you know everything you need to about these tools, you might ask yourself why you would need them. The answer is quite simple. They make cooking tortillas, or any other flatbread item a lot easier.

You won’t have to fumble about with a rolling pin. Instead, you take one of these out, put your dough in and press. They also make the bread even, flat and perfectly proportioned. So, they help you make perfect flatbread with relative ease. That’s why you definitely need the best tortilla press you can find.

How To Properly Use A Tortilla Press?

Tortilla Press

Let’s go over each step on how to use one of these tools.

Before you place the dough, you should place parchment paper on the upper and lower disks. Even for non-stick units, it’s recommended that you use some form of paper sheets.

  • Place the Dough on the Lower Disk

Do exactly as the instruction says. Make sure it’s at the center of the lower disk.

  • Use the Handle to Lower the Top Disk

Gently push the handle to lower the top plate. Once you’re done, lift the top plate.

  • Remove the Wrappings

Once you’ve lifted the disk, you’ll see that the tortilla is wrapped by the paper parchment from both sides. Carefully remove the wraps and place them on your pan for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are plastic presses the cheapest?

Generally, yes. Even then, we recommend that you buy an aluminum model instead.

  1. What does pre-seasoned mean?

This means that the producers used oil to plug in the tiny holes, usually found in cast iron. This drastically decreases rust.

  1. Do I have to clean my tortilla press?

Yes, you absolutely should. Make sure you apply some cooking oil once it dries up.

  1. Can I use this for other flatbreads?

Yes, you can, even though effectiveness varies from model to model.

  1. Do they replace rolling pins?

Yes. Good quality presses can replace rolling pins.


There are a lot of pressers out there. They are an extremely useful tool that makes the process simple. Now that you’ve read through our guide, you’re ready to buy the best tortilla press out there. Find your ideal tool and make the greatest tortillas ever. Good luck and adios!