Best Shun Chef Knife

Best Shun Chef Knife Reviews 2021

What is a shun knife? We are sure you might have heard it somewhere in a knife set bundle selling on the internet. Many of our readers demanded that we explain what is its function and where can they get one?

To answer this riddle, shun knives are a part of Japanese culture made from hammered from Damascus steel. The glossy mirror finished with strides on it provides a surreal experience straight from japan. The sheer cutting power is achieved from its razor sharpness which is handmade.

This level of craftsmanship is only seen in a shun blade. To not having one in your kitchen is missing out on such marvel. That is why we are here to guide you in top shun knives from the east, providing utmost durability with our expert opinion. So let us dive in.

Top Choice
Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku; Top Performance in Smaller Kitchen Knife; Proprietary Steel, High-Performance Blade; Hammered Tsuchime Blade Finish; Walnut PakkaWood Handle; Handcrafted in Japan
Best Value
Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set
Runner up
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku; Top Performance in Smaller Kitchen Knife; Proprietary Steel, High-Performance Blade; Hammered Tsuchime Blade Finish; Walnut PakkaWood Handle; Handcrafted in Japan
Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
Top Choice
Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku; Top Performance in Smaller Kitchen Knife; Proprietary Steel, High-Performance Blade; Hammered Tsuchime Blade Finish; Walnut PakkaWood Handle; Handcrafted in Japan
Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku; Top Performance in Smaller Kitchen Knife; Proprietary Steel, High-Performance Blade; Hammered Tsuchime Blade Finish; Walnut PakkaWood Handle; Handcrafted in Japan
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Best Value
Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set
Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set
More Information
Runner up
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
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Our 10 Best Shun Chef Knife Reviews

1. Shun Premier 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife

You must have been craving for a razor-sharp and perfectly honed blade but never came across a single one that releases you from your wrist pain, offering you delight and comfort. But this hammered perfection starts from tip to end of the Damascus tang. It is only fair to hand sharpen the blade to the maximum. This small shun knife is a dual-sided blade that allows for piercing items using left or right hand, whichever you may prefer.

The extremely sharp blade performs extraordinary under a little bit of pressure. All types of tasks are achievable through this beautiful super-strength blade. The handle is made of pakkawood, which binds with the tang in sync. This provides for stunning performance in cutting, mincing, and slicing practices. Offering you durability and comfort with every cut.

Each shun knife is branded with the company’s logo, showcasing their prized jewel in the form of shun blade. Such a balanced blade is hard to find because it sells like hotcakes. The wood-colored handle goes beautifully along with the stain-resistant blade. Giving your kitchen knife arsenal a real upgrade.

The durability and strength of this shun knife are unparalleled compared to other blades. You can use this small knife and peel or cut through almost any item with ease and style. The majority of the time, you will be using this knife because of its contoured hand nature and wrist pain reducer.

The handcrafted Damascus stainless steel, along with a hammered structure, makes sure you can take the knife out of the product with ease. It is known to be the sharpest blade in its category mainly because of the little maintenance of cleaning with a cloth to keep it razor sharp at all times.


  • Super lightweight makes it perfect for swinging actions in the kitchen.
  • The handle feels firm and bolted with the shun blade completely.
  • Solid grip and hammered design make up for razor-sharp cutting and speed too.


  • This blade’s super slim and brittle nature makes it to be used very carefully, as some users have reported having chipped it from the tip.

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2. Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set

Another great product from the same store, but this time is many shun knives waiting for you to mince them through food items. The whole knife set includes a wooden box with sheering scissors along. All blades are fused in harmony with pakkawood handles which provides ultra-reliability of blade cutting power.

These shun knives are hand sharpened so that no edge is left unpolished. When you use it, you will see the craftsmanship that went in to deliver these shun knives. These shun knives have the capability to sharpen themselves with every use in your kitchen. These blades’ hardness is determined with the Rockwell standard of 60-61, which is the highest quality steel in Japan.

Adding a masterpiece to your kitchen décor is also their task. Whenever a blade is taken out of the wooden box, neither does it make any sound, nor the whole knife set wobble or tilts around. Maintaining these blades is also super easy with the use of a simple cloth after every rinse session. 

These shun blades are dual-edged, meaning you can cut through slices of meat like butter. The inclusion of a meat cleaver confirms the company is ready to take technology and shun blade style to another level. There is no need to press down on any of the blades as the blade is here to do the heavy lifting.

The ideal weight balance in forwarding direction makes the user aware of how professional cut through hard items so easily using these shun knives set. This knife set is a must-have for your kitchen collection.


  • Each blade is sharp enough to cut through like butter with little to no effort.
  • Recommended by many professional and home cooks alike.


  • The slots in the wooden box are eight, but the knives are six. So one hopes to place their other kitchen knives in these slots, but they cannot fit in any way whatsoever.

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3. Shun Classic 8-Inch Knife

Whether you want to cut fast or make delicate cuts, you cannot do that without an all-purpose shun knife like this one. This is a classic because it is a multipurpose shun blade that can carve through hard food items with relative ease. However, nothing is possible without a perfect handle.

The blade is forged from high carbon quality with stainless steel. Making this a professional chef’s choice in daily kitchen tasks. Such VG-MAX steel is infused with a black handle, making it look like a meat cleaver. It gets the job done and does it well. In some cases, it may be much better.

Though it is slicing or mincing through sushi fillets, the edge of the blade from tip to end is unmatched in every aspect. The embossed logo on the blade does not rinse off like other blades. Handling the blade is fluid as slicing through the air. All because of the pakkawood handle.

It makes sure to give you supreme grip and strength while swinging the blade. Such durability is achieved only through the super sleek design and craftsmanship of expert blacksmiths. Providing a traditional overall look and feel to this shun knife. The bolster gives the blade strength to make refined cuts simply just gliding through the food.

The knife’s overall weight balance allows the user for a comfortable cutting and mincing experience with no sticking along with the blade features. The simple and minimalistic design allows for razor-sharp blade edges all year long with no need for sharpening. A perfect balance honed and polished blade with durability at its peak.


  • Pakkawood handle provides super grip and comfort to users for long-duration use.
  • The triple layering steel makes it a hard and super strong blade with maximum hardness for cutting through tough objects.


  • Due to the slim and thin bezel tang, the blade is prone to chips and bends on the tip, as some long-time users reported this issue.

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4. Shun Premier 10-Inch Chef Knife

If you are looking for a big and best shun knife to make your kitchen time shorter and faster, this 10-inch shun blade is surely your type of knife. Hoarding a 10-inch blade with a super sleek designed blade makes for an ideal refined blade. Whether you have small items to cut or big ones, all require this 10-Inch premium quality blade.

The hammered Damascus blade design makes for an ultra-thin bezel that slices and dices like through air. The weight balance makes the blade tilt in the direction of food items causing the least amount of wrist strain on your body. Despite the long tang, the blade does not feel like you are holding a big-sized blade.

Instead, it allows for cutting through items faster and easier. All this goes along with a sturdy handle to hold the impact of each slice. The handle is bolted and infused with the metal body to give you a surreal experience, making your boring tasks easy and fun.

You can use this on any food item, though it is slicing steak, peeling off fruit items, or cutting straight through vegetables; all can be done with a single swing of Shun Premier 10-Inch shun blade. Even the handle feels like part of your hand as an extension.

The hammered Tsuchime designing process makes up for slicing the food item in separate two halves releasing the food when the knife is taken out. Professional chefs love this blade to maneuver this blade with excellent cutting skills at lightning speeds—a blade in every professional chef’s arsenal. 


  • A long, weight balanced knife makes up for meat cleaving and small peeling sessions.
  • Hammered design not only looks cool but also serves the purpose of releasing food upon impact.


  • The heavyweight may be a lot for beginners and might hurt themselves.
  • The strain of unprofessional wrists is way too much for someone new.

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5. Shun Sora 8-Inch Chef Knife

This handcrafted shun blade is a marvel on its own. An all-rounder purpose best shuns chef knife made for everyday kitchen tasks. Made for cutting through the toughest of objects you can throw at it. The serrated blade makes for piercing slicer dicer. Give it a shot, and you will surely fall in love in no time.

The high carbon quality standard of VG10 makes their blades ultra-sharp and super lightweight. Handling the blade is effortless as the curved angle grip provides a non-slip handle. Thus it is bolted with the tang. The razor-sharp blade is achieved only through expert craftsmanship and hand polish and sharpening.

Even the shun knife’s tip is extremely sharp, which allows it to pierce through objects like butter. The ergonomic handle design feels like it is hand-tailored for you. Even if you have small hands, you can feel the strain on your wrist fading away.

Many professional chefs look for a sharp blade that has the strength to it. Thus many feel that way with this shun knife. Maintaining its blade is also not a huge task. Only rinse through water and drying with a clean cloth is enough to keep the blade’s integrity for a very long time.

While using this blade, the company’s quality and performance are guaranteed as they believe in delivering a quality product every time. The heat treatment on this triple-coated Damascus alloy steel allows for silent cutting through and releasing the food item upon impact with ease.


  • Light and ergonomic design make up with the aesthetically beautiful blade.
  • Near perfect weight balance distributed equally on the whole knife makes it cut and mincing fast and easy.
  • Blade stays ultra-sharp throughout with regular cleaning.


  • The blade is not durable enough, as some users have reported having chips on it after initial use and under proper care.

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6. Shun Kanso 8’ Cutlery knife

Have you ever wondered about the economical yet budgeted best knife set? You might have seen many articles about the different types of knives specified for different purposes. Some of them are useful, whenever you go out shopping, but on the other hand, some might confuse you.

Here we have handpicked some of the best quality yet economical Shun knife. A high carbon steel alloy has been forged to get the best out of them by the artisans in the best craftsmen ship into renowned and popular Shun Knife sets.

These knives are best to shun knives with high carbon vanadium steel, with the razor-sharp edge cutting blade, honed properly, which lasts longer.  It is a must-have kitchen tool for every chef, which brings you immense pleasure while chopping, mincing, and slicing food into simple units.

It has been designed by modifying the traditionally made Gyuto knives, which are the best and highly recommended knives of all times. The best shun knife reviewed highly by its clients, and they have been using this knife ever since, being the regular ones.

Its handle is made of wood, which is slightly contoured, giving a nice and easy grip; for chopping, slicing, mincing ingredients, and par in comfort, become ideal for your every day multiple tasks.

This knife set is ideal for beginners and provides full support and control with a well-balanced grip. The wooden handle gives it an aesthetic outlook which is very attractive in real and eye-catching even with the distant look.

It has been treated with the heat, constantly again and again, and then cooled down to change its microstructure, bringing out the best of it.


  • High-performance steel
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Precision cutting control.
  • High-quality razor-sharp blade


  • It may need honing after a couple of uses.
  • A few rough spots at the handle.

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7. Shun Premier Gokujo Knife

A vintage knife in a traditional design gives you an exquisite quality outlook that makes you crave it. This knife is perfect for pre boning meat or fish from their bones.

It can carve out the skin like peeling a banana perfectly and finely that each cut is precise and fine according to the professionally honed knives.

A go-to and a must-have for every household. It has a double-bevel featuring a flat ground blade for durability and comfort of the users and does not let the food stick on its blade. Its blade is honed perfectly, as its blade thickness is ideal, which keeps it sharp for much longer, and you don’t have to sharpen it now and then.

It has a maximum edge retention quality hammered through Tsuchime, which releases the food or the ingredients during a perfect and nice chopping. Its material is of high-quality carbon stainless steel alloy, which makes it corrosion-free.

The handle is sturdily made from the Pakkawood handle, which gives a comfortable and firm grip to the users in a very balanced way. The boning is done through its curvy blade, which easily chops off the bones’ meat with a nice finishing touch.


  • Exceptional agile handling.
  • Lightweight and laser-sharp blades
  • Pakkawood doesn’t harbor any bacterial growth.


  • The blades are a bit thin, but they are rigid enough.

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8. Shun Dual Core VG0017 8` Kiritsuke Knife

A fruit and vegetable slicer made of stainless steel perfect for everyday use in cooking and a nice and beautiful addition to your culinary collection. This knife is known as the master’s knife, and it has been an ideal source for the shun cutlery review defining the best Shun knives with their exquisite design and features.

A true and multipurpose knife in your collection which can cut through any vegetables nice and easy. It gives you immense pleasure with its fine chopping style. A high-quality chromium steel alloy for the best results creates micro serrations while gliding through the fruit.

It has a razor-sharp and sturdy blade, which retains its sharpness for much longer, and its dual-core construction could go all the way around to its fine and near edge.

It has been reviewed and awarded with the shun knives review as the Winner of the Blade Show 2014. Pakkawood is composed of resin-impregnated hardwood, which provides you with the luxury of firm grip and perfect control over the blade.

Once you’ve got your hands on this ergonomically exquisite blade, you’ll never stop loving it.


  • Strong and razor-sharp blade honed with cutting-edge technology.
  • A knock-off product that also provides you the Dual-core, which is a single bevel.


  • After a couple of uses, the blade needs to be honed with the whetstone for its efficient work performance.

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9. Shun Classic Blonde 5 Piece Starter Knife Block Set

A pair of three basic and essential knives, a must-have in your kitchen items. It includes an 8′ chef knife, 6′ utility knife, and 3.5′ paring knife set with a wooden block set at an economical budgeted rate.

This set has an extraordinary outlook which drives the customers towards itself, and just looking at its sight compels them to buy it at any cost. It has a composite tang blade, which reduces unwanted rotation and improves grip for both left and right-handed persons.

By getting this set of knives, your collection will get versatility, and you will have three different options to handle your food ingredients in any way you want perfectly. These knives will knock out their competition in just seconds, and nothing will be left to challenge them due to their razor-sharp blades.

These knives are the perfect combination of modesty with the traditional sparring knives. All three knives are handcrafted in Japan and then ground and honed for cutting edge 16-degree sharpness that can glide through anything.

This package includes Shun Knives, Santoku, and Nakiri knives, one of the best knives one could ever wish to have in a single bundle. These blades glide through the food with a forth and back position, cutting them into halves and in a rocking motion that eases you with the pain-resistant technique.

The Shun knives feature their 69-layered Damascus clad blades in a light and beautiful natural tone of the wood. These knives are ultra-sharp and simply magnificent to be held in one’s possession.  


  • The handle is resistant to harboring bacterial growth.
  • Unique and exquisite design.


  • The blade goes dull over time and needs to be sharpened again.

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10. Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

One of the best shun knife which is inclusive of the best quality ergonomically designed blade. It has been made from the Pakkawood material. Its handle can give you a full and firm grip on the blade, and you can chop, chop all the way you want. It has a hollow-edged blade.

These knives have been made in Japan, and then they are sharpened or honed in China, giving you the best of both countries. This knife allows you to cut through anything with a nice and sturdy chopping style.

These knives have been made with well-balanced and well-weighted, and extremely sharp blades. The best shun cutlery review is that they offer the essential knife set deal with the block at very reasonable rates, which also have extra slots in it so that you can put your other knives or blades in it as well.

This package includes 7 sharp blades, steel, a razor-sharp shear, and a block of bamboo material that could make your chopping nearly easy and simple with just a single slice, and that’s all. These knives are the best for a chef’s culinary collection.

You can put them in the block after use which keeps them safe and protected from moisture. You should take good care of your knives as they can go rust if they stay for so long in the water or the dishwasher. The best way to keep them sharp is to hand wash them with proper care.


  • Starter knives in a single deal.
  • Razor-sharp tech
  • Ergonomically designed strong handle with the bolster.
  • Comes with the bamboo block set.
  • Damascus gives them extraordinary durability and longevity.
  • Hand washing gives them shine, and they stay extra sharp.


  • These knives can easily rust if they stay for long in the dishwasher.
  • Some users have reported the chipping of the blades.

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What To Look For Before Buying A Best Shun Knife?

Shun word has been derived from Japanese, indicating the perfection of the food material at its exceptional peak. Shun knife review has beenimportant as they have been known for their exceptional rating as Japanese top-notch cutlery.

They are a bit overpriced, but with their ergonomically designed bolsters, their sturdy blades, with extraordinary handles offering you firm grip are the reasons that are worth buying for.

Look out for their handles made from the Pakkawood material, which will feel like a mixture of both high-quality plastic and wooden texture. If there is weight in the handle, and by grabbing it, you feel a well-balanced blade with a strong bolster, then it is the right choice for you.

If the blade you are holding is the idea in its thickness that you feel like you can hone it on the whetstone whenever it becomes necessary, then go for it. There’s nothing more exquisite than a Japanese Shun knife set.

If the bolster is nice and sturdy and offers you full control over the knife, then don’t waste your time and grab it the minute you hold it in your hands. If the handle is made from the Pakkawood material, it is best to resist bacterial growth onto the handle.

Their blades are forged in dual folded series, giving you durability and comfort while shopping with them. So always make sure the above features are present in the knife before buying.


1. Which is better, Shun Classic vs. shun Premier?

Classic knives are a bit better than the premier ones because of their multitasking ability. They can almost perform any task which premier one does.

They are easily affordable as compared to the premier ones. But the premier knife has an ergonomic design and a modest outlook which makes it more prominent and unique in its appearance.

2. Are Shun knives real Damascus?

Yes, the classic shun knives are forged from 34 layers of Damascus folded steel, which has a nice finish with an intricate hammered Damascus layer.

The construction of these layers gives them durability and perfect edge retention for a longer period of time. Due to the Damascus presence, artisans put in a lot of effort to make, which increases their longevity, making them more exquisite and one of a kind.

3. Can scratches be polished out?

Not exactly, no the scratches won’t be completely polished out, but if they have developed rust on their surface, that can be easily removed from the improper drying method.

4. Are these knives worth buying?

Yes, their higher compatibility and durability, Damascus material enables them to stay sharp for a longer span. And their Pakkawood handle material gives comfort to the users, which gains their trust.

Their blades can also be easily honed through whetstones, keeping them razor-sharp; without further ado, these knives can cut through anything. Their handles have the ability to give the users proper nice and sturdy firm control over the blade, which eases into chopping, grinding, and mincing of food into simpler units.

Final Verdict

It all depends on what your choice is in terms of selecting a shun knife. If you like a smaller-sized blade, you can find one from this list and vice versa. Shun blade brings culture and tradition along with its purchase. You can see that in their crafting skills.

 Making small beautiful curated cuts through meat or fruits, you should be prepared to have a shun blade waiting for that single purpose. These razor-sharp shun blades will stay sharp for a very long time only if you take proper care in the cleaning and drying process.

Shun knife reviews have been so far the best and top-rated among its users. You need always to go through a proper expert review like ours before getting yourself a shun knife. This way, you can guide others too. We make sure to keep all aspects and select the best product in terms of price, quality, and demand for that knife.

Having a master shun blade user will surely take some time and hard work in honing those skills. So the more time you have that shun blade, the more practice you can have and hone that blade and those skills of yours.

Shun knives have been so far the best among others. Their exquisite nature has driven the user mad with their exceptional multitasking. The 34 layered Damascus has added durability into their extravagant handles, and their strong bolster gives us a well-balanced and sturdy grip over the knife.

That is it from our side. We sincerely hope you have learned a thing or two from us in which shun knife to get. Do let us know which one is your favorite among these, and if you have missed any, do let us know. As we love to hear what you guys have to say about these shun knives.

Until then, take care of these super-sharp blades, and don’t cut yourself. Just keep practicing. Thanks.

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