Buying pre-sliced meat is expensive. Slicing a full chunk of meat with a knife is just cumbersome and time-consuming. But using a meat slicer to cut your meat saves you effort, time, and money (a lot of money).

The handy kitchen gadget will let you turn large meat chunks into perfectly uniform slices. Plus, it will allow you to cut the pieces according to your desired thickness—whether you want slices for family snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, etc.

Our research team went hunting for the best meat slicer for you. They focused on slicer performance, unique features, ease of use, and users’ feedback. Below, we present you with our ultimate list of the most reliable meat slicing machines you can get today.

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Our best meat slicer reviews:

1. Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Food and Meat Slicer

When it comes to the best meat slicer for home use, this gadget from Chef’s Choice scores quite high. It falls in the mid-price range on meat slicers price ladders and uses up to 120 Watts of power to easily slice meat, fruits, veggies, bread, and other foods to your preferred thickness.

One of the top reasons why we chose this meat slicer for home use is its sturdy blade. It comes armed with a 7-inch stainless steel blade capable of turning meat from ¾-inch thick to pretty thin slices as per your needs. The robust and durable blade is powered by a 120 Watts rated, high-torque motor—ensuring it doesn’t flinch a bit as it cuts through a chunk of meat.

Besides the A+ performance, this slicer also minds your safety. You’ll keep the carriage in a locked position with just the touch of a button to ensure you don’t accidentally touch the blade and injure yourself.

Other convenient features you’ll get from this meat slicer include non-slip rubber feet, easy-grip food pusher, removable blade and parts for easy cleaning, and an extra-large capacity food carrier to let you work on large chunks of meat without the need to cut them into smaller chunks first.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable cast aluminum & stainless steel parts
  • Multi-purpose 7-inch stainless steel blade
  • Powerful 120 Watts motor
  • Tiled food cartridge for fast slicing
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

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2. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

This is also a great slicer for home use. Its popularity revolves around its incredible versatility when it comes to getting the job done. That is, it lets you efficiently slice through chicken, turkey, hams, cheese, sausage, vegetables, and fruits—making it the ultimate slicing machine for your home.

The amazing meat slicer boasts an upgraded super-sharp 7.5-inch stainless steel blade, which is large enough to meet all your home meat and food slicing needs. The blade draws its power from a powerful 200Watts motor that enables it to easily power through even frozen meat!

Even better, this slicer lets you take control of how thick your meat and foods should be. It presents you with a precise adjustable thickness to allow you to slice meat from super-thin all the way up to ¾ thickness.

We like that this slicing machine features 4 rubber feet to boost its stability when in use. For your own safety, this slicer features an ON/OFF button to let you turn it on only when you need it. Additionally, it has a food pusher and blade safety guard to keep your hands from the sharp blade.

You never have to worry about how to clean up this slicer and get rid of any foods hidden in it. It presents you with a hidden track design plus a fully removable blade for easy cleaning. Not to forget it’s parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Upgraded 7.5″ stainless steel blade
  • Easy cleanup; dishwasher safe
  • Precise adjustable cutting thickness
  • 30-day hassle-free warranty
  • 200 Watts rated motor

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3. Ostba Electric Meat Slicer

Also appearing on our meat slicer reviews is this electric meat slicer from Ostba. The machine does its intended job perfectly well and is well worth your money. It features a lightweight and compact design, and will comfortably sit on your countertop without taking up all the space.

The slicing machine works great for all your home slicing needs, from homemade bacon to beef jerky, and more. It presents you with a universal, serrated 7.5-inch stainless steel blade to precisely slice your food according to your needs. Since it’s powered by 150 Watts motor, it assures you of fast, high-yield slicing power and consistently sharp cuts.

Different foods need to be sliced at varying thicknesses. Ostba is well aware of this need, which explains why they designed this slicer with an adjustable thickness setting to help you cut your food from super thin to ¾-inch thick (turn the dial from 0 to 15mm).

For you to start operating this machine, you must press both its power button and safety lock at the same time. This is a well-choreographed design to help prevent accidental start and ensure user safety. The non-slip suction feet keep the slicer stable during operation.

When it’s cleaning time, this meat slicing machine breaks down to individual parts to facilitate smooth, hassle-free cleaning and sanitization!

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 150 Watts of slicing power
  • Adjustable thickness setting
  • Safety lock & power button for safe operation
  • Features non-slip suction cup feet
  • 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade

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4. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Ultimate Precision Electric Meat Slicer

If you’re looking for the best home meat slicer at a great value, this electric slicing machine from Maxi-Matic is an excellent choice. This is the perfect example of how a slicing tool saves you time, effort, and money. Instead of going for pre-sliced meat and cheese at the store, you do it yourself with this highly reliable machine.

One of the most remarkable features of this slicer is its incredible versatility. By this, we mean that this little beat will cut just through any food from hard cheese, cold cuts/frozen meat, fruits, vegetables, and even meat. All you need to do is set your desired thickness for your sliced food (you can choose from razor-thin to ½-inch slices), and the machine will swing into action to get the job done.

Like the other top-rated slicing machines for home use, this model comes equipped with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade that produces nothing but clean, precise cuts. The device itself has a sturdy structure that delivers much-needed stability. The non-slip rubber feet give the machine an excellent stability boost.

Remember that this machine presents you with a secure safety guide to easily lead the meat to the blades while keeping your fingers safe. The blade is fully removable to ensure easy cleanup. Its compact design will occupy less space on your kitchen counter. And its quiet operation will ensure a peaceful kitchen space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-sharp 7.5-in stainless steel blade
  • Removable blade for easy cleanup
  • Adjustable slicing thickness
  • Features a larger slicing platform
  • Features non-slip rubber feet
  • Made of premium-quality die-cast aluminum

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5. Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Meat Slicer

Halfway our meat slicer reviews, we present you with another best meat slicer for home use. This machine will let you slice your foods in the comfort of your kitchen, helping you save the extra cash you’ve been spending on pre-sliced foods.

You can use this meat slice with full confidence knowing that it will slice your meat into perfectly uniform slices, whether you yearn for perfectly thin slices of cooked roast or thick cuts of meat, bread, or cheese.

The meat slicing machine comes equipped with a sharp and robust 7.5-inch stainless steel blade—driven by 180 Watts of cutting power—to enable it to slice through various foods fast and with surgical precision. Because the slice lets you adjust the cut thickness from super-thin to ¾-inch, you’ll have no problems cutting your foods according to your needs.

Both the blade and food holder are easily removable to ensure safe and easy cleaning.

The home slicing machine boasts a heavy-duty construction, characterized by a prime coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing. This enables it to endure heavy-duty usage in a busy kitchen without wearing or tearing down. The suction grip further prepares this machine for heavy-duty usage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7.5-in stainless steel blade
  • 180 Watts of cutting power
  • Spacious sliding food carriage
  • Coated steel & die-cast aluminum housing
  • Adjustable slicing thickness
  • Removable blade and food holder
  • ETL certified for safe, efficient performance

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6. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer

Want the best meat slicer for the money? If yes, consider this Chefman as a viable option. Equipped with a powerful 180 Watts motor plus serrated stainless steel blade, this machine is great for slicing meats, bread, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

This machine doesn’t just slice foods…it lets you slice them your way! It provides you with a thickness adjustment dial that you simply turn before you start cutting to ensure you get the exact size of slices you want.

Despite being such a powerful slicing machine, this model comes in a compact, space-saving design. It measures around 9″ x 12″ and will perfectly fit in most cabinets and countertops, or any tight spaces places in your compact kitchen.

Cleaning it is also an easy job. The serrated knife is fully retractable for safe cleaning. The aluminum housing is as easy to clean as wiping it down with a clean damp cloth.

Above all, this slicer is designed to keep you safe as you slice your foods. It comes with an ON/OFF switch to prevent accidental start-ups. The blade safety guard and food pusher work to keep your hands out of the way of the sharp blade. And the sturdy, non-slip feet to ensure it stays in place for safe and easy slicing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable serrated 7.5″ blade
  • Powerful 180 Watts AC motor
  • Adjustable thickness dial
  • Steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Backed by a 1-year hassle-free warranty

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7. BESWOOD250 10″ Premium Electric Meat Slicer

BESWOOD250 10″ is a professional-grade electric meat slicer intended for commercial use. It comes packed with a full list of standout features like the incredibly versatile 10-inch blade that translates to plenty of cutting size for the largest and heaviest meats you can imagine. It can easily cut through large slices of whatever type of meat you throw at it and other types of foods.

If you search through most electric meat slicer reviews, you’ll notice that they come with a standard stainless steel blade. But this machine is an exception…it sports a big 10-inch blade made from high-quality chromium-plated carbon steel. This construction rivals the steel blades both in hardness and performance!

Built into the top part of this meat slicing machine is a pair of sharpening stones. And guess what? These stones work tirelessly to sharpen the blade when it’s in use—ensuring unparalleled sharpness and cutting performance! No more sharpening your blades by hand.

The machine’s body is made of durable and rust-resistant aluminum metal. It feels pretty robust and will withstand heavy-duty commercial use. Not to forget, it comes with non-slip rubber feet to boost its stability during heavy use. The 1/3 HP motor delivers 282 revolutions per minute for fast and reliable cutting performance. The nice blade guard will ensure no harm comes to your fingers during use.

Honestly speaking, no slicer can come close to this model in terms of versatility and performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10-inch chromium-plated carbon steel blade
  • Skidproof rubber feet
  • Blade ring guard for user safety
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum body
  • ETL and NSF approved
  • Double-illuminated On/Off switch
  • Whopping 240 Watts of slicing power

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8. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Meat and Food Slicer

The Weston meat slicer will let you slice or shave thin cold cuts or evenly thick chops or steaks from your favorite chunks of meats. It’s designed for use in a busy kitchen. It comes with a durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant aluminum body for many years of reliable service.

The model presents you with a 9-inch stainless steel blade which places it above most models featuring a standard 7-inch blade. The increased blade surface area enables you to cut even more food varieties than the 7-inch blades. The blade is made of stainless steel metal, so you can rest assured it’ll stay strong and won’t give in to corrosion.

This blade is powered by 150Watt belt-driven motor for smooth and fast (and quiet) slicing pieces.

Thick or thin…how do you want your meat slices? You’ll be pleased to note that this meat slicing machine comes with an adjustable thickness control function to allow you to cut your meat, deli, or other foods into your desired thickness.

You can easily remove the blade to safely and efficiently clean this machine. With the suction cup feet, this meat slicer will firmly stay in place during cutting, so you don’t have to worry about it moving back and forth. Don’t forget that this is one of the models that comes with a compact design to fit in your small kitchen and allow for easy carry to any place.

Highlighted Features:

  • 9-inch stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable thickness control
  • Belt-driven, quiet running motor
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum housing
  • Sturdy base and suction cup feet
  • Large capacity stainless steel food tray
  • Compact design for easy storage/carry

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9. Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Slicer

If you’re looking for a professional electric meat slicer at a more reasonable cost, this Kitchener is a great choice. The powerful and reliable comes packed with impressive features and will meet all your commercial meat slicing needs.

Designed with a robust and compact body, this meat slicer is easy to store and transport. It features a super-efficient design and will hassle-freely slice your salamis, meats, cheese, veggies, fruits, and breads. It boasts a 9-inch sharp and robust blade, powered by 150 Watts motor for fast and reliable meat slicing performance.

Because the machine also comes with a thickness control knob, you’ll have an easy time setting it to slice various foods from deli thin all the way up to 5/8-inch thick.

This machine also won a place on our electric meat slicer reviews because of its durable design. The manufacturer uses premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum for the body of this model. They also use food-grade, non-toxic plastic plus stainless steel for the food carriage surface for maximum durability and longevity.

The food pusher features teeth to offer you greater safety and control when using this machine. The food carrier’s locking points further facilitate efficient and safe slicing. The parts—blade, food carriage, food deflector, and food pusher—retract fully for easy and fast cleanup.

Highlighted Features:

  • 150 Watts of slicing power
  • Quiet running belt-driven motor
  • Fitted with 9-inch serrated blade
  • Premium coated steel & die-cast aluminum body
  • Thickness adjustment knob

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10. AKG Chef Electric Food Slicer

Appearing on our last spot for top home meat slicer reviews is the AKG’s electric meat slicing machine for you. Sporting a budget-friendly price tag, this is a great entry-level machine and a great addition to your kitchen gadgets.

One of the reasons we voted this meat slicer as a viable investment for your kitchen is its multi-functional capabilities. You can trust it to slice through a variety of foods, including meat, cheese, deli, turkey, roast beef, vegetables, to name but a few. The fact that it comes with a thickness control knob means you can easily set its thickness from 1.8-in to 7/8-in to satisfy your food slicing needs.

The tool’s secret behind smoothly slicing all types of foods? Well, that lies in its unique 7.5-inch stainless steel blade, with a 180-Watt driving force. Unlike in most of the slicers out there, this blade features a ceramic coating to reduce friction during slicing, make it less sticky, and boost its strength and durability.

With a special recessed power button, you or your curious little ones won’t accidentally power on this meat slicer, translating to maximum safety. The durable silicone anti-skid pads ensure the machine remains stable during use.

We all dread the cleaning part in our kitchen. But this electric meat slicer comes with easily removable parts, including the blade, food tray, and food pusher, to make cleaning stress-free. Add to the fact that these parts are dishwasher safer, and the cleanup becomes a breeze!

Highlighted Features:

  • 7.5″ ceramic coated stainless steel blade
  • Powerful 180 Watts motor
  • Adjustable slicing thickness
  • Removable, dishwasher safe parts
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Bassle-free a year warranty

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Is A Meat Slicer Worth It?

If you’re wondering whether it’s really necessary to invest in a meat slicing machine, here are a few insights that will help you reach a more informed decision.

Meat Slicer

FIRSTLY…it’s worth remembering that typical meat slicing machine helps you slice meats, cheese, deli, fruits, breads, and vegetables. With that said, let’s see what you gain from owning a meat slicing machine…

1. It saves you money

Usually, the stores sell you these foods in unprocessed (unsliced) and sliced forms. If you go for the latter option, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket.

The cost difference between sliced and unsliced chunks of meat at the store is insane! You’ll be surprised to discover that the sliced cans of meat go for 2.5-3x the cost of unsliced meat.

A block of unsliced cheese costs $4.22, and that of sliced cheese costs $5.24. The cost difference is $1.02. You might think this isn’t a significant amount of money to save, but when you think of it in terms of annual savings, you’ll realize it’s a huge save.

Assuming you buy additional items that need to be sliced, like the deli, lunch meats, veggies, the amount of money you save from doing the slicing on your own goes even higher.

The cost of a decent meat slicer for home use is around $100-200. The amount of money this unit will save you in a year is over $1000. Would you want to spend a onetime cost of $100 or keep spending unnecessary $1000 at the grocery shop?

If you do your maths well, you’ll realize that a meat slicing isn’t just another kitchen gadget but a worthy investment that saves you a lot of money!

2. Enjoy freshly cut meat

Not just saving you money, you’ll also appreciate the fact that a meat slicer is that you get to enjoy freshly sliced meat. This is unlike the pre-sliced store meat, which has spent days on the shelves in frozen form waiting for you to buy it.

Fresh Meat Slicer

3. Get your preferred thickness

With a meat slicer, you also get to cut the meat according to your preferred thickness. The pre-packaged meat comes pre-sliced in a given thickness, so you’ll not have dictates what thickness you want. Most models present you with a thickness adjustment dial to let you set the thickness from super-thin to ¾-inch thick.

Can A Meat Slicer Cut Frozen Meat?

It’s easy to get lost in th3 sea valid opinions on whether it’s a good idea to cut frozen meat with your meat slicer.

But one thing is for sure; frozen meat is rock hard. And trying to cut it will definitely not do good to your machine’s blade. It ends up damaging the blade, thus affecting the efficiency and performance of your meat slicer.

Cut Frozen Meat

Even if the manufacturer states their slice can work on frozen meat, we suggest that you first defrost it before slicing. This is as easy as putting the frozen meat in some water until it gets soft and loosens up. This way, it won’t be too hard on your blade and slicing it into uniform pieces with your preferred thickness will be an easy task.

How about partially frozen meat?

It’s perfectly okay and safe to cut partially thawed meat with your meat slicer.

As a matter of fact, most meat slicer manufacturers (and the experienced chefs will agree with this) suggest that slicing partially frozen meat is easier than a total unfrozen chunk.

The idea behind this is that up to 20% frozen meat feels a bit stiffer and will easily cut into your desired slices. We suggest that you put your chunk of meat in the freezer for 1-2 hours before slicing to ensure it perfectly slices into your desired pieces.

What To Look For Before Buying?

To ensure you spend your money wisely, consider the following factors when shopping for a new meat slicer:

Meat Slicer


The meat slicer uses a motor to drive the blade to slice meat and foods. That said, different motors come with different power ratings (expressed in Watts). The higher the wattage, the more the motor power, and the faster it cuts through the meat.

If you plan to do a lot of slicing of cheese and frozen meat, you should consider going to a high-powered unit. This will ensure the unit handles these tough tasks without overheating and breaking down.

If you intend to use your new meat slicer to make a few sandwiches a week, then a machine with a lot of power isn’t necessary.


Let’s be honest, nobody wants to invest tier money in a kitchen gadget that breaks down in months. A meat slicer isn’t an exception here. Before making a purchase, make sure the model features a durable body and parts that can withstand the test of time.

Unlike what most people think, a high price tag doesn’t always translate to durable constriction. So, it’s crucial that you carefully assess the slicer to ensure that its indeed made from sturdy materials. Stainless steel is the most common material for meat slicers. It makes reliable, rust, and corrosion-free products that last for years.


Another important consideration is what you plan to use your meat slicer for. As you have already seen in our top meat slicers reviews, these machines can do more than slice meat. They work on cheese, deli, bread, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Having an idea of the type of foods you plan to cut with your meat slicing machine will help you choose a model with the right thickness options and food carriage capacity. It also assists you in figuring out the perfect power rating.


Safety is of utmost concern when it comes to meat slicers. Remember that these machines come fitted with ultra-sharp blades, and a simple mistake can land your hands in trouble.

Luckily, you can avoid this by looking for a meat slicing unit with safety features to keep your hands protected. The safest models come with an easily removable blade for safe cleaning. They also feature a protective blade guard to keep your fingers off the blade.

Additional safety features include safety lock to stop the blades from spinning when the slicer isn’t in use, and non-slip feet keep the slicer from moving during use.

Ease of cleaning

It goes without saying that you should keep your meat slicer clean at all times. This is an essential hygiene practice to keep off foodborne illness and keep your family health in check.

The best home meat slicer should come designed so that cleaning it is an easy and straightforward task. An easy to clean model features many removable parts that you can take apart for cleaning and then put them back together. The ability to remove the parts means you’ll remove hidden foods in crevices, corners, and other tricky parts for perfect cleaning results.

If the slicer’s parts are dishwasher safe, cleaning it becomes an even easier task for you.

Additional factors:

Some of the features aren’t must-have features for your new meat slicer, but the level of convenience they bring on board is excellent! Let’s take a look at some extra features worth considering:

  • Large food carriage: units with spacious food carriers mean that you don’t have to trim large chunks of meat into smaller pieces before you start slicing them. This makes your work easy.
  • Noise: meat slicers can get noisy at times. If you’re sensitive to noise, then you’d want to look for a model that comes with a quiet running motor to ensure peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do with a meat slicer?

A meat slicer is a highly versatile tool that you can use to slice not just your favorite meat but also carry out a wide variety of other slicing tasks in your kitchen, including vegetables, pepper rings, onions, and so much more.

Q: How much does a meat slicer cost?

A decent meat slicer for home use will cost you around $100 to $200. Most models in this price range offer great functionality, quality construction, and a list of excellent features for user convenience.

Q: What are some of the best brands for meat slicers?

Some of the most reputable brands for meat slicers include Continental, MaxiMatic, Chef’s Choice, Nesco, and Cuisinart. All these brands offer you a list of high-performance, reliable slicers to meet the needs of different users.

Q: How do I sharpen meat slicer blades?

If your slicer comes with a built-in sharpening mechanism, then you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blades. The mechanism usually sharpens the blades as they work, so they’re always sharp. For machines without this function, however, check the user manual for a detailed sharpening guide from the manufacturer.

Q: Can a meat slicer cut bone?

Not really. Meat slicer blades aren’t designed to cut through bones. Forcing them to will end up damaging then. Make sure the meat is boneless before feeding it to your slicing machine.

Final Verdict

A meat slicer is truly a game-changer in your kitchen. It lets you cut large chunks of meat and a wider variety of foods into slices of your desired thicknesses, saving you time, effort, and money. Get the best meat slicer for you today from our list of the most powerful and reliable slicers for home use above to start enjoying the ultimate convenience that comes bundled with this handy gadget.