Do you believe in the perfection of culinary art, such as making yogurt? Surely this popular snack option is readily available at the market. However, the gaining of fame comes with an increase in cost. So, what if you could make this protein-packed snack all by yourself?

We all know making yogurt means lots of milk! But have you ever considered a thermometer to check the precise temperature? Because that tool is going to save you from many trials and errors during the process.

So today, we will guide you towards the best thermometer for yogurt making among these. Shall we begin? 

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Fenvella Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking, Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight
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Meat Thermometer,Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Fast & Precise Digital Food Thermometer with Backlight, Magnet, Calibration, and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry, BBQ, Grill, and Roast Turkey
Fenvella Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking, Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight
Meat Thermometer,Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Fast & Precise Digital Food Thermometer with Backlight, Magnet, Calibration, and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry, BBQ, Grill, and Roast Turkey
Top Choice
Fenvella Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking, Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight
Fenvella Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking, Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight
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Best Value
Meat Thermometer,Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Fast & Precise Digital Food Thermometer with Backlight, Magnet, Calibration, and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry, BBQ, Grill, and Roast Turkey
Meat Thermometer,Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Fast & Precise Digital Food Thermometer with Backlight, Magnet, Calibration, and Foldable Probe for Deep Fry, BBQ, Grill, and Roast Turkey
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5 Best Thermometer for Yogurt Making

Making yogurt is more like a scientific experiment where you have to assess, check, test, and evaluate. What better way to do it than a digital thermometer for a successful result?

1. Fenvella Meat Thermometer (Black)

Fenvella meat thermometer is a versatile tool that can be applied over multitudes of cooking dishes. Thus, it is no stranger to the thick incubated substances like yogurts either.

In fact, it is an ideal assistant for the snack at all times. The handle ensures an easy grip while operating. It does not matter even if you forget to turn it off; the device does the job itself.

You can always rinse it with running water. Do not worry about getting it ruined as the device is IP67 rated waterproof.  And when it is not in use, the equipped magnet will help attach it to your refrigerator or hook it anywhere in the kitchen.

Another viable feature includes a beer bottle opener, making it adaptable to any gathering or occasional BBQ parties as well. 

So, does it deliver the preferred response? According to the users, it has proven to read the temperature ultra-fast! It is indeed a useful thermometer to keep at hand’s bay.

Nonetheless, the only problem is that you will have to readjust the accuracy before using it for the first time. This way, the item will constantly ensure +/-1°F precision.

The calibrating function is already provided to provide instant adjustment. If you are not sure how to set it, we recommended contacting the manufacturer service.


  • Fast response
  • Backlight auto shut off after 3-minute
  • Accurate calibration
  • Durable and sturdy model
  • Easy storing facility
  • Comes with a bottle opening function
  • Versatile application
  • Foldable probe


  • Some may find the design a bit bland

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2. Marsno Digital Meat Thermometer

If you have faced undercooked or overdone yogurt making experiences before, you know how important a well-calibrated thermometer is for the task.

You will never have to worry about such hindrance and frustration, though, if you own a Marsno Digital Meat Thermometer.

It can reach from lowest to the optimum level of heat temperature to retrieve the result of the dish within a couple of seconds. No more waiting by the stove, or yogurt maker to confirm the right amount of heat.

This model can be used right out of the box. All you have to do is flip out the probe to switch on to the display.

The tip of the probe offers a very thin diameter that ensures no juice leak outs or breakage of the yogurt’s thick consistency. It is also long enough to protect the hands from any heat or steam.

And when the device is not in need, the hooking system makes sure to store it near the stove. We believe the system can even work as a beer bottle opener. Pretty sleek, right?

Besides, feel free to rinse it in the kitchen sink without having to worry about the water filling inside.

It is pretty versatile in application, and the digital numbers are very clear to read from the brightly lit LCD screen. The product pretty much covers everything you will need in a cooking thermometer.


  • IP67 rated waterproof
  • Faster reading
  • Gives very accurate reads
  • Versatile use
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple storing options
  • Covers wide ranges of temperature level
  • Comes with an integrated bottle opener


  • Tricky calibrating function

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3. POWLAKEN AMAGARM Meat Food Thermometer

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When the frustration of an underperforming thermometer ruins your day, it is time to replace the old with the new Amagarm food thermometer.

What makes the product worth checking? Firstly, it will show the readings within 2 seconds after immersion. Plus, the accuracy is within +/-1 degree!

The users hardly had anything to complain about regarding the temperature display. Speaking of the display, the backlit screen is bright enough to allow clear number-visibility without squinting your eyes.

It also associates a 4-inch long probe that some might find less comforting, though. This is because yogurt is usually made in deep pot or yogurt maker where a longer probing may require. However, it can be utilized effortlessly in other dishes related to meat.

Most food thermometers come in pre-calibrated format. It is, nevertheless, recommended to recalibrate the device only if necessary. Always contact the customer service if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

Another option that makes this a helpful tool is that you can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit very easily. Just remember to press the hold button for an accurate reading.

Moreover, there are two storing options, either of which is dependent upon your preference. So you could fold the probe or hang it to a hook, totally up to you! Last but not the least, POWLAKEN thermometer also provides a spare battery, something many high-grade similar products fail to deliver.


  • Offers professional-like accuracy
  • Fast reading
  • Operational for versatile use
  • Bright display can be seen even in dimmed light
  • Hassle-free handling
  • IP67 rated Waterproof
  • Includes extra battery
  • Auto shut off system


  • Not suitable for oven use

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4. ThermoPro Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Are you looking for an inexpensive yet handy instant-read cooking thermometer? You are in luck!

The probe turns out to be super long, a thin 5.3-inch stainless steel, which is exactly what a yogurt maker wishes to obtain. The length certainly avoids heat getting too close to the handle.

A unique feature in ThermoPro Digital ensures safety when trying to read the numbers. The screen has a lock button to hold on to the current temperature once the probe is removed.

As a result, you do not have to peer near the boiling milk in an attempt to check the temp. Its sleek design has devised a built-in magnet for the intelligent storing system.

You can even hang it to the hooks next to the utensils when not using it. Furthermore, switch between Celsius to Fahrenheit with a single press of a button anytime you want.

It does an amazing job of a precise temperature reading at a speed of 4 to 5 seconds. The high accuracy sensor helps get the result as close as +/-0.9°F.

However, the construction felt very standard compared to different models. You cannot expect a top-grade tool, despite its role, at such a cheap price, though, can you?

Be careful when cleaning the device since it is not waterproof. We think the model is great for basic reading that does not fail in any way.


  • Backlit display for comfortable reading
  • Lock temperature function
  • Very good accuracy
  • Lengthy probe for safety and deep pot access
  • Multiple storing systems
  • Various applications
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof
  • Cheap build

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5. Deiss PRO Digital Meat Thermometer

We often try to spend less while expecting premium quality when it comes to small tools like this one here. However, not all similar products give you a satisfying result.

Amidst the many advertised cooking thermometers, Deiss Pro Digital offers the finest quality with lightning-fast reading. Hence, the users have chosen it as the best thermometer for yogurt making.

The IP67 certification implies that the device can go under fierce washing after use. A 4.5-inch long probe attaches to the handle that you can fold to 180-degree.

Deiss Pro can read the temperature of any item of various heats. The handle is produced from the sturdiest ABS plastic, never wearying with time.

Its incorporated LCD backlight display automatically switches off after staying idle for ten minutes. Thus, it reserves battery life.  

The handle is conveniently big enough so that the hand does not get in the way of hot steam from the foods.

You can always change the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa with a nifty little button on the handle. It even offers magnetic attachment to anything metallic and a hook for quick storage.

Finally, these features altogether contribute to making this compact tool the most recommended of all. Unquestionably, the accuracy it delivers is brilliant with prompt results.

We think this is not just a perfect tool for making yogurt, but also for generally everything!


  • Safe and durable to utilize
  • Precise calibration
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Offers an automatic switch-off option
  • Includes memory function
  • Affordable


  • Batteries are not included

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Do I Need a Thermometer to Make Yogurt?

It is not direly essential but, having it reaffirms the faith of guesswork you put yourself through. 

We would never understand how folks used to make this item without a proper thermometer gauge prior to the invention of the tool.

The recipe calls for precise milk heating up to a certain temperature. Then comes the further cooling down based on a fixed number of degrees.

And the toughest part is maintaining the temperature steadily at all times as the ingredients incubate. 

We are not living in the past anymore. So why should we suffer when there is a perfectly useful instrument available at hand to make the process smoother?

What Kind of Thermometer Do You Use to Make Yoghurt?

The wisest option is the meat thermometer. These types are known as thermistors that have a digital reading.

They are quite fast at catching the accurate temperature. Yet, they should not be utilized when the dish is being cooked, especially in an oven. 

A thermistor typically comes with a long probe. It is helpful when checking the temperature of yogurt or other thin foods.

Thermometer for Yoghurt Making

There are plenty other kinds of thermometers, but thermistor, by far, fits the category well. Its instant-read function provides far more accuracy than traditional ones.

If you already own a fork-based thermometer, it can also be applied for thin foods such as yogurts. Just make sure not to probe the tip too deep in the thicker part.

Buying Guide for Newbies

Are you having indecisive thoughts as of what to get? Whether you are new at this or trying to replace an old one, these three factors are a must-read before buying.     

Accurate and Speedy Readings

This aspect is what matters the most in the kitchen. Make sure to check how quickly the device turns on and avail to view clarified readings.

It should offer a steady temperature read that jumps to the final numbers. The best way to achieve this is by calibrating the tool beforehand.

Thermometer for Yoghurt Making

A well-picked calibrated cooking thermometer should always cover the temperature ranging from below freezing that is 32°F to past very hot oil about 400°F.

This will give you an idea of whether you have got the correctly measured device or not. Also, see that the digits are easy to read within 3 to 5 seconds. A larger number display establishes a convenient reading under any circumstance.

Probe Length

Having just any probe attached to the thermometer is not going to acquire the intended performance. Hence, go for thin ones. They must have a very pointy end.

Now a short probe may come in handy when working with steaks and such. However, it cannot deliver a satisfying result in the event of making yogurts.

Thus, choose an extended with thin in diameter probe that can easily reach the bottom of a deep pot as well as minimizes punctures to leak out the juice.

Besides, the longer the probe, the safer at a distance your hands are from the potential steam and heat. 


Undoubtedly, this feature depends on how well the device has been built against water and dust.

In that case, we advise you to follow the IP rates that consist of two numbers. The first digit ranges from 0-6 and relates to resilience against solids, whereas the second digit, ranging from 0-8, pertains to liquids.

Of course, the higher these IP numbers go, the better the unit shall endure water and dust; for instance, IP66 means complete protection against both. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I put the cooking thermometer in the dishwasher?

No, never attempt to clean it by a dishwasher, digital or traditional. While the digital thermometer would stop working altogether if you do, the traditional ones would simply lose their ability to read the correct temperature.

2. Is holding the thermometer necessary?

Yes, especially if it is a digital thermistor with no clip to the side. The long probe will ensure safety against danger and discomfort.

Do not forget to keep your hand away from hot substances while holding the device anyway.

3. Is there any specific measurement range?

Not particularly, but any digital thermometer mentioned above should be able to measure from -58°F up to +572°F without any trouble.

4. Does a metal probe kill the bacteria in the yogurt?

No, it is a myth that has been circulating on the internet for quite some time.

Generally, most yogurt thermometers are going to have a metal probe connected to it. Do not worry about the false information and continue making the tasty treat your way.

5. What is the correct way to use a probe thermometer?

For thick items like yogurts, place the tip in the center or where the dish is thickest. Then insert it carefully all the way to the bottom.

You have to stir to distribute even heat before putting the probe in case of liquid items like milk, soup, etc.   

Final Words

Yogurt making is no longer a stressful task at home!

Thanks to the innovative instrument as the cooking thermometers, we can progress in our professional as well as domestic engagement commendably.

We hope that you find our little review guide useful. Now, take charge of choosing the right product for yourself!