In the past, cookie presses were designed only to make cookies. But with the change in time and the upgrade of technology, you can now even use it to make cheese straws.

This delicious food can be used as a snack or appetizer, and it goes very well with soups and other dishes. When you invite guests to your home, the cookie press will be your life savior.

So, the question that might come into your mind is, ‘What is the best cookie press for cheese straws?’ To help you out in your journey to find the ideal press, we have included some of the best ones used by people around the world.

Check out this article as our guide will clear out all your queries.

Top Choice
OXO Good Grips 12-Piece Cookie Press Set
Best Value
Wilton Dessert Plus Decorating, Cake Icing Tool, Each, Clear
Runner up
Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro - Easy to Use One Handed Plunger Smoothly Pushes Icing to Decorate Baked Treats or Appetizers Like Deviled Eggs, 10-Piece
OXO Good Grips 12-Piece Cookie Press Set
Wilton Dessert Plus Decorating, Cake Icing Tool, Each, Clear
Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro - Easy to Use One Handed Plunger Smoothly Pushes Icing to Decorate Baked Treats or Appetizers Like Deviled Eggs, 10-Piece
Top Choice
OXO Good Grips 12-Piece Cookie Press Set
OXO Good Grips 12-Piece Cookie Press Set
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Best Value
Wilton Dessert Plus Decorating, Cake Icing Tool, Each, Clear
Wilton Dessert Plus Decorating, Cake Icing Tool, Each, Clear
More Information
Runner up
Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro - Easy to Use One Handed Plunger Smoothly Pushes Icing to Decorate Baked Treats or Appetizers Like Deviled Eggs, 10-Piece
Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro - Easy to Use One Handed Plunger Smoothly Pushes Icing to Decorate Baked Treats or Appetizers Like Deviled Eggs, 10-Piece
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Best Cookie Press for Cheese Straws

Out of all the products, we have chosen the top 10 for you. Go through all of them and select your winner that has successfully managed to fulfill your expectation.

1. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Stainless Steel Disks and Storage Case,White,100

This tool will change your perception of cooking as it is enjoyable and easy to use. You can create precise cookies every time without any difficulty.

The base is designed in such a way that it will never slip, and this allows the unit to be steady during the time you are dispensing the dough. Since you will use it frequently, the levers will give you flexibility and a good grip as it is made ergonomically.

Thanks to its remarkable design, you will see the inside portion of the cylinder as it is transparent. With this feature, you can check the remaining dough and decide whether you need refilling. Plus, it can be easily taken apart, so that you can have a good time with the cleaning.

It comes with a storage case that holds all the stainless steel disks. You will get 12 disks with different shapes; they are daisy, sunflower, bear, flower, fleur-de-lis, leaf, butterfly, shell, wreath, heart, tree, and snowflake.    

These disc patterns are attractive, and your family member will be a fan of it, without a doubt.


  • Keeps the unit steady
  • Ergonomic lever
  • Transparent cylinder
  • Lots of stainless steel disk patters
  • Easy to use


  • Not a strong product
  • Dough sometimes gets stuck on the bottom

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2. Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus Cake Decorating Tool, Cake Icing Tool

If you are looking for a perfect dessert decorator that allows you to decorate the cake in different shapes, this one can be an excellent pick for you. Any beginner or amateur will love it because it is not complicated to use. You will get your desired result within your first try.

The designers made sure everyone can use it easily, and because of that, it is on high demand among people. It is made of metal and plastic, and this shows that you will get stunning performance from it. The remarkable output will prove everything.

One can create shapes like stars, rosettes, leaves, flowers, dots, and other creative icing designs with it. You will get four decorating tips in the package, a fill tip, and two couplers that work perfectly fine with most of the standard Wilton tips. This saves you out from any kind of hassle, cheers!

The good news is the cylinder, couplers, bottom ring, and tops are all top-rack dishwasher safe. Just make sure you hand wash the plunger assembly instead of putting it in the machine, or else it might get damaged.


  • Efficient
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Can create unique shapes in cake or other desserts
  • Simple design
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for heavy usage

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3. Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro Stainless Steel Cake Decorating Tool, Decorating Your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Treats, Simple and Fun, Stainless-Steel

Are you in search of a dessert decorator that provides stunning performance and a relaxing cooking experience? Then, this upgraded tool can help you out with that.

Decorating your cakes, cookies, candies, pies, and even deviled eggs will be easy and smooth with this tool. Furthermore, it allows you to create icing designs like flowers, stars, leaves, dots, rosettes, etc.

You can comfortably use it with a single hand; all credit goes to its ergonomic design. When you are going to do the decoration, you will get full control over the icings or fillings as the pull-out plunger is designed in that way. The rotating cylinder puts the tip in your desires decorating position.

It also contains five decorating tips, a fill tip, and two couplers that become your companion in this cooking journey. Thankfully, it is rust-resistant, and dishwasher safe (top rack) as the body is entirely made of stainless steel. Be careful with the cookie press as you have to wash it by hand using warm soapy water.

Yes, you are also getting a storage bag to put all the accessories in an organized fashion.


  • Smooth performance
  • Lots of decorating options
  • Can be used by one hand
  • Rust-resistant
  • Tips can be easily changed


  • Chances of getting damaged if cleaning is not done carefully
  • Weak construction

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4. VINTAGE Mirro Cooky Cookie Press in Original Box w/ 12 Designs in Wood Tray, 3 Tips, recipe book — as shown

Purchasing a high-quality cookie press is nothing more than an excellent feeling. With this unit, you will get the same experience.

The designers had done lots of tests before they made it available in the market. Upon your purchase, you will get 12 attractive looking cookie discs. Each of them comes with different shapes that allow you to experiment with your cooking skills.

If you have kids, they will surely love it as it is relatively easy to use, and you can teach them with ease. Plus, you will get three filler tips that give you the full power to control the flow of the ingredients you will put inside the container.

To help you out in cooking, the manufacturer has provided a book that contains tons of beneficial information that can help you out in the long run. You can even use that knowledge to help others and make them useful as well.

Like other models, you will receive a tray to store the discs and tips. Surprisingly, it is made from wood, and this gives additional protection to your accessories the entire time.


  • Good quality cookie press
  • Can be used by everyone
  • Unique cookie disc patterns
  • Wooden tray for storage purpose
  • Stylish outlook


  • Packaging looks cheap
  • The circumference of the discs are uneven

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5. Hutzler Easy Action Cookie Press And Food Decorator, One Size, White/Turquoise

This one is a unique instrument that makes 2-toned cookies with a colored center. One can even use it to make macaroons, cookies, and pasta.

You just have to apply two easy steps to get an even shaped cookie. Simply lift the handle, click the area down, and you are good to go.

Fortunately, children and people with arthritis problems can easily use it. You don’t have to squeeze or twist to get the job done as it can be controlled according to your desired speed.

It is made of BPA free plastic, which is strong and suitable for heavy-duty usage. Furthermore, you won’t get any metallic taste in your dough as the designs are done very carefully.

In the set, you will get a cookie press, 12 cookie design discs, two 2-toned cookie discs, 1 macaroon disc, 1 pasta disc, 6 decorating nozzles, and an instruction book (guideline and recipes).

If you prefer, you can use it to decorate cakes and cookies. Different dishes like deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes, etc. are also possible to make.


  • Makes 2-toned cookies
  • BPA free plastic material
  • Can be controlled smoothly
  • Works as a food decorator
  • Suitable to be used by children and arthritis people


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6. Fante’s Easy Cookie Press, The Italian Market Original Since 1906, Silver

Using this unit, you will be surprised to know that making cheese straws is not a challenging task at all. If you are also looking to make homemade authentic Italian cookies, you can make your dream into reality.

It comes with five creative shapes that slide right into the place so that you get precise cookies or other foods all the time. You don’t have to face the hassle like the traditional cookie cutters, and this modern instrument won’t require you to roll the dough.

Loading the ingredients is easy. Start by opening the top cover by unscrewing it, fill the dough, pick your desired shape, slide it gently, and then turn the handle. You will get to see the magic after that.

For every turn of the handle, the dough will be pressed slowly and evenly, which gives you accurate shaped cookies. All the parts can be dissembled easily for cleaning. Wash it with your hand in warm and soapy water and leave it to dry for some time. Need further guidance? Use the instruction manual that comes with the package.


  • The shapes slide smoothly with the unit
  • No sticky mess
  • Handles can be easily turned
  • Cleaning is not difficult
  • Highly suitable for making cheese straws


  • Leaks on the side
  • Weak design

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7. VINTAGE Wear Ever Cookie Gun [cookie press] and Pastry Decorator with Thickness Control — Complete in Original Box with Instructions — as shown

With this cookie gun, you don’t have to apply extra force to get the desired outcome. The design is not complicated, and you can easily get consistent cheese straws or cookies in your first attempt.

When you open the packaging, you will find three pastry tips that have a smooth edge and perfectly fit the instrument.

If you are tired and don’t prefer cooking, you can simply pass it to your children or another family, and they can use it without any problem. They will love it without a doubt, and you never know they might take it as their hobby as well.

To experiment with different pastries, the discs are designed with different shapes to make it feasible for you. Don’t worry; it will live up to your expectation in every way possible.

During this task, one thing that is considered very important is the dough’s thickness when it is released from the unit. Thanks to its control knob, you will have full control over the thickness and can change it in any way you want.


  • Design is not complicated
  • Good quality product
  • Can be used by a person of different age group
  • Won’t break
  • All the parts work perfectly


  • The container is not transparent
  • Packaging looks weak

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8. Cookie Cutter Cookie Press Gun Set Biscuit Cake with 12 Discs and 6 Icing Tips

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Serving delicious food to your loved ones is a heavenly experience, and the time you get their complement, the feeling is on top of the world. This tool can be a relevant pick if you are up for that.

Top-quality material like ABS resin and stainless steel is used to give you maximum performance. Plus, the barrel is clear and transparent enough to let you check the amount of dough throughout your cooking time. If you need refilling at some point, you can easily find it out without opening the container.

To get the best results, the fluted bottom raises the press of the cookie sheet efficiently. Moreover, the handles are designed in a way that you don’t feel any pain in your hand.

In the set, you will get the plastic instrument, 12 discs (wreath, pumpkin, flowers, heart, Christmas tree, etc.), and 6 cookie decorating tips (to create different designs for icing).    

You can easily wash it as it won’t take that much of time. Just wash it using your hand and wipe it with a clean cloth.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Suitable for making unique pastries and biscuits (cupcakes, Spritz cookies, etc.)
  • Lots of decorating options
  • ABS resin and stainless steel construction


  • Less durable
  • Needs to be handled carefully

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9. FantasyDay Biscuit Making and Icing Set Cookie Biscuit Press and Cake Icing Decorating Set with Icing Gun Cookie Press Cutter Kit with Discs and Nozzles For Beginner and Professional Use #1

If you are looking for an instrument that works perfectly in any family occasion, this one fits this category in a good way. Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel parts, this one is durable and non-toxic.

The highlighted feature is its smooth design, which lets a beginner or amateur use it easily and effortlessly. Take the gun, fill it up with the cookie dough, screw the disc or nozzle tightly and press the grab handle. That’s it; you are ready to work with your cooking skills.

When you look at the barrel, you will see that it is transparent, and this lets you check the dough level at any time for refilling purposes.

You can comfortably hold the ergonomic handle, and it won’t fall off. This gives you full control of your tasks that are in hand. Besides, the injection syringe can be operated with one hand.

To upgrade your creativity, the uniquely designed discs (flowers, hearts, trees, etc.) are there for your service.

About cleaning, this won’t be a trouble, since the instrument can be easily taken apart. Always clean the parts with your hand using warm and soapy water. Wipe it to dry after that.


  • Easy operation
  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy
  • Level of dough can be checked
  • Lots of creative options


  • Outlook is not stylish
  • The syringe needs extra force to work

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10. Lacor Pistoled Pour Patisserie

In your first glimpse, you will be glued to its stylish design. Other than its outlook, this unit (made from Spain) is built with high-quality stainless steel. As you can see, it will give its best performance in any situation, whether the heavy-duty purpose or not.  

Also, it comes with an icing syringe that is easy to use. It has beautiful packaging that will lighten up your mood in the first place. After you open it, you will see the decorating tips and lots of beautiful disc patterns.

With the filling tips, you can produce icings for decorating purposes, and also, the trigger allows you to control the flow from start to end. In the case of the disc, you can create different shapes of cookies and many more.   

The surprising fact is its demand. It is on high demand in restaurants and hotel kitchens due to its heavy-duty feature. Do you want to save some of your time and invest it into other kinds of stuff? Surely you will get the opportunity to do that, as this thing works quite quickly and saves some of your time as a result.


  • Eye-catchy design
  • Popular in hotels and restaurants
  • Works efficiently
  • The container is durable
  • Has lots of filling tips and discs


  • Nozzle and handle is made of plastic
  • High-priced

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How Do You Make Cheese Straws With A Cookie Press?

To make cheese straws with a cookie press, you have to follow a process that can give you the best results. Use the best cookie press for making cheese straws and avoid the low-quality ones.

Cookie Press for Cheese Straws

Without further ado, let’s have a look at this guide and get your job done successfully.

Ingredients needed

  • Butter (Softened)
  • Cheddar (1 lb block)
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • Red pepper
  • Flour (All purpose)


  • Step 1: Take the cheese and shred it. Then, use a bowl and start mixing the cheese, pepper, butter, salt, and paprika. Start adding flour and stir it slowly. After a certain period, you will see that the cheese dough is finally formed.     
  • Step 2: Pick your desired opening shape you are going to use for the dough press. When you are done selecting, gently press the dough through the cookie press. This will give you long ribbons, which you have to cut into smaller strips according to your requirement.
  • Step 3: Make sure you follow the instructions provided by the cookie press, or else; your hard work will go to waste.
  • Step 4: Turn on the oven and bake the cheese straws at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Give it some time for around 10 minutes or more, and take it out when the color is changed into brown.  
  • Step 5: When the baking step is finished, take all the straws and put them on a wire rack for half an hour to form a stable temperature for you to eat.
  • Step 6: Congrats! Your task is completed. Serve it with a freshly made salad or soup.

How Do I Choose?

You should consider a few factors before you buy the best cookie press for cheese straws. Below, you will find them all.  

Electric or manual

Cookie press typically comes in two types, electric and manual. The former one is a bit expensive, but it gives you the flexibility to get your cheese straws done in a short time as everything is done through electricity. There are also some models that operate through a battery.

Cookie Press for Cheese Straws

The later one can be found in an affordable price range; plus, it is portable since it doesn’t need electricity. But you need to have some knowledge in advance before you start cutting the dough into your desired shape.

Types of handles

You will find Plunger and Rotating-Handle in the market. The first one takes some physical effort because you have to push the plunger to spread the dough evenly.

Whereas the last one is very flexible and easy to use as you just have to rotate the handle and you are good to go. This one won’t require you to apply extra forces, cheers!


Cookie presses are usually made with two different materials. One of them is entirely metal, and the other is constructed with a metal and plastic combination.

The metal one is long-lasting and tough, but you need to have a high budget in case of price. Luckily, the other one won’t cost you that much.   

Shape of the disc

The discs are built with either metal or plastic. You can use the shape to design your cheese straws in any way you like.

We highly recommended that you should go for the metal one, as it is durable and robust. But still, you can choose the one according to your preference.

Flexibility in cleaning

It is evident that you will do the cleaning after you are done cooking. So, pick the one that is easy to clean and won’t give you a headache.

Certain models are dishwasher safe. Before you purchase, check whether your chosen one can be taken apart smoothly or not. This is because it gives you full access to dry the different parts individually.    

Other accessories

Some of the excellent quality cookie presses come with additional accessories that can be used to cook different foods other than cheese straws.

Ask the supplier before you make the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add other ingredients to my dough?

It is best that you should avoid using other additional ingredients. To get the best taste for your cheese straws, follow the mandatory ingredients.

2. What should I do when my cookie press stops working?

This happens due to the non-stick surface. Use a metal surface, and you will get flawless results.

3. If I don’t have much time and am tired, which version will help me out in this case?

Use the electric version; you can have your cooking done quickly and effortlessly.

4. Why is my cheese straws stuck to the bottom of the instrument?

If your dough is soft or warm, you will face this problem. Try putting it in the refrigerator for about five minutes, and after you take it out, you won’t face this problem.

5. Can my kids use the instrument?

It depends on the kind of model you purchased. There are some models which are small and fit perfectly with the kids’ hand. You can give it a try if you still haven’t bought it yet.

Final Words

Use this article to navigate you in choosing the best cookie press for cheese straws. Share it with your loved ones, and make them also beneficial.

Make your cooking an enjoyable experience and pour all the love into the cheese straws.

All the best!