When you have an outdoor space in your house, one of the best additions to that area can be a built-in grill. That will only open up opportunities for family gatherings or some quality time with your mates.

Having such a situation is a closer step towards the luxury you’re looking for. So, it’ll be better if you go for the best built in grills out in the market. These will have all the features that will enhance your experience.

Therefore, we will explore all the right components these products have and all the functionalities that will make it effortless for you to entertain people while getting the most efficient performance.

Top Choice
Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill
Best Value
Bull Outdoor Products Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head in Stainless Steel
Runner up
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill
Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill
Bull Outdoor Products Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head in Stainless Steel
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill
Top Choice
Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill
Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill
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Best Value
Bull Outdoor Products Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head in Stainless Steel
Bull Outdoor Products Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head in Stainless Steel
More Information
Runner up
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill
Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill
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Why a Built in Gas Grill?

Well, the real question is, why not? If you have an extensive outdoor space where you like to hang out or relax from time to time, why not make that space an entertainment area too?

Better Access

There is no such thing as the right time for a barbeque; every day is the perfect time for some quality barbeque. So, by getting a built-in gas grill, you will have much more access to different functionalities while working in a larger area.

Built In Grills

Most homeowners intend to go for a built-in gas grill because that plays the central entertainment area’s crowning role. You can entertain a lot of people in that single space compared to the indoors.

Better Environment

Moreover, you have better ventilation and an outdoor environment to enjoy while making your special BBQ for everyone to love. So, it’s undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

It’s the living dream for most homeowners and BBQ enthusiasts since hanging out with the buddies isn’t complete without quality food. Therefore, these should answer your question on the predicament.


Additionally, you have total flexibility in how much you want to use it and how much you want to spend. So, there’s no reason to say no to such an addition if you can afford it in your house.

Best Built in Grills for the Money

We intend to showcase several variations of items from which you can choose; each of them has features that might interest you, while all of them are the best in the market right now –

1. Lion Premium Grills

Among these listed items, Lion Grill is one of the most compact units with perfect features when you intend to get the best out of your grilling endeavors. Starting from construction to functionality, it is the best built in grill that you will find.

Let’s start with the build; this is a stainless steel grill that is amazing when it comes to durability. It can handle as much pressure you intend to put it under, and it will still come out the best when it comes to making the best BBQ.

It possesses about four casts of stainless-steel burners that add up to 75,000 BTUs in total. Now, that’s tremendous power from such a compact product that will give you evenly grilled meat, no matter what you’re going for.

While having such power, this item is also excellent for smoking the meat; it is one of the essential parts of making barbeque since that will add flavor to the meat.

The smoking feature comes through the fantastic double-layer seamless welded smoker head that has polished edges to maintain the meat’s proper formation without damaging anything. It’s much easier for you to control.

Another thing to mention is that it is entirely natural gas-powered, so you get no reduction in performance. It will always maintain proper heating, making it one of the best built in natural gas grills you can buy.

Most of the complications come when it comes to cleaning. Still, it’s relatively easy to clean as you can take apart almost all parts without sacrificing any comfort due to its disassembling capabilities.

So basically, you can use any type of cleaning agent and clean without worrying about buying something special for it. Its stainless build is quite comfortable to clean as most of the stain comes off quite easily.


  • High power heating capabilities
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Interior lights
  • Double-layer welded smoker
  • 840 sq. inches of cooking surface


  • Slight complications when it comes to measurements
  • Warming shelf lacks stability

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2. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw

When you need to find a product that possesses all the right features, with which you can compare some of the best built in outdoor grills, then Bull is the one you’re looking for.

In the case of functionality, no other device does it better than this one. How? You might be thinking; well, most of it through its innovative build. It has everything you need to get the best grilling experience.

Cooking power is very important to consider if you intend to get an efficient performance out of the item you buy since you don’t want a device that will give you uneven cooking along with time delays.

But due to these products’ 60,000 BTUs of cooking power, you will be able to get the most efficient time response. You will be able to make high-quality BBQ with evenly cooked meat, no matter how many you make.

Another vital thing to consider is the surface area of the grill so that you can get a lot done as soon as possible. When you’re entertaining many people, then that is an important feature every best built in bbq should have.

This fantastic item has a surface area of 810 sq. inch, so you can imagine how many different types of meat you can cook in a single run. Moreover, the warming rack has an area of 210 sq. inch for you to always keep your food warm.

Due to the presence of piezo igniters on every valve, you will be able to get the proper heat that will balance the meat’s cooking, which you can customize however you want so that it’s up to your preference.

One of the biggest concerns for any grill is that it won’t be able to cook the meat properly, and sometimes they take quite a lot of time to be done. But since several burners are working simultaneously, all those issues are minimized.


  • Piezo igniters on every valve
  • Four porcelain-coated burner bars
  • Dual lined hood
  • 210 sq. inches of warming rack
  • ReliaBull technology for even heat distribution


  • The thermometer doesn’t have the highest quality
  • Hard to compile all the parts and assemble

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3. Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Weber is known for some of the most innovative products that utilize fantastic technology to give you the best results in almost everything. This time they are bringing forward one of the best built in gas grills.

The unit is impressive for many reasons; it is one of the most highly mentioned items in several built in gas grill reviews. It is powered by natural gas, so you will not require any separate power outlet.

Even though it might seem large, it fits in quite perfectly with the deck and creates an outlook that seems professional, which gives you the complete feel of luxury and comfort.

Another thing about this unit is that if you don’t intend to get a product that utilizes natural gas, you can go for the propane liquid variation that will also enable you to get the performance you would get from the gas one.

There are four separate stainless-steel units. Each of the inputs has a burning power of 48,800 BTU per hour input, which is more than enough to cook evenly.

But there’s more that might interest you; the sear burner is capable of 10,600 BTU per hour, which is perfect if you want a high performing grill for several large events and serve many people without even the slightest of delay.

The smoker box is stainless steel; one of the most easily damaged components for any grill is the smoker box. But due to its construction, this device will remain good as new no matter how long you use it.

Also, due to the built-in thermometer’s presence, you can adequately measure the heat so that you can control how much you want to cook the meat. Also, control knobs will help you balance the ignition system as much as you want.


  • Contains Flavorizer bars
  • Includes a grill cabinet
  • Burner valves have many control systems
  • Inclusion of a grease pan
  • Snap-Jet individual burner system


  • Smoker box has too much airflow
  • Difficulty to install

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4. Summerset ‘The Oven’

If you want a product that is part oven and part grill, then “The Oven” is the one you should check out. It is a beautiful device that is perfect for making pizzas and many more other food items.

Several exciting things are going on with the item; the starter thing to mention would be the pizza stone. Due to the inclusion of the pizza stone, you will make high-quality pizza with minimum work.

Since it is the natural gas variant, you will get balanced power from the burner that will evenly cook the dough. Thus, making it soft while having a crunchy texture that will help you experience flavors close to authentic Italian cuisine.

It has a stainless-steel design that is durable and resistant to rust; since the grill is easily exposed to grease and other substances, they need to have that quality. For that reason, this is included in every built in grills review, taking the top position.

The main burner grill is capable of 16,000 BTU per hour, which is more than enough for sufficient cooking. That also makes it perfect for home use since more burning power will require a more considerable amount of gas.

In the case of oven temperature, it can go up to 450°F, which is sufficient to cook various types of pizza. And this will also preserve the flavor of the meat included in the pizza recipe.

Several things are in the whole packaging; one of them is a cover. Now, in the case of rack positions, you have three different options that you can play around with so that you find the perfect one for you.

It also included a storage drawer that will allow you to store several kitchen accessories. That feature will help you get quick access to those so that you don’t have to continually move while using the grill.


  • Includes protective feet kit
  • Compatible for both countertop and outdoor installment
  • Boasts a 16-inch pizza capacity
  • Utilizes a large pizza stone
  • Electric starter ignition


  • Takes some time to heat up thoroughly
  • Lacks space in the grill cabinet

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5. BeefEater Signature (BS19932) 3000E

You will love this product for several reasons, one of them is its compact design, but it has everything you might need even though it’s small. That’s why it is the best drop in grill available right now in the market.

Price matters; when it comes to price, you might think, the higher, the better quality. But in such cases, BeefEater’s Signature completely changes that stigma since the item is capable of a lot, and it’s not expensive at all.

The item weighs only 120 pounds; you might be thinking, why does weight matter? Installing built-in grills can be quite a hassle if you don’t do it right or don’t have proper control over the device.

So, the lighter the weight, the easier it is to set up the item on the outdoor counter and get started with your top-quality BBQ that everyone is going to love and enjoy whenever you have a family gathering.

Among several built in grill review, it is mentioned how excellent BeefEater’s Signature is when it comes to versatility. You will be able to get perfection in whatever you’re cooking due to the balanced heating system and the superior control that it provides.

Due to the titanium-coated system, it starts up without any hassle. Some products cause quite the hassle when you’re starting it up for the first time, but this item fires up no matter how many times you use it with high 18,000 BTU burners.

A built-in grill needs to be durable in any scenario. Therefore, BeefEater went with a porcelain enamel coated iron cast; those are entirely rust-resistant. Moreover, that makes them highly durable and scratch-resistant.

When some products utilize fast heating and maintain a good fuel economy, it is crucial for them to reduce flare-ups or unnecessary burning. The unit prevents that entirely, saving you gas and money.


  • Due to the vitreous enamel, it is easy to clean
  • Roasting hood possesses an on-board temperature gauge
  • Titanium coating lets it fire up fast
  • Porcelain-coated enamel cast-iron influences durability
  • Maintains a strict fuel economy


  • Lacks sufficient warming rack space
  • Slightly difficult to maintain

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6. Blaze Grills Gas Grill

This is undoubtedly one of the most lightweight products on the list. Along with that, it has the largest surface area that is perfect for large parties or a fantastic family gathering since you can get a lot done altogether.

If you look through the built in gas grill review articles, then you’re sure to find this one for its unusually lightweight build. The grill is only 42 pounds that makes it easy to install and utilize.

Moreover, along with the weight, everyone loves how large it is for the surface area. It has a total surface area of 915 sq. inches, which involves several other utility areas, along with the heating and ignition starters.

The biggest concern, in this case, would be the distribution of heat throughout the surface. But the heat zone separators distribute the heat at different levels, in different zones, with five different 14,000 BTU burner and one 10,000 BTU IR burner.

The best thing about the different temperature levels is that it allows you to cook separate things in each compartment based on the type of heating you require. Therefore, that way, you get sufficient heating, and it won’t overcook.

Now, when it comes to ignition, sometimes having only one method can be a problem because if that fails, you won’t have other ways to go for it. So, Blaze Grill comes with three separate methods.

The push and turn method are the easiest to go for since that will turn the grill on the fastest every time. But if you want separate options for ignition, you can use the crossovers or the flash tube to get the ignition started and cook.

For protecting the outer layer from heat damages, the grill hood is double-lined. Also, the stainless steel is perfect for protection from burning, stain, and corrosion, so it gets all-rounded protection for the best performance.


  • Removable warming rack
  • Push and turn flame-thrower ignition
  • Three different ignition options
  • Double-lined grill hood protection
  • Heat zone separation


  • Grease tray gets slightly messy when cleaning
  • Hood is prone to dents and scratches

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7. EVO Affinity 30G Series Built-in Grill

Through this built in grills review, you will come to know that EVO Affinity is one of the unique addition to the list. It utilizes a very unorthodox design to give you the best performance in grilling and roasting vegetables.

Its circular burner design is the main attraction in that scenario. The product ultimately looks like a frying pan in some instances due to that reason, and it has superior control overheating and space so that you can get the most out of it.

The item uses natural gas, and it is relatively fuel-efficient. You won’t need to change gas cylinders as often due to its proper utilization of the burners and high-quality heating; you will get the most efficient performance.

Among several features, the most interesting one would be the cooking surface that contains black oil seasoned steel. It provides sufficient heat so that the food materials on it is efficiently cooked without any delay.

Using the two-burner knobs, you can ultimately play around with the heat to get a balanced result that will come in handy. Especially when you intend to roast vegetables and other ingredients that you don’t want to overcook.

Due to the presence of the 38,000 BTU dual-burners, the temperature remains between 225 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the sufficient heat you require to make quick barbeque and prepare several other foods altogether.

The surface area is about 650 sq. inches that are evenly heated through the inner and the outer burners; the dual burners are great to ensure the food items are adequately cooked and don’t experience partial grilling.

It also contains a spillover tray that will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning; all the unnecessary grease and oil will be going there, and it won’t spill any of them. The spillover tray is also dishwasher compatible.


  • Dual burner system
  • Pan-like design for vegetable roasting along with meat
  • Control knobs are removable and dishwasher safe
  • A heavy-duty lid is perfect when you need balanced heating
  • One-touch ignition activates both burners


  • Heating can be slightly insufficient
  • Doesn’t contain a warming rack

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8. Bonfire CBB3LP

This is one of the most discussed products in some of the best built in grills reviews due to its easy conversion technology and high-quality build. It is capable of fantastic feat, each better than the other, and we’ll let you decide what you like the most.

There are few things about the device that come in handy in many situations; one is the gas conversion mechanism. It is a propane gas grill, but if you’re much more comfortable using natural gas, you can easily convert it.

With the conversion tool’s help, you can do it yourself; it also comes in use when you’re in an emergency. Since getting a replacement can take time, you can just easily change the gas type so that you can keep working without stopping.

Now comes space; that is one of the most checked-out features in almost every grill since this will make sure you’re able to use as much space as you need; as we all know, space is essential for smoking meat and roasting.

So, the 494 total sq. inches of the surface area is perfect for such scenarios. Due to its heating capability of about 55,000 BTUs, you will get even cooking throughout the whole unit without compromising efficiency.

Also, due to the stainless-steel construction, the heat conductivity is impressive in the whole item. Therefore, the surface will heat up within minutes, so you won’t have to worry about any delay.

Interior lighting is very convenient when it comes to grills, it usually is positioned against the sun, and you won’t just use it during the day. Therefore, the interior lights come in handy when you want to see what you’re doing.

These features altogether will give you a very balanced and efficient cooking experience that will help you work much quicker and make quality barbeque that everyone around will love, making your luxury come true.


  • Natural gas to propane gas conversion mechanism
  • Includes a Rotisserie kit
  • Comes with gas conversion tools
  • Proper lighting for night barbeque
  • Equipped with a protective cover


  • Assembling directions are unclear
  • Lacks extra accessory space

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9. AOG American Outdoor Grill

When you want a lighter approach to grilling, then this is the one you should check out; it is smaller compared to most larger products. But it possesses all the right features that will make your casual barbeque parties quite entertaining.

In size, it is only 24 inches, but it has sufficient space for grilling separate batches. The heat is distributed quite efficiently all over the surface so that you get to utilize the whole space properly.

Also, it only weighs 105 pounds, so that makes it relatively easy to install. Some products are quite large to handle, and you might need professional help to get them correctly set up. But you can do all the work in this case.

If you look through any built in grill review, you will find that the product is known for its dual 16,000 BTU burners. The burner grills are capable of cooking evenly, and you can control the taste of the meat and fat.

Due to the presence of control knobs, you can play around with the temperature and customize how much you want the meat to be cooked. Also, it will help you make sure you don’t overcook it.

Most grills suffer from the burning stains that ruin the outlook of the item entirely, but due to this product’s stainless-steel build, you will be able to clean it all off thoroughly.

You won’t even have to think about rust or any corrosion; it will also resist any kind of thermal shock so that it works at full potential no matter when you need it to. Moreover, it is relatively easier to clean, so you can get it done anytime you want.

Flair-ups can completely ruin your barbeque since that will cause burning of the meat or dry up the fat, but due to the built-in thermometer’s presence, you can easily control that. Preventing flair-ups are very important for balanced cooking of the grill.


  • Presence of an analog thermometer
  • Vaporizer panels for proper heat distribution
  • Stainless-steel bezels for temperature control
  • Rapid-light ignition technology
  • Compatible with any kind of counters


  • Heating strength can be slightly insufficient
  • Lacks different control options

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Why Are Built in Grills So Expensive?

Most built in grills require some space and professional help to set up correctly. And most homeowners allocate quite a budget to get it done, as this is a step towards maintaining your luxurious lifestyle.

Now, the main reason for most built-in grills being expensive is the presence of features and functionality. When you’re buying one, you’re not exactly just buying a device for a casual barbeque, these products are made for the best entertainment experience.

You get the performance of a full-fledge barbeque joint from just one device; don’t you think that’s worth the money? Most barbeque enthusiasts dream of such an addition to their house since that allows them to cook their favorite meals in their own house.

Due to the innovative technologies offered by most built-in grills, you’re able to make larger batches of food with some simple commands. From smoking your meat to evenly grilling, everything is possible in just that simple space.

With the help of the knobs, you can customize the heat and enable some extra burners so that you can make fantastic barbeque without any delay and get the professional taste that you’re looking for.

Built In Grills

These features are achieved through high-quality attachments; you won’t get these from an inexpensive product that won’t even last a single month that efficiently; therefore, you need to go for the quality.

Every attachment will ensure that you get the best performance. Some even include additional tools that will allow you to maintain the grill better and easier since that is the primary concern for some users.

Starting from the stainless-steel build to multiple burners and coating plus the inclusion of several different fueling methods, all of these advantages require additional investment because you need the best of the best.

So, for that reason, some built-in grills are expensive and quite a large investment. But it is all worth it when you’re getting high-quality food whenever you want from it.

How to Build a Built in Grill?

When you intend to make your outdoor grill, you need to do some initial preparations first to plan out every step efficiently and get it all done within a specific time frame.

The Startup

First,  you’ll have to make a budget; you need a budget for almost every part. Since we’re just focusing on the grill, we need to figure out how much we are willing to spend on the foundation and material, excluding the grill.

Well, start with the material you can go for; one that we’d recommend is a stone veneer since that can be done much more easily and require minimum experience to get started.

Things to Consider

But going for real stone can be a problem; you might just want to use cultured stone. These are as durable as the real ones, while you don’t require to paint them or do any extra maintenance.

Now, you need to build the surrounding structures covering the inner foundation; you will need some plywood to make the base and form a countertop that will fit the grill you intend to get for your outdoors.

Getting It All Together

Next, you cover the foundation with concrete, but you can go for a complete stone build, as we discussed before, since it is much easier to maintain. You might want to make the top slightly sloped so that the water slides off and doesn’t gather there.

Built In Grills

Before all that, you should consider a comfortable height that will allow you to cook efficiently while your guests can rest their hand on the counter and keep their drinks on it without kneeling.

While making the foundational frame, you need to make space for the grill and measure appropriately before finishing the top base. At last, you set the grill in position, making it complete, and do some decorations.

How to Install a Built In Grill?

In the case of installation methods, there are several ways to go about this. Even though it mostly depends on the type of product you’re using, installation can be quite easy when you know what to do.

The Unpacking

So, let’s start with assuming you own a traditionally styled grill, so the first thing you need to do is compile all the parts included in the packaging and put it all together so that you can work with the wholly formed item.

We would recommend you do the assembling on top of the countertop that you intend to use. Therefore, you don’t have to lift it afterward since, based on the size, the grill can be quite heavy.

The Right Place

Now, you have to make up your mind on how you want this to be and where you intend to keep the gas cylinder to get easy access to them and detach them whenever you want since some items have conversion systems.

Built In Grills

On both sides of the grill, there are two brackets that you can use to keep the device in position and keep it slightly elevated, but that entirely depends on the depth of the area made for it.

Things You Need

You might need a screwdriver to attach the brackets as they come separately in the packaging. If you use the screw to set them up tightly, you won’t have to worry anymore about the security of those compartments.

Then, you just put it on the cabinet and set up the rear bracket to get a little bit more protection from the back of the device. That will also prevent it from moving out of place.

For the attachment, you can use some silicone to secure all the attachments in their positions. This will also resist any wobbling effect so that your device is well secured in its place.

Final Improvisations

Now comes the gas hose connection, but before installing that, you need to keep in mind that you don’t want to keep the hose under the device since it can get unusually hot.

You need to take it out from the side and attach it to the cylinder, and you will get flawless gas flow without any resistance. It will also be very easy to get replacements and make conversions.

Also, even the smallest sparks coming in contact with the hose can be destructive, so keeping it somewhere cool is a better idea.

What Makes the Right Built In Grill?

There are several things to consider when you’re going for a built-in grill; you might want to look over all of these since the whole device is quite the investment, and you should get the best out of it.

Cooking Surface

This is probably the most important thing you need to consider when buying an outdoor grill. The aforementioned attribute doesn’t only mean the size of the product; it also includes the surface area inside the device.

The size of that is essential because a grill is not just for a barbeque; you might need to roast various food items too. Some even are capable of baking and making pizzas as such. So, you need to consider what your needs are at first.

Going for the largest one might be the obvious choice, but you shouldn’t go for that if you consider the heating power, which we’ll discuss in the next point, but these larger areas mean larger space necessity.

That might not be efficient for you since you need to consider whether you have enough space in the outdoors and if it fits in with your countertop’s size. Also, larger ones are hard to maintain.

Therefore, you should go for an item that will fit your preference since you shouldn’t overcrowd your grill. It is also deficient in the case of roasting, as that causes moisture to build up.

Heat Distribution

Since we’ve already spoken about the surface space, now comes the complicated part. When a grill has a larger space, at that time, it needs to be able to distribute heat sufficiently so that all the food gets cooked enough.

But that doesn’t exactly mean the smaller products are perfect in this scenario; some only focus on specific areas for heating that is not exactly the most preferred situation since that only limits your flexibility.

Built In Grills

The other option you can go for is the zone method. The bigger products use different temperatures in separate zones. Also, some product possess multiple burners with high BTU levels which can range from 35,000 to 15,000.

This is perfect when you want to multitask; it also provides adequate cooking for different food items. You wouldn’t want to overcook your vegetable as that will only ruin the flavor or just burn them.

So, separate heating zones are the perfect method to overcome that kind of predicament. Also, giving you control over the zones will help you have better control over what you’re trying to cook efficiently.

Material of the Grill

The material of the device matters in case of heating, integrity, and many more things. Grills go through a lot of pressure; therefore, they need to have the tremendous structural integrity that will maintain durability.

So, you might want to go for a stainless steel build since those are the ones that are capable of handling high-temperature rates. Also, these prevent the formation of rust and many other corrosive contaminants.

Grills are always exposed to grease, and some even face oil splatters that can cause rust if left unattended. But stainless steel is safe from that since the main functionality is that they resist any form of rust.

Moreover, some of the products might get burning stains on the body due to the extensive heating, which will gradually deteriorate the structure and cause extensive damages. Still, the steel construction is easy to clean, so those stains will not last.

Some products even go for specialized titanium coating systems. These coatings are also responsible for quick start-up, which will help you maintain better control and get a much quicker response.

You can also go for porcelain enamel coated cast-iron; that is one of the most concrete coatings available for higher strength. So, if you go for this one, you will get a sturdier performance, and it will help you clean much quicker.


If you require a large grill, then you should check if the product you’re trying to buy has multiple burners or not. Since having multiple burners will help you get a much more surrounded cooking experience, that will preserve the flavor much more.

Also, these multiple burners enable you to have much more differentiated temperature zones. Since having multiple temperature zones isn’t possible through a single burner, different burners need to handle that.

Why? Well, each of the burners can improve the flexibility of the cooking surface, and that will also help you customize the intensity of the burner. Through the control knobs, you can play around with them and balance however you like.

So, it’s without question that you should go for the one that will have a dedicated burner for each zone since you will have better control and a superior cooking experience.

That will also influence heat distribution since burners play one of the critical roles when it comes to heat buildup and distribution throughout the whole product so that every food material gets equal attention.


Having separate ignition methods can be quite efficient since it’s always better to have a backup plan if one fails. In this case, there are three different ignition methods that you can go for.

One of the quickest ways would be the electronic ignition system that utilizes batteries to start up the grill quickly. But there’s an extra expense attached in that department, as you might need to get replacements.

That’s an extra cost that you’re paying, and that will probably annoy you if you intend to use it in the long run. Therefore, we would suggest going for something that will last for some time.

Now, the traditional form of ignition is the piezoelectric ignition, which relies on a spark that will contact the gas and start up the grill instantly. But that can be inefficient in some instances as it might not work in every strike.

It also utilizes the knobs of the grill to start the flame. There is no need to get replacements for it, and it will work as long as you have the device.

Another interesting approach to the ignition system is the hot surface ignition; this is mostly present on high-end devices that will instantly heat up and light the burners with the igniter rod’s help.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Many brands out there make some of the most revolutionary products through their interest in outdoor kitchen systems. Let’s explore some of these brands, shall we?

Bull Outdoor

This fantastic brand was established in the year 1992 with a simple interest in outdoor cooking. From that point on, Mark Nureddine and his partner worked towards building such an amazing company.

They brought forward the dreams of every house owner who loves outdoor cooking. From structural integrity to highly functional design, their items have it all.


Blaze specializes in several different outdoor products. Their main goal is to create the perfect outdoor situation for every homeowner that will enable them to experience the best of life.

They combine 45 years of experience in making some of the most efficient and attractive devices that will last a lifetime. Each of their items goes through multiple trials to ensure the best performance.

Lion Premium Grills

This company started out from the vision of one person, Leon Carter; he set out to make something unique that eventually turned out to be Lion Premium Grills. And it is altogether redefining the barbeque world.

The most interesting fact is that they provide customers with the highest freedom when it comes to personalization. They can choose from several different exterior designs that will fit perfectly with their homes.


Almost everyone is familiar with this name for their amazing variety of excellent items when it comes to providing you the best around the kitchen; each of their designs intends to give the best performance.

One of their most famous units is the kitchen grills; those are perfect for their unique functionalities that will enhance efficiency and comfort around the kitchen.


What’s not to like about Weber? They are absolutely extraordinary because of their innovative devices and designs that are along the lines of efficiency and functionality.

They adapt to the modern situation while upholding a very traditional foundation that allows them to maintain a persona of quality and satisfactory service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I clean these products with a pressure cleaner?

Each of the parts is detachable along with the grease tray, so you can definitely clean them with a pressure cleaner, but we’d prefer you wipe it off with some dishwasher to get rid of the oil.

2. Are these products hard to maintain?

Due to the innovative designs that most brands are going for now, these are relatively easy to maintain; since every part is dishwasher compatible and easy to reach, you can use them with ease.

3. Do I need professional tools to install it?

If you already have a grill cabinet on your countertop, you basically just need a screwdriver and another person’s help to lift it together. But in the case of some products, you can do it yourself.

4. Does every grill possess a spill tray?

Most of the devices come with an external grease tray for collecting any of the spill deposits so that it can make it less messy and easy for you to clean. So, every product on this list possesses that addition.

5. Do I have to buy separate warming racks?

The warming racks will be included with every item’s packaging; therefore, you don’t need to buy those separately.

6. Can I roast vegetables on the grill?

Due to different heat zones, you will be able to roast vegetables in one zone while making barbeque in the other parts. Therefore, you need to do it separately; you can just utilize the whole space and do it all together.

7. Is it easy to clean the smoker box?

Since the smoker box has a stainless-steel build, you can just easily wipe all the stain out, and you don’t have to do any additional maintenance work with the device. Therefore, it’s quite easy to clean the smoker box.

8. Can I change the type of fuel I’m using or stuck with just one?

Some products allow you to change from natural gas to propane by utilizing some conversion tools. Therefore, you can change it anytime you want. Moreover, the conversion tool is included with the whole device.

9. Is there only one ignition method?

There are three different ignition methods, and one of the most efficient techniques would be piezoelectric ignition that utilizes the spark created from friction to get the grill started and heat up quickly.

Final Words

Getting an outdoor kitchen is like a dream come true for some homeowners, so these products will be the best ones you can go for. Through this article on some of the best built in grills, you will find the one that you need.