Suppose you are watching your favorite TV show, and suddenly, the cabinet door made a loud slamming noise. You immediately went to the spot and found that one of your family members took something out from the cabinet, and when that person shut the door, the noise came out.

The same situation can happen daily, and if you don’t find a solution, you won’t feel good inside the home at all. So, the thing that can help you out is door bumpers.  

From the following article, you will find the best cabinet door bumpers that are helping people throughout the world. Have a look at it and make your beloved home noise-free.

Top Choice
Cabinet Door Bumpers,0.4”,200 pcs Rubber Bumper Pads Self Adhesive Back for Cabinet Drawers Glass Table Tops Rubber Feet for Cutting Board Laptop Picture Frames Clear Wall
Best Value
Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper Sound Dampening for Drawers Cutting Boards Picture Frames Non Slip Especial Circular Dots Shaped
Runner up
200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular Dots Shaped Self Adhesive Pads, Sound Dampening Clear Cabinet Door Bumpers, Cabinet Stoppers for Drawer, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards
Cabinet Door Bumpers,0.4”,200 pcs Rubber Bumper Pads Self Adhesive Back for Cabinet Drawers Glass Table Tops Rubber Feet for Cutting Board Laptop Picture Frames Clear Wall
Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper Sound Dampening for Drawers Cutting Boards Picture Frames Non Slip Especial Circular Dots Shaped
200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular Dots Shaped Self Adhesive Pads, Sound Dampening Clear Cabinet Door Bumpers, Cabinet Stoppers for Drawer, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards
Top Choice
Cabinet Door Bumpers,0.4”,200 pcs Rubber Bumper Pads Self Adhesive Back for Cabinet Drawers Glass Table Tops Rubber Feet for Cutting Board Laptop Picture Frames Clear Wall
Cabinet Door Bumpers,0.4”,200 pcs Rubber Bumper Pads Self Adhesive Back for Cabinet Drawers Glass Table Tops Rubber Feet for Cutting Board Laptop Picture Frames Clear Wall
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Best Value
Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper Sound Dampening for Drawers Cutting Boards Picture Frames Non Slip Especial Circular Dots Shaped
Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper Sound Dampening for Drawers Cutting Boards Picture Frames Non Slip Especial Circular Dots Shaped
More Information
Runner up
200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular Dots Shaped Self Adhesive Pads, Sound Dampening Clear Cabinet Door Bumpers, Cabinet Stoppers for Drawer, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards
200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular Dots Shaped Self Adhesive Pads, Sound Dampening Clear Cabinet Door Bumpers, Cabinet Stoppers for Drawer, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards
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Best Cabinet Door Bumpers

We have done lots of research for your benefit and came up with the ten cabinet door bumpers that are currently on demand in the marketplace. Go through all of them and pick the one that suits your requirement.

1. Cabinet Door Bumpers,200 PCS Sound Dampening Clear Bumper Pads

Are you tired of the noise from your cabinet doors when you shut them? Well, this model can save you out from this hassle.

These rubber bumpers are made with high-quality silicone, which is non-toxic, and it is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Besides, it comes with a sticky self-adhesive back, which makes sure it fits tightly on your furniture surface and doesn’t fall off after many years of use.

Surprisingly, it comes with a package consisting of 200PCS of bumpers that is enough to be used in different rooms and other areas. Plus, the price is affordable, and it costs less than two packs of 100PCS bumpers.

The designers have made this circular dot-shaped product efficient by including double buffer circular, which performs well on different surfaces. Since it is transparent and small, it will always remain invisible and won’t affect your room’s design.

Its remarkable feature is that it can eliminate the slamming noise and protect the surface as well. The surface of the product is soft enough to make the magic happen.

Besides the cabinet door, you can easily stick it on your chair and photo frames to prevent the furniture from scratching or damaging the walls. It also lets you create a non-slip surface for your ceramic or glass cup using this product. You can easily peel it off and immediately stick to different surfaces. Just make sure you have cleaned the area beforehand.  


  • Small-sized
  • Transparent design
  • Comes with a pack of 200PCS
  • Easy installation process
  • Can be used on the cabinet, laptop, drawer, cutting board, vase, and photo frame


  • The repositioning will ruin the adhesive
  • Thick product

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2. Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive Rubber Bumper

This product is very renowned, and people around the world love it. It came into limelight due to 500 plus suggestions given by customers.

If you get to look at it, you will see that the dots have a circular shape, making it useful in giving that cushioning effect.

The designs are done carefully so that you don’t face any difficulty when you close the cabinet door or drawer. You will get a smooth and quiet experience in this situation.   

It comes with a self-adhesive facility that allows you to stick it easily on cabinets and drawers, which help you to prevent that annoying slamming noise inside your home.

Your family will have a relaxing sleep, thanks to this product. With peace of mind, you can now easily open and close the furniture without giving a second thought.  

You can also apply it to other surfaces like tables, banisters, desks, or different furniture. Furthermore, you can even use it on metal, wood, glass, ceramic, granite, etc. After its installation, there won’t be any scratches on your surfaces. Before you apply, don’t forget to clean and dry the area.

Additionally, it has a two-stage impact absorbing feature. As you can see, it is strong enough to withstand any external pressure, and due to this, your furniture will stay protected from any kind of severe collisions.


  • Very popular
  • Makes the room noise-free
  • Can be applied on different surfaces
  • The furniture won’t be damaged or get scratched
  • Two-stage impact absorption system


  • Leaves a small amount of gap when the doors are closed
  • The bumpers may lose their grip strength after peeled off

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3. Cabinet Bumpers 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers

The feeling when you get 200PCS bumpers in a single package is simply marvelous. Yes, if you purchase this product, you will get the same opportunity.

To make it durable, the materials are made with high-quality silicone so that you can get the maximum performance all the time. Also, it has a soft texture that makes it a more suitable product.

The good news is the price is relatively low so that you won’t be facing any problem during your purchase.

You will be happy to know the fact that the rubber bumper pads successfully reduce the noise when you close the cabinet door. Whether you are watching a movie or sleeping peacefully, you won’t hear any slamming noise.

Moreover, it protects the surface and lets your furniture safe from any harm. So, it is both beneficial for you and your beloved things as well.

It has a unique double buffer feature that provides a stunning buffer effect and also eliminates noise and protects the furniture. Overall, you will get multiple facilities that will make your experience significantly easier than usual.

If you talk about the design, it is transparent and thin, which allows you to use it anywhere since it looks invisible wherever you stick it. So don’t worry; the design of your room won’t be hampered.

Before you apply the pad, you have to peel off the sticky self-adhesive backing. It uses 3M adhesives that are strong enough to stay in its place without changing its position.   


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Works smoothly with cabinets, drawers, desks, and many more
  • Powerful 3M adhesives
  • Invisible outlook


  • Thick size creates a gap when closed
  • Cleaning it is a bit challenging

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4. Clear Cabinet Door Bumpers Pads 100PCS 1/2″ Soft Close Drawer Pad Bumpers

As you know, typical bumper pads are not reliable and won’t give you the kind of result you were expecting. But this product breaks all the barriers.

These premium quality rubber bumpers come with a package of 100PCS. It works excellently in furniture and household items like cabinets, laptops, picture frames, drawers, tabletops, etc.

If you take it out from its packaging, you will find that the back part has a strong adhesive that makes it stick to any surface without falling. Moreover, the pads are made from soft and eco-friendly polyurethane, which is safe for the environment.

It won’t be difficult for you to install it as you can get it done within a couple of minutes. Just peel the back cover and stick it to your desired spot. Plus, it won’t leave a trace if you ever plan to remove it from your surface.

After you have applied, it will remain invisible and won’t catch anyone’s attention. The beauty of your furniture will remain intact, thanks to this feature.

Whether you use it inside your home or office, you will experience complete silence throughout. You can peacefully spend your time with your family members or colleagues without getting distracted by the irritating noise. The pads are designed in a way that reduces noise to the maximum. Also, it protects and prevents sliding on surfaces like glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, etc.


  • Soft
  • Double buffer reduces noise
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Don’t shatter the beauty of the furniture
  • Soundless environment


  • Its thick shape creates an unappealing gap
  • Creates sticking problem sometimes

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5. 200PCS Cabinet Door Bumpers

If you purchase this unique and beneficial product, you will reap the rewards.  

It is made of clear non-toxic silicone that is very suitable for cabinet doors. Moreover, it is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant; you can use it easily without any hesitation. No problem, a frequent replacement won’t be necessary as it will last for a long time.

These specially designed circular dot-shaped bumpers consist of a double buffer that provides a better cushioning for your cabinets or drawers. Plus, it reduces noise to the maximum and protects your furniture from getting scratched due to collision.

Apart from the cabinet, you can easily stick it to other kinds of furniture surfaces like desks, tables, or banisters, and during the time you close the door, there won’t be any slamming noise. Plus, the self-adhesive back portion can quickly be taken out without the need for any additional glue.   

Want to prevent your chair, photo frame, or doors from coming in contact with the wall or floor? This product can also help you out with that. Besides, it will work efficiently on your ceramics, glass, or plastic, if you are interested in including a non-slip surface for these things.

Your beloved furniture will always look attractive because this product won’t hamper the beauty due to its transparent outlook. Also, its thin shape is simply a cherry on top.

Additionally, water won’t be able to harm it as it is waterproof. Before you install, clean the surface so that it is dry and free from dirt.


  • Fine design
  • Smooth
  • Made of silicone
  • Clear color
  • Reduces the noise


  • Changing the position after installation will ruin the adhesive
  • Cleaning the bumper is challenging

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6. 300 Pieces Clear Rubber Feet Adhesive Door Bumpers

How would you feel when you get to purchase bumper pads that come with a set of 300 pieces? A wonderful feeling! Right? After you hear this, you can even do some brainstorming about the places you will use it.

These rubber-made pads properly stick to cabinets, wardrobes, etc. without any issue. You can also apply it to the bottom of a glass, keywords, vase, photo frames, and many more to prevent it from slipping or getting any scratches.

Usually, in this kind of situation, you have to buy additional products to get the job done. This can waste some of your money and time as well. But with this new purchase, as you can solve all the things in a single period of time.  

As the product is clear and transparent, it won’t degrade the design of your furniture. Just stick the pad and enjoy its invisibility day and night. If you accidentally shut the door at a fast pace, it will prevent all kinds of slamming, banging, and closing noise.

Furthermore, it’s anti-collision, and shockproof features make it more efficient than traditional bumpers. You don’t have to buy any glue for it to apply to your location as it has self-stick abilities. Besides, there won’t be any residue if you ever plan to tear it off after installation.            

By the way, don’t leave the surface wet before you apply this thing. Clean it first and then continue the process.


  • Tiny pads
  • Looks invisible after installation
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-collision and shockproof facility
  • 300 pieces in one set


  • Not suitable to be used on porcelain
  • The quality looks low

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7. Pack of 100 Sound Dampening Cabinet Door Bumpers

The manufacturer has done a tremendous job in making this product lucrative for people around the world. You will know the worth if you get to buy it.    

Protect your cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and other furniture from slamming with these bumpers. Everything will remain immune from wear and tear, and you can have a sigh of relief when you are going to shut the door.

Furthermore, you can use it to prevent box, glass, marble, or wood from scratching or getting any other damages as the bumpers will prevent it from slipping at any situation.  If your situation demands, you can use it on the bottom or back portion of the furniture.  

After your purchase, you will get 100 pieces of circular jelly button-shaped bumpers. These bumpers look clear and transparent, which makes it easy for you to use as it won’t impose any adverse effect on your furniture design.

It is user-friendly, and when you take it out from the packaging, you will see that it comes with a built-in self-adhesive that smoothly sticks to your desired surface.

This product is strategically designed to provide you the soft and noiseless close for your cabinet door or drawer. Its built-in two-stage impact absorbing feature also helps eliminate the loud slamming noise, plus the longevity of your furniture will stay healthy due to it.     


  • User-friendly
  • Smooth sticking to the surface
  • Flawless design
  • Leaves no marks after you peel the pads off
  • Two-stage impact absorption reduces the noise and protects the furniture


  • Comes in small quantity (100 pieces)
  • Bumper gets damaged after repositioning

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8. Cabinet Door Bumpers Pack of 200 Self Adhesive Bumpers Pads

If you are tired of the constant noise from the door during the time you close it, this product can be an excellent pick for you. The material used in it is a high-quality silicone rubber so that you will get the best performance the entire time.

Moreover, the material is so soft that it lets you close the door quietly. You don’t have to experience harsh sounds that you had to do in previous times. Surprisingly, it saves your furniture from the collision and gives it a proper cushioning due to the double buffering feature.

It comes with 200 pieces, and you can use all of them in different areas without purchasing another one. The back part has a strong adhesive that is durable and sticks properly to the surfaces without falling off. Also, it is not complicated to install, as anyone can get it done immediately.

The bumper pads can be applied to cabinet doors, drawers, back of chairs, laptops, tabletops, photo frames, etc. This shows that it is a versatile product.

You will get a very suitable product in terms of size, and after you apply it on the surface, it will stay out entirely out of sight. This makes it compatible to be used in any furniture as it doesn’t affect your home decoration.   

To make sure it sticks properly, you must clean and dry the surface. Follow this precaution and get the maximum results.   


  • Eliminates harsh sounds
  • Inexpensive
  • Efficient
  • Anti-skid on different furniture
  • Doesn’t fall off after applied


  • Quite thick
  • Quality is not up to the mark

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9. Cabinet Bumpers 140 PCS, Clear Self Adhesive Bumper Pads

Most of the products come with a single size, but you will get four types of rubber bumpers in this one. The set consists of 140 pieces of different shapes of bumper pads (50 pack circular, 18 pack hemispherical, 32 pack cylindrical, and 40 pack trapezoid).

You can experiment with the shapes and use the desired one according to your preference. But the best thing is all of them can be used for different purposes.

This product works smoothly in the cabinet, door, drawer, chair, lamp, table, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, granite, or other furniture by reducing the noise when you slam or close it. If you are busy with your personal or work life and don’t prefer any external noise, this will give you peace of mind.

Additionally, it prevents your furniture from getting damaged as the material is tough enough to withstand external forces. Whether you have old or new equipment, you can entirely rely on these products without any hesitation.

First of all, no tools are needed, and yes, you can easily stick the pads on the surfaces as it has a strong adhesive backing. If you ever want to peel off the pads after a couple of months or years, it won’t leave any mark.

The pads look like water droplets, and because of its transparent outlook, the design of your home won’t be affected at all.


  • Four bumper shapes
  • Can be used on different occasions
  • Top-quality
  • Water droplet and transparent outlook
  • No tools needed for installation


  • Possibility of having gaps
  • Cleaning the shapes are difficult

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10. HongWay Furniture Felt Pads Bumpers 3/8 inch Diameter 360 Pieces

Up to this point, you have seen all the products along with their quantity. But in this case, you will be amazed to know that it comes in a set of 360 pieces. As you are getting a considerable amount in a single package, you can use it for a wide range of purposes.

These bumper pads are soft and a bit thick, but it works efficiently during heavy-duty usage. It has a sticky backing, which makes it simple for you to install.

You can apply it on cabinet doors, lids, drawers, and other furniture with ease. They are tough enough to absorb heavy collisions and can still keep your room silent.

People who love gardening will find it helpful as it can be used on the plant pots base. It is a strategic approach since it prevents the pots from slipping and also, the overall design of it will remain untouched.  

This shows that it is designed very carefully to minimize slamming noise, sliding, vibrations, etc. Moreover, your beloved furniture won’t get damaged if you ever applied too much force out of the blue.

If you are concerned about the design of your home due to the new addition of bumper pads, you can have a sigh of relief to know that this stressful situation can also be solved. The product will smoothly blend with your rooms’ decoration.


  • 360 pieces in a single set
  • Blends with the room design
  • Fine quality
  • Reduces noise to zero
  • Tightly sticks to the surfaces


  • The pads won’t last long if repositioned
  • Cleaning is not easy

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How Do I Keep My Cabinet Doors From Slamming

Keeping the cabinet door pads from slamming is not a tough job if you know the proper steps beforehand. Below, you will find all of them. The good thing is the process will take a couple of minutes. Check it out.

Things that are necessary

  • A pencil
  • Sound dampening door bumpers
Cabinet Door Bumpers

Step 1: Check the cabinet door

The first thing you should do is to open the door. Then, close it gently, and when you do it, check where the door touches the cabinet. Do this a couple of times and find out the target spot.

Step 2: Mark the area

Take a pencil and mark the area that is creating the problem in the first place.

Step 3: Apply the door bumpers

Gently apply the bumpers on the marked area. Make sure it is tightly fixed, or else you might experience slamming.

Step 4: Give it a final try

Now, close the door and open it again. During the time you close, observe how the cabinet door cushions hit the door. If everything is ok, that’s great, and if not, add another pad and connect it on the right spot. Do this step till the slamming disappears.  

Where Should Cabinet Bumpers Be Placed

As you know, kitchen cabinet door bumpers are very efficient in eliminating the slamming noise and extending your cabinet’s longevity. So, this makes it mandatory that you should consider placing the bumpers on the proper spot.

Most of the cases, the slamming occurs due to the corner, and you can use it as a starting point. Before you place it, check all the edges, whether they are dry or not. To be on the safer side, wipe the areas with a cloth.

Cabinet Door Bumpers

Make sure you put the bumpers a couple of inches away from the edges. You can even use a measuring tape for accuracy. If you find other points creating the same problem, repeat the procedure.

It is highly recommended that you should not apply any pressure on the spots for at least a day or two.

How Do I Choose

Before you purchase clear cabinet door bumpers, you should take some things into consideration. If you have proper knowledge in advance, you won’t face any problem choosing the right one. Keep reading.  

Proper brand

There are tons of brands for this kind of bumpers, but not all of them are efficient. So, you should go for an excellent brand that is currently dominating the market and has positive customer reviews.

A quality product will give you stunning performance, and it will be long-lasting. Always avoid choosing the wrong brand as your investment will go to waste for sure if you do so.

Type of material

The type of material your bumper is made of is also considered as an essential fact. In the market, you will find polyurethane, polymer, and rubber cabinet bumpers. Don’t worry, all of them work perfectly well.

Cabinet Door Bumpers

Remember, all bumpers don’t stick properly to different surfaces. So, make sure you choose the one that goes well with your furniture surfaces. Consult with the supplier so that you get the ideal one for your home.


Sound dampening door bumpers typically come in different colors. The transparent ones are the most common since they become invisible wherever you are going to put them.

On the other hand, colored ones are visible and don’t look that nice after its installation. Still, it depends on the kind of furniture you are using.  


When you purchase, you can check its size from the label. Some of them are small whereas; some are quite big.

Surprisingly, the best cabinet door bumpers come with a set of different size ranges. In this way, you will get the chance to choose the size without any hassle.

You should use the smaller one as this strategy became successful to many customers worldwide.

Installation process

Nobody prefers cabinet door cushions that need glue during the installation process. This will waste both your time and physical effort.

The smart choice is to use self-adhesive bumpers. These already come with glue plus, you just have to peel it off to stick it onto the surface.

Price range

Fortunately, clear cabinet door bumpers are affordable, and you won’t have to think twice during your purchase. If possible, add some extra cash and go for the best quality one to get top-notch performance all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my surface get damaged after I remove the bumper?

Hopefully, there won’t be any damage as these are designed in a way that you don’t experience any problem after their removal.

2. If my cabinet is made of wood, will the kitchen cabinet door bumpers leave marks after I take it off?

It depends on how long you have used it. If you have used it for a long time, there will be some small marks after taking it off. No problem, just wipe it with a warm towel, and it will look as good as new.

3. Can I use it on glassware?

Most of them are compatible with glass, but some might not work properly on this surface. When you choose a model, better ask the supplier whether it will stick to the glass or not.

4. Where other places can I use rubber cabinet bumpers?

This type of bumper is the most common out of all because of its performance and firm grip. Other than the cabinets, you can safely use it on drawers, toilet laptops, regular doors, etc.

5. What other benefits will I get other than eliminating slamming noise?

Your furniture will stay protected from getting scratch or other types of damages. Shutting the door won’t be an issue with the installation of bumpers.

Final Words

I hope this article has benefited you in every way possible. You are just one step away from getting the best cabinet door bumpers.

So, why wait? Grab this fantastic product as soon as possible.

Remove that irritating noise from your home and enjoy your day with a peaceful mind. 

Best of luck!