A pizza cutter will be a very valuable possession for you if you are only beginning your baking career. Also, for pizza lovers, this is a must-have tool.

We set out to find the best pizza cutter in the market. And we’ve studied the products out there elaborately.

In the course of our research, we figured out that it’s not that easy to find a perfect tool. For, some important factors play a role in making the product suitable for your job application. Unless you are very certain about what you are looking for, the buying decision can be very hard.

So, here we are with this pizza cutter review to share with you our experience during the research. Read on and to make an informed decision. 

Top Choice
Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover, Ergonomic Pizza Slicer (Blue)
Best Value
Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter - Sharp Stainless Steel Rocker Knife w/Plastic Blade Sheath - Dishwasher Safe, Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories - 14 Inch
Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover, Ergonomic Pizza Slicer (Blue)
Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter - Sharp Stainless Steel Rocker Knife w/Plastic Blade Sheath - Dishwasher Safe, Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories - 14 Inch
Top Choice
Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover, Ergonomic Pizza Slicer (Blue)
Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover, Ergonomic Pizza Slicer (Blue)
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Best Value
Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter - Sharp Stainless Steel Rocker Knife w/Plastic Blade Sheath - Dishwasher Safe, Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories - 14 Inch
Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter - Sharp Stainless Steel Rocker Knife w/Plastic Blade Sheath - Dishwasher Safe, Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories - 14 Inch
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Types of Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutters are of two types mainly. One is a wheel cutter, and the other one is a curved cutter. With the wheel ones, you will find them easier to glide through the pizza with. They will get the job done fast. Moreover, you won’t have to put much effort while using them.

On the other hand, curved cutters are quite versatile. You can use them for multiple applications, such as cutting vegetables, fruits, biscuits, etc. Using these tools require a bit of effort. You will see the professionals to use this type of cutters.

10 Best Pizza Cutter Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top products in the market. Once you are done with reading about them, you will agree with us that these are the finest pizza cutters out there.

1. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard

A cool pizza cutter has to be very efficient in what it does. And that is to cut the pizza smoothly and fast. The product we are reviewing is a type of tool that will serve the purpose efficiently.

We are talking about multiple color options over here. So, pick the one you love and let this stainless steel unit assist you in enjoying your pizza. You’ve got to appreciate the safety feature it comes with. Yes, I am talking about that awesome cover that plays the role of a handle too.

In terms of sharpness, you will love the blade it comes with. I must say it’s sharp. However, it will make sure that pizza is what it cuts, not your finger. That’s how moderately sharp it is. If you want to cut the pizza comfortably, then the 5” diameter should be alright.

Now, some people might want the blade to be sharper. They would want it to do what it is made to do. And that is to cut the pizza sharply. Now, it’s a matter of personal preference, whether you want it too sharp or you want it to be moderate. If you are of the latter, then you will be quite glad about its sharpness.

Let’s look at the very impressive protective feature. You need such a feature so that you don’t ruin the evening you are having with your friends by cutting your finger.

Now, when it comes to cleaning, using a dishwasher will be the way to go. For, cleaning a sharp tool like this manually wouldn’t be the wisest of decisions. Not to mention, the unnecessary extra effort that you will have to put in. Moreover, this product is quite durable. It will last a good amount of time.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Great protection with the cover
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Multiple color options


  • Difficult to clean manually

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2. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover

A multipurpose tool always sounds fascinating. And when it comes to a pizza cutter, it becomes much exciting. The brand comes with an impressive multipurpose device to provide you with a fun pizza cutting experiences. Many users have been over the moon since this beauty has arrived in the market.

There’s no typical wheel design in it. It looks more like a blade, a rectangular one. So, you can guess that they haven’t made it just for pizza cutting. This fun pizza cutter comes with a lot of usefulness. You can use it on any type of food that needs to be cut.

Now, if you want to see extreme sharpness, you should check out this guy. The moment you place it on the pizza, it will cut through effortlessly. And before you know it, you will have a perfectly sliced pizza in front of you. I loved how it does the job without changing the toppings a bit.

This tool comes with outstanding versatility as its name suggests. You ought to see it cutting those delicious pancakes to know what I mean. Also, if you want to use it as a vegetable cutter, you can go ahead. That’s how crazily useful this device will be.

We are dealing with a cutter that doesn’t come with a wooden handle. It’s all stainless steel. So, you can imagine how simple the washing will be.

However, you need to be extra cautious with the blade. You don’t want it to hurt your fingers or anything. Therefore, you should use the protective cover that it has all the time. Some might find it too sharp. But, as I said before, it’s all about how you view things. Besides, you have a protective cover in place, remember?


  • Extreme sharpness
  • Very sturdy
  • Good protection
  • Versatile; useful for cutting other foods


  • Requires extra caution in using

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3. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

No products found.

Here’s a professional pizza cutter. You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to like this tool. For, the efficiency of the device in cutting pizza will speak for itself. I loved the ultra-modern look they’ve given it.

So, we are talking about a stainless steel blade over here. I was impressed with the quality of its construction. They’ve made it very strong so that you can use it for a long time without going for a new one.

You will also be pleased with its diameter. I mean, 4 inches seems to be just the diameter you need to cut a delicious pizza. Now, that’s only the blade. If we measure the full device, it will be 8.5 inches. It’s great as far as lengths of pizza cutters go.

This is the cutting device that you want to buy for your young ones. For, it comes with the right size and proper protective features. Now, what’s very cool about it is that it adopted the design from the Star Trek devices.

What about the cutting performance then? Well, it will leave you astonished with the swiftness of cutting. You won’t find any unevenness in the slices. Moreover, it comes with a zinc alloy chromium-plated body along with stainless steel. So, you can imagine how sturdy it will be.

And in terms of weight, it’s quite lightweight, weighing about 10 ounces. However, there’s one drawback that it comes with. It is not dishwasher-safe. So, the cleaning needs to be done manually. That means you have to be extra careful while cleaning it.


  • Very durable
  • Suitable for thick crusts
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use


  • Not dishwasher safe

No products found.

4. Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel Stainless Steel

This is a round-shaped unit that we are about to review. In terms of sharpness, it’s awesome. And when it comes to construction, no one finds it hard to rely on a stainless steel unit. If you want to know how efficient it is, you’ve got to see it cutting through that yummy piece of food with extreme swiftness.

I also loved the fact that this cool pizza cutter comes with very sharp edges. It will make sure that the blade doesn’t get affected by rust easily. So, this is the cutter you want in your kitchen, whether it’s a thick pizza or a thin pancake. For, they’ve made it perfect for all sorts of thickness.

The blade measures 3 inches. That’s a great diameter for a cutter to have. You will appreciate how incredible its grip is. Also, you won’t find it wobbling. Now, when it comes to handling, this device comes with a very amazing grip. It’s comfy and stylish. And it won’t let you feel the pressure at all.

With such a handle in place, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps. For, it will protect the fingers alright. What’s more, you have one of the easiest disassembling processes in this device. If you want to remove the blade, all you need to do is click the open button.

Another great thing about this tool is that cleaning it is fun. Besides, it’s dishwasher-safe. And to make the storing convenient, you have the plastic guard as a protective feature.

Moreover, I found the cutter to be nicely affordable. And I loved its design. It was as sturdy as I wanted it to be. But, if the pizza’s too thick, it might not be the best option for you.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Sturdy build
  • Awesome design
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Not the best option for thick crusts

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5. KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

If there ever was an incredibly professional pizza cutter, this one would be the one we are talking about. Now, being professional doesn’t mean that it needs to be modern. On the contrary, it’s a traditional-looking device. They’ve done a great job with its design.

In case you don’t like any particular color for the device, you will surely love some other one. For, it comes with multiple color options. And the blade it comes with is a stainless steel one. So, it’s needless to say how durable the blade’s going to be.

This is another 3-inch device. And that’s the diameter you want if you are looking for comfort during the cutting. Now, the plastic cover it comes with might not be a permanent one. It’s rather a tear-away sort of feature.

Cutting the pizza with this device will be quite fun. All you have to do is position the blade at a perfect angle. And it will take it from there very smoothly. Before you know it, the cutter will start gliding through the pizza.

I loved the handle of this unit in particular. It’s awesomely ergonomic. You will see that it has a perfect safety feature. Yes, I am talking about the integrated guard. With this in place, your fingers will be safe.

Since the tool doesn’t come with a permanent protective cover, you need such an efficient guard for being assured during the cutting. Now, the grip of this device isn’t what you would call soft. That means you will have to hold the cutter tight.

A tiny little feature that I was quite pleased with is the hole placed on the handle. With this, you can store the cutter easily by hanging it from anywhere.


  • Great protective guard
  • Comfortable handle
  • Hole for storage
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Wheel lacks control

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6. Pizza Cutter Wheel Slicer – Premium Stainless Steel Sharp Blade

No products found.

Let’s talk about another incredible looking device. But, the look is not all it has in store for you. To know how valuable it will be as a possession, you have to see it gliding through that soft piece of yum. This comes with stainless steel construction. So, you can guess that it will last alright.

Now, if I have to describe its sharpness, I would use the words ‘razor-sharp’. For, it’s just the amount of sharpness you want in a pizza cutter. And rest assured about the safety because it comes with a perfect protective cover.

I loved how fast this tool can cut through the pizza. What’s also amazing is that it doesn’t become sticky with cheese. Now, the diameter of this unit is 4 inches. And that’s perfect as far as pizza cutters go. What’s more, they’ve made it amazingly portable.

You’ve got to appreciate the durability this thing comes with. It will be long before you need to buy a new device. On top of that, it is BPA-free. So, you can imagine how comfy it will be to use.

This is an extremely versatile tool. Apart from pizza, it will cut biscuit, pastry, cake, etc. So, it will be a great addition to your kitchen accessories. The tool is very efficient when it comes to cutting crusts. Therefore, it’s one of the best pizza scissors, when you have thick pizzas to cut.

Moreover, I found the handle to be nicely ergonomic. It’s not one of those handles that tend to slip out of your hands. You will be very comfortable while holding it. And as far as the safety feature is concerned, you have a protective case in place. So, there won’t be any unpleasant occurrences.


  • Very sharp
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Protective case


  • You need to be careful during cleaning

No products found.

7. OXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper

Every baker wants a perfect tool for cutting pizza and stuff. This product that we are reviewing can be a great option for you if you are a baker yourself. Now, I recommend this device for its high versatility. You can use it for cutting any type of bread.

Apart from cutting, this tool is very good at cleaning also. Yes, you heard it right. Due to its shape and design, this can be used as a sweeper and make your counter sticky dough-frer.

This device can cut through vegetables and fruits as well. But, you can’t use it for cutting too thick stuff. For, its sharpness and strength won’t allow it to play the role of a knife. And it will be too much to ask for as well.

So, this is your cutter for soft things, like pizza, pastry, etc. You will also find it very efficient when you have brownies to cut. Now, they’ve been brilliant with the measurement they gave the device. It’s just perfect for a tool like this.

You will have to appreciate the handle this tool comes with. It’s all rubber. So, you can expect it to be extremely comfortable and non-slip. And you need such comfort so that you can cut pizza evenly.

In terms of construction, stainless steel always delivers. You will have the blade as sturdy as it should be. Even if you apply extra pressure, it won’t bend a little. So, you can use it for cutting thick pizzas.

Therefore, I recommend this product highly for anyone who’s looking for a multipurpose cutting tool. It will cut the food, clean the desk, and do the measurement. You can’t ask for more from a pizza cutter.


  • Very versatile
  • Non-slip handle
  • Strong build
  • Can be used for clearing off the dough


  • Not for thick vegetables

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8. Winware Pizza Cutter 2-1/2-Inch Blade with Handle

Here’s another quality product. If you love your stuff traditional, you are going to be pleased with its design. They’ve given it a classical look. Now, its dimension is perfect, and bakers love their cutter with this measurement.

A great thing about this pizza cutter is that you can use it for a wide variety of applications. For example, if you are looking for a cutter to cut those vegetables for you, you can pick it up and see how efficiently it does the job.

If it’s the fudge that you want to cut, this is the tool for you. It will cut it into even pieces. The device will also serve the purpose when you have lasagna on the table. So, it will be a great possession for doing your various tasks.

In terms of construction, you will be very impressed with this device. For, if a stainless steel blade cannot make the best pizza wheel, then what can? Besides, it comes with an extremely comfortable plastic handle that won’t slip of your hands. With such a handle, cutting pizza is going to be fast from now on.

Moreover, it’s always nice to have a dishwasher-safe tool around. Thus, you won’t have to do the cleaning by hand. So, it will be quite safe during cleaning. Now, one user has complained about it rusting at times. You need to make sure that you are okay with that before going for this tool.

So, this is a device that comes with the simplest of designs. It will do the job it was made for. And that is to cut the pizza smoothly. Also, you will find it comfy and easy to use.


  • Cuts vegetables and fruits also
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comfy handle
  • Great construction


  • Rusts at times

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9. The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

This cutter comes with an impressive design. They’ve done a great job with its handle. When you hold it in hand, you will feel like you are holding a knife. That’s how extended its grip is.

Now, the handle is not only comfortable but also quite safe. And when you are dealing with a tool of this nature, you need to have that extra safety feature. For, tools that come with weak handles will be dangerous to use when there’s too much pressure. So, this is a great tool in this regard.

I loved how smoothly it glides through the pizza. It won’t slip out of your hands at all. You will feel completely in control with it. Moreover, this device can see a lot of jobs done. Be it fruits, vegetables, or pies; this is the tool you want to pick for cutting them.

Another worth mentioning thing about it is that it won’t displace the toppings while gliding through. For, they’ve made the blade quite sturdy, so that it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

If the cheese were to slide, then the pizza wouldn’t have looked so delicious anymore. So, it’s a great benefit of using this tool.

Furthermore, I liked the way it cuts the pizza in one attempt. Thus, the pieces look neat and perfect. You also want to choose this tool for it will cut the crusts perfectly and still manage to remain sharp for a long time.

In terms of safety, you will find the cover to do its job perfectly. You won’t have to be worried about getting your finger hurt with this product. For, they’ve made it a little longer than the regular ones to ensure the safety of your fingers. Therefore, storing it will be easy as well.


  • Quite sharp
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great safety feature
  • Easy to store


  • Not easy to clean

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10. Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

This is the last product in our pizza cutter reviews. You might think that it’s a tool for cutting tough objects. Everything about it gives a vibe of toughness. I found this tool to be perfectly reliable.

Also, using it won’t ask for a lot of skill. Anyone will find it easy to use, regardless of him/her being a professional or a novice. Its design will make you feel assured while gliding through that soft piece of delight. And you don’t need me to tell you how heavy-duty it is. For, the design says a lot about it.

If you want to get done with slicing the pizza fast, you will love this tool. Moreover, it will let you do the job without giving rise to much of a mess. And the best thing about it is that it will keep your fingers far away from the blade. That’s why you see that barrier between the blade and your hand.

There’s also a removable cover in place. So, storing the device will be easy with this in place. Besides, you will find the handle to be quite ergonomic. It will provide the grip you are looking for while dealing with a sharp tool.

Moreover, you will find the handle to be very durable, thanks to its sturdy plastic construction.

Now, when it comes to construction of the blade, stainless steel is the best option. And that’s what you will get in this device. What’s more, you have a dishwasher-safe unit over here. So, cleaning the tool will be a breeze from now on.

I recommend this product highly for the protective barrier it comes with. Also, this is the tool you should buy if durability is your concern.


  • A protective barrier
  • Durable
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fast cutting


  • Might be a bit small

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Here’s What to Look for before Buying

In order to find the best pizza cutters, you gotta keep a few factors in mind. We are gonna talk about them below.


Since we are dealing with a sharp tool over here, you don’t need me to tell you how important safety is. A product is no good if it lacks proper safety feature. In that case, it will be extremely difficult to use. Now, it won’t be a problem to find a product that comes with efficient safety features.

You need to make sure that the tool comes with a cover so that you don’t hurt your finger during the cutting process. Also, the handle needs to be non-slip


The tool you want to go for needs to be heavily constructed. For, a great construction means longer durability. In our article, you have read about the products that are made of stainless steel. For, with this kind of construction, you can rest assured that you won’t have to buy a new tool soon.

Even if it’s not stainless steel, it should be heavy-duty. Otherwise, there will be problems during the cutting. For instance, some products will displace the cheese, and others will make a mess.

Now, we know that stainless steel is rust-free and can withstand heat better. So, I would suggest that you go for this material.


There are different designs available in the market when it comes to pizza cutters. Some come with wheel blades while others have curved blades. You need to choose the one you are more comfortable with. For, if the design isn’t suitable for your application, then you will find the tool to be less useful.

If you are buying a tool with wheel design, then you will have an easier cutting experience. You won’t have to put much effort to make the cutter glide through. On the other hand, a tool with a curved edge will be useful in cutting thicker foods, such as fruits and vegetables. However, using them will take some effort.

Another important thing to look for is the design of the handle. There are all sorts of handles in the market. You will find some tools to come with rubber handles. Also, some devices have wooden ones.

You can guess that the rubber handles will provide a firmer grip. They tend to be extremely non-slip. On the other hand, wood handles will be quite durable and ergonomic.


You need to clean the tool constantly. Now, some devices are dishwasher-safe. With these, you will have a better time in cleaning. For, it will be risk-free and easy. On the other hand, pizza cutters that need to be cleaned manually will make it simple for you, but you need to be cautious.

Some tools come with a simple design. Cleaning them is easier than it is with the complex-designed ones. If you aren’t cool with spending a little bit of time on cleaning, you need to go for a device with a simple design.


You should be able to store the device easily. A protective sheath will keep the blade in good form by preventing rust and corrosion. Some devices also come with a hole for convenient storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding pizza cutters:

1. How should I clean my pizza cutter?

If the tool is dishwasher-safe, then the dishwasher will do it for you. But, if it’s not, then you will need to clean it manually. You will have to use cloth. Soak the cloth in soapy water, and then gently rub the tool with it. Be very careful with the blade, so that you don’t hurt your fingers in the process.

2. How should I get the rust off?

If there’s rust, you can get it off very easily. All you have to do is apply vinegar on the blade. Keep the vinegar on for 5-10 minutes. Then, wash it away. After that, use a sponge to get the rust off.

3. Should I buy a wheel blade or a curved blade?

If you are just getting familiar with cutting pizza, then a wheel will be the best option for you. For, it will be easy to use. You will find it gliding through without much effort.

However, if you are skilled in this, you can go for either one of the two. A curved cutter will be useful in multiple applications. It will cut vegetables, fruits, etc. apart from cutting pizza.

4. How do I sharpen my pizza cutter?

You can use a sharpener for the purpose. And if you don’t have one, you can simply do it the old school way; that is, rolling the blade over any surface.

Final Verdict

That’s all we had to share. Hope we could be of help. It’s time you made your mind about buying the best pizza cutter you found in our article. But, if you aren’t ready yet, why not try the Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard. I found it to be extremely durable as well as safe to use.