Do you want to enjoy a traditional barbeque in the comfort of your home? Looking for an all-season barbeque machine to fulfill your needs? A smokeless grill is exactly what you need in your life. Thankfully, we have reviewed the 10 best smokeless indoor grills available for purchase in 2021.

Having a barbeque inside your house can be pretty enjoyable. However, you would need a grill with certain features that make it safe for use in a confined space. Hence, to make your job easier, we bring the best indoor smokeless grill reviews.

Top Choice
Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window & Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Stainless Steel
Runner up
Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces, Glass Lid, 1500 Watt, 21X 15.4X 8.1, black
Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window & Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Stainless Steel
Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces, Glass Lid, 1500 Watt, 21X 15.4X 8.1, black
Top Choice
Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1
Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1
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Best Value
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window & Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Stainless Steel
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window & Adjustable Temperature Control to 450F, 118 sq. in. Surface Serves 6, Removable Nonstick Grate, Stainless Steel
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Runner up
Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces, Glass Lid, 1500 Watt, 21X 15.4X 8.1, black
Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces, Glass Lid, 1500 Watt, 21X 15.4X 8.1, black
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Our Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

We know how daunting it can be to pick any product on the modern market. But all your troubles are soon going to end. We bring you this detailed list of the best indoor smokeless grill reviews to help make up your mind.

1. Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5 in 1 Griddler

We start off this list of indoor smokeless grill reviews with this exclusive model that comes with a Panini-style handle. The handle itself is sturdy and rigid enough to stay intact for years to come. On top of that, the smokeless grill is mostly made of stainless steel, which gives it a shiny finish, to begin with.

Besides that, the stainless steel housing is resistant to any form of corrosion or imminent damage. It’s not prone to rusting either. So, you can always rely on its durability. This smokeless indoor grill is also safe to use as there is zero BPA used in its construction.

This means that every meal you cook with this grill is completely healthy and nontoxic. Not many models on the market include this feature in their grills. Moreover, this 5 in 1 griddler is equipped with a floating handle that makes cooking much easier.

It’s a more convenient way to cook food faster and more efficiently. The floating handle allows you to decide the exact thickness of the food. This not only determines the shape of your meals but also cooks them thoroughly. As you can tell, this is more than just a regular indoor grill.

You can use this model as a full grill, Panini press, contact grill, full griddle and half grill, half griddle. It is safe to say that you’ll run out of recipes before you can stop counting its multiple applications. This grill also comes with removable cooking plates, which accumulate the grease into a grease tray.

And this makes it easier to clean the grill altogether. It also has three separate knobs for adjusting the temperature to your liking. A few gourmet recipes and a scraping tool are also included.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Floating handle
  • 5 in 1 griddler
  • Removable cooking plates
  • Can easily adjust the temperature


  • Some buttons don’t last long

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2. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Coming in at number 2 is an indoor grill model that allows you to sear meat at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an efficient way to lock in the juices and make your meals more delicious. Apart from that, it also gives you the option to grill at lower temperatures for optimal results.

You can already think of the various uses of this searing grill. The grill is equipped with a carefully placed knob, which allows you to adjust the temperature at will. This certainly comes in handy when searing meat at low temperatures. It consists of a lid that can be pressed down to apply sear marks on the meat.

Keeping the lid shut also helps retain the flavor. You can feel the juices running through the meat with every bite. Furthermore, this indoor searing grill has a 118 square inch grilling surface. This gives you enough cooking space for preparing up to 6 servings simultaneously.

Now, you can easily prepare scrumptious meals for your guests or family members within a very short time. If you have been asking yourself, “what is the best indoor smokeless electric grill?” then this model is most suitable for you. Unlike with most models, you can keep an eye on the food even with the lid closed.

This helps you monitor your meal while keeping the flavors inside. Almost all components of this grill can be removed for washing. The grill hood and the drip tray are both dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

On top of that, there’s a wide variety of recipes you can cook with this versatile electric grill.


  • Sear meat at 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Grill hood leaves sear marks
  • Keeps the juices in
  • Removable hood and dip tray
  • Extremely versatile


  • Can leave Teflon residue on the meat

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3. Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill

As you might have already guessed from its name, this electric grill comes with a larger cooking surface than most models on the market. The 13.75″x8″ grilling surface allows you to cook up to 8 large burgers at once. You can cook entire meals consisting of meat and vegetables within a few minutes’ time.

This is a perfect choice for you if you like throwing extravagant BBQ parties. Wow your guests with the excellent grilling capabilities of this indoor smokeless grill. What really sets it apart from other models is its nonstick ceramic coating. This prevents the food from sticking to the surface of the grill.

There is barely any residue left once you’re done cooking. This can be highly beneficial when you’re trying to clean the grill afterward. No longer do you have to scrape off the meat residue off the grilling surface. An oil drip tray is also situated at the bottom, collecting grease and fat while you’re cooking.

This way, you can focus more on your recipes and less on maintaining the grill. The drip tray is also dishwasher safe. Besides that, this indoor grill has smart LED temperature control, which enables you to cook different types of meals with ease. Now, you can adjust the temperature to just the right amount for each recipe.

The smokeless grill is also good at distributing the heat evenly throughout the meat. This keeps the meat soft and juicy without overcooking it. From char-grill steaks to veggie pizzas, there’s nothing you can’t cook with this indoor grill. What makes it even better is the smoke residue that is almost nonexistent.

It extracts most of the smoke emanating from the grill and keeps it from clouding up the atmosphere.


  • Extra-large grilling surface
  • Nonstick ceramic coating
  • LED temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Extracts most of the smoke


  • Temp control should be improved

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4. George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B

The fourth model on this list of reviews works both as an indoor and outdoor grill. This is a rather smart option for people who love to barbeque. With this electric grill at your disposal, you can efficiently execute different types of recipes regardless of the weather in your region.

This is an ideal choice for cooking large meals for multiple people in a short time. It’s possible due to its generous grilling surface. The 240 square inches of the cooking surface enables you to prepare large servings at one go. Now, your guests will no longer have to engage in dry conversations while waiting for food.

Cooking with this indoor grilling machine is quick and easy. Its durable metal housing keeps the components in working condition for longer than you might expect. Not only that, but it also comes with a nonstick coating that helps you clean the grill without breaking a sweat.

Most indoor grill models need to be laced with oil and butter to prevent the meat from sticking to the surface. You no longer need to do so due to the nonstick coating. Maintaining an indoor grill has never been this easy. Moreover, this versatile grill is equipped with a removable stand.

You can place it on the stand when cooking outdoors during the summer and place it on the countertop during a rainy day. Whether it’s summer or winter, nothing can stop you from preparing your favorite barbeque recipes. Apart from that, this electric grill gives you five different heat settings to choose from.

Each setting is suitable for a particular set of recipes. So, there’s hardly any meal you can’t cook with this model. It also removes the use of charcoal and other nonrenewable resources.


  • 240 square inches of cooking surface
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Can cook both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Nonstick coating


  • Power cord could be longer

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5. BELLA Indoor Smokeless Grill

When you talk about the best indoor smokeless grill, it’s impossible not to mention this model. This is arguably the most eco-friendly indoor grill available on the market. Contrary to regular grills, this model is equipped with a 1500-watt heating element. It offers thorough cooking in record time.

This works exceptionally well for even heat distribution. It makes sure the food is cooked inside and out while retaining the juices. On the other hand, they have also included a drip tray that collects all the grease at the bottom. It saves you the hassle of repeatedly cleaning the countertop.

Most of the smoke is suppressed by the grill itself. Hence, it can’t fill the room and blur your vision. It can be pretty uncomfortable to cook or do anything in the kitchen without this feature. The manufacturer has built this smokeless grill with a combination of metal and plastic.

These materials make it both sturdy and easy to clean. It also offers a 12″x16″ cooking surface, which is more than enough for cooking multiple servings at once. This will mostly benefit those who love multitasking. It’s also a convenient way of preparing family meals in a limited time.

The indoor grill model is also laced with a nonstick copper coating. Due to this coating, there is hardly any meat or fish residue on the cooking surface. Apart from making steaks and burgers, this smokeless grill is also adept at roasting, frying, and sautéing vegetables.

It’s a multipurpose grill, to say the least. They also provide you with the option to alter the temperature at will. Therefore, you can easily carry out different recipes and even experiment with new ones.


  • 1500-watt heating element
  • Large cooking surface
  • Copper nonstick coating
  • Multipurpose grill
  • Drip pan included


  • Not all grill bars are heated equally

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6. T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill Indoor Electric Grill

This grill model is probably the smartest electric grill out there. It has several clever features that can make barbequing feel like an absolute breeze. And it’s perfect for a midsummer bbq party in your backyard. Since it has a compact design, you will also be able to carry it with you anywhere you like.

It has been manufactured to adapt to the thickness of the food you’re cooking and adjust its grilling cycles accordingly. There are hardly any other smokeless grills out there that boast this feature. This semi-automated grilling machine is every DIY bbq enthusiast’s dream come true.

Also, it has a decent 600 square centimeters of cooking surface that allows you to cook multiple servings at a time. Your guests no longer have to wait for their meals while the others are enjoying theirs. 6 automatic cooking programs make it easier to cook with different recipes.

You can create the most amazing meals regardless of your cooking skills. It lets you monitor the food carefully during the entire process. This modern indoor grill can also alert you with a light indicator when the preheating is done. It also gives off audible beeps for rare, medium, and well-done steaks.

It is safe to say that this state-of-the-art grill does most of the job for you. Moreover, it has a dedicated cooking mode for frozen foods. Just put it inside the grill and take it out when it’s done. It also has a manual mode for those who like to take matters into their own expert hands.

This smokeless grill model is made of die-cast aluminum, which is known for its durability and resistance. The plates are also nonstick, so they are much easier to clean after a cooking session.


  • Made of die-cast aluminum
  • 600 sq cm of cooking space
  • 6 automatic cooking programs
  • Light indicators
  • 2 different cooking modes


  • Auto-sensing is fragile

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7. De’Longhi Perfecto Indoor Grill

At number 7, we have this surprising entry with a powerful heating element that ensures even heat distribution. The heating element is embedded directly on the grill plate. This makes sure the food is properly cooked on the inside as well as the outside. Hence, the food remains tender and flavorsome.

It requires 1500 watts of power to perform at an optimum level. So, you can imagine how efficient it can be at cooking steaks and burgers. This impressive indoor grill can also be used for picnics and camping trips. You can even cook inside a tent, in the middle of the woods, due to its portable size.

This model also comes with a tempered glass lid that you can see through. It’s highly efficient at keeping the heat in and retaining the juices. The cooking area is also large enough to accommodate family meals within a short period. You can swiftly whip up a batch of burgers before they expect it.

An integrated drip tray has also been added to make sure you don’t create a mess accidentally. All of the grease and oil gets accumulated in the tray. It can easily be removed for disposal after you’re done cooking. Cleaning a grill has never been this easy. You can just wipe it clean with a cloth or rag.

But that’s not the end of its features. They have also included a removable thermostat that gives accurate readings at all times. You can adjust the temperature accordingly. This smokeless indoor grill is easy to set up if you follow their provided instruction manual.


  • Weighs only 10.8 pounds
  • Large cooking area
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Removable thermostat


  • Nonstick coating might wear off

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8. Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Countertop Grill

Another worthy addition to this list of reviews is this countertop grill model that has the heating power of an outdoor grill. In fact, there are even a few ways it outranks an outdoor grill machine. The manufacturers have implemented modern technology to build this innovative indoor grill.

Once you put the ingredients inside this grill, it marinates it with hot air. The air inside the smokeless grill can reach up to 500°F. Simultaneously, the 500°F grill grates cook the meat, leaving sear marks on it. This unique cooking process gives the food a smoky taste that will linger in your mouth.

The added flavor will set your dishes apart because of the signature smell. Despite its incredibly high BTU, it’s still compact enough to fit on your countertop. It’s both lightweight and portable. So, you can take it to your friend’s place to show off your cooking skills.

From crispy French fries to juicy steaks, there’s no item you can’t cook with this indoor grill machine. It also flaunts an LED display, which tells you the exact temperature inside the grill. No longer do you have to rely on a thermostat to keep an eye on the internal temperature.

This is way easier to use than any other smokeless grill on the market. The manufacturers have modified it to perfection to make sure none of the smoke escapes into the atmosphere. Cleaning this indoor model is also fairly easy due to the drip tray that comes with it.

To top it off, the grill grates are coated with a nonstick ceramic. It makes the cleaning task seem like a piece of cake.


  • Surround searing
  • Portable size
  • High BTU
  • LED temperature display
  • Nonstick ceramic coat


  • Relatively pricey

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9. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

As we draw near to the end of this article, we decided to add this portable indoor griddle that comes in matte black. It is pretty surprising that such a small model can be so efficient at preparing barbeque meals. This has been designed to add convenience to your indoor bbq sessions with utter simplicity.

It weighs only 3.3 pounds and can be easily carried around in a backpack. Therefore, you can take it with you on camping trips to cook up scrumptious delights in the middle of nowhere. A nonstick cooking surface is another one of its amazing features, which makes life easier for the bbq chef.

Don’t be fooled by its small size as it can deliver enough heat for cooking up large meals in an instant. The cast aluminum housing is what protects it from imminent damage in the long run. It’s both efficient and long-lasting and gives you the freedom to experiment with recipes.

What really sets it apart from other smokeless grills is that it can automatically adjust the temperature to cook the food evenly. You barely need to put any manual effort into cooking the food when you have this grill at your disposal. It can even reach temperatures of up to 400°F.

Similar to drip trays in most grill models, it is equipped with an integrated drip channel that collects all the grease and oil inside the grill. This channel can be emptied into the garbage can when you’re done. It has been manufactured based on the North American Electrical Standards.


  • Comes in a convenient compact size
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Can reach up to 400°F
  • Integrated drip channel


  • Not suitable for serving guests

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Are Smokeless Grills Any Good?

Smokeless grills are a brilliant invention of the modern age that brings the fun of a backyard barbeque inside your house. They are compact and lightweight and allow you to enjoy some perfectly cooked barbeque meals from the comfort of your home. We all know that barbeques are usually a summer tradition.

But thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy delicious bbq steaks and burgers throughout the year. Are smokeless grills any good? Well, it’s every meat lover’s dream come true. The best indoor smokeless grills trap all the smoke and flavor inside the grill.

Smokeless Indoor Grill

Despite being so compact in size, it can deliver enough power to feed an entire family. A high-quality smokeless grill with a stainless body can serve you for many years to come. The electric models don’t even require any fuel to make meals. It’s a swift and easy way to treat your guest, your family, and yourself.

Are These Safe to Use?

Smokeless grills are built for withstanding serious levels of heat without warping under pressure. A grill made of 304 stainless steel or cast iron isn’t prone to heat damage. They also eliminate the use of flammable fuels used in outdoor grills. This makes it much safer than gas grill models.

Outdoor grills often run the risk of catching fire due to flare-ups caused during cooking sessions. This is due to the flammable liquids used as fuel. Smokeless grills are usually electric. They only need to be connected to an outlet. There is a chance of an accidental short circuit, which can be avoided if you stay alert.

Smokeless Indoor Grill

Apart from a slight safety hazard, there is no reason to be afraid of using a smokeless grill. It’s portable and convenient enough to be carried anywhere you go. These models have a wide array of features that make barbeques fun and effortless.

How to Buy a Smokeless Grill?

Although you might know about all the different types of smokeless grills on the market, there are still a few things you need to acknowledge. These factors are integral for picking the best indoor smokeless grill for you. So, browse through these facts, and mull over them before you proceed.


The first thing you need to check when you’re out buying a smokeless grill is the type of switch it has. Some need you to turn a knob for ignition, while others come with push ignition. You should pick the one that seems more convenient for you. Don’t forget to make sure the switch panel is made of durable material.

Stainless steel control panels are considered the best material for this component. It doesn’t catch rust or corrode easily. If you’re a bbq lover, you will probably be using the grill almost regularly. All this repeated usage can take a toll on the ignition. Moreover, certain models take some time to start up.

But we have also included some models in this article that start up almost instantly. Even if they cost a few more bucks, they are much more convenient to use. So, choose accordingly.

Type of Material

It’s very important to determine the type of material the smokeless grill is made of. This can tell you how long the grill can last before it needs replacement. Stainless steel and die-cast aluminum are the best choices in this case. They never catch rust and don’t corrode either.

Smokeless Indoor Grill

A nonstick cooking surface can also benefit you in many ways. The food won’t stick to the nonstick surface, and the residue can be wiped away. Make sure the cooking grates are made of superior quality material as well.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic features of a smokeless grill, there are also some other attributes you should look forward to. The model you want to buy must have a drip tray situated at the bottom. This will collect all the grease and residue automatically and keep the surroundings clean.

Additional side panels can also be helpful for placing the ingredients on board. Make sure the grill offers even heat distribution. Otherwise, the food won’t be cooked thoroughly. A lid should also be included with the grill to keep the heat from escaping. This is also good for adding a smoky flavor to the food.

The lid should also be transparent, so you can observe the food while it’s cooking. Failure to keep an eye on the food can lead to an overcooked meal. A built-in thermostat will also help you check the temperature from time to time.

If you’re not limited by a budget, you can also opt for a smokeless grill that’s equipped with a LED display. They can indicate the temperature more accurately. There are even some models on the market that maintain the temperature automatically. This makes your job more effortless and less time-consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have to put water in a smokeless grill?

Yes, smokeless grills usually come with a water tray that is part of the smokeless technology. You need to pour about 1.5 cups of water into the water tray for the smokeless grill to do its job. Otherwise, the smoke will fill the atmosphere like any other grill.

2. How long do you cook a steak on a smokeless grill?

To make a medium-rare steak, you first need to turn on the ignition by either turning the knob or pushing a button. Once it’s heated up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, place the piece of meat on top of the cooking surface. You need to cook it for 6 minutes for medium tenderness.

3. Why does my smokeless grill smoke?

This might be happening for a number of reasons. Usually, this issue is caused by leftover food on the cooking grates. In that case, you need to clean the grates before you start cooking. There is also a possibility of an electric shortage inside the grill itself.

4. Which smokeless grill is the best?

There are plenty of smokeless grill models on the market. Check out our list of best indoor smokeless grills for more information.

Final Words

As we conclude this detailed buying guide, we hope you are mentally equipped enough to make a choice. Browse through all their different features to see which one appeals to you the most. Only look for the features you actually need and pick the best smokeless indoor grill suitable for you.