Being a parent to tweens is never an easy job. It requires patience, and the need to deal with teenagers diplomatically can’t be stressed enough. But introducing them to baking can help you make the job easier.

And isn’t it great when they show great enthusiasm for baking?

Well, you can help chase their ambitions by giving them some baking-related gifts.

Are you confused about what to buy?

No worries. Here, we’ll tell you about some great baking gifts for ambitious tweens.

Introducing Your Teenager to Baking

A teenager being a teenager, regardless of sex, is always adventurous. They want to explore new things, and because of that, they might be in great danger of running into dodgy ideas, which mightn’t be a hundred percent safe for them. As an alternative here, as a parent, you can introduce your kid to baking

Baking is a craft, and it might save us from the deepest pit of our emotional turmoil when needed. And for a teenager, who is finding their identity in this complicated world, baking could be an exceptional and safe hobby. 

Teenager to Baking

To start, if you’re a baker yourself, you can always ask your tween to help you out. Remember, though, initially, they wouldn’t be eager to leave their world of shiny interfaces and get their hands dirty with flour-y, sugar-y things. 

So, be patient. You don’t want them to relate baking to something unpleasant. To make them interested, ask for little assistance at a time if you have a particularly challenging kid. And let the interest and curiosity grow naturally.

Once you have your kid hooked (you know, to baking), now’s the time to spice things up! Along with trying out recipes that have been around for ages, reinvent the idea of baking. Get experimental! Consult with your teen about your next big baking adventure.

When Your Teenager Officially Likes Baking

When you don’t have to borderline beg your kid to help out every time you bake, that’s when you know you have their interest. And now is the time to let their interest grow as it shall.

And to help with the growing interest and to support their new and rebellious ideas of baking, you might want to equip them with proper tools, alongside being the guardian angel they can look up to any time they run into confusion. 

Teenager Officially Likes Baking

Now, let’s talk about such types of equipment, or let’s just call them gifts, for your tween, who by now, loves baking!

Baking Gifts for Ambitious Tweens

There is a whole universe filled with baking goods out there and yet another universe dedicated to the tools which help to make such goods. Now, there are no right and wrong gifts for someone who likes to bake.

It differs from person to person, but most importantly, it’s important to take the necessities of the person you’re purchasing gifts for into account. Because you wouldn’t want to be the bearer of repetitive gifts the recipient wouldn’t have any function for.

Baking Gifts for Ambitious Tweens

But let’s talk about it all here. From the gifts appropriate for a teenager who is only starting out, to one who knows what they’re doing – let’s talk!

1. Cookbooks for Newbies

Even if your particular tween isn’t a bookish person, they might appreciate it a lot if you give them a really important tool to start – in this case, it being a cookbook.

Cookbooks will cover every classic baking ideas and tips your teen might need to know to start. And the book could be their go-to resource if they ever are unsure about how to carry out a task.

Cookbooks for Newbies

The book also would help the teen to learn and master the baking basics. Like everything else, how one learns and internalizes the basics of something is more important than anything else and helps most in the long run. 

Expect your teen to surprise you with every classic baking dish if you are to give them a cookbook!

2. Aesthetic Mixing Bowls

Every time I am searching for a masters’ degree online, the first and foremost thing that catches my eye about any university is how aesthetic their website is. And it goes like this for a lot of other things.

Yes, the inner beauty is what really matters most, but beautiful things are fun to look at as well! And especially when it comes to cooking, or in this case, baking! 

Aesthetic Mixing Bowls

It’s okay to get your teen to start baking with your traditional silver spoons and spatulas. But remember their age. They love fun things; they might not complain about boring baking utensils, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love colorful ones! 

You can start by getting them colorful bowls. Yes, not every teenager is alike so, you might want to think carefully before you purchase a bold red mixing bowl for your teen who is currently into their gothic phase.

3. Fun Mixing Accessories

The next thing you can consider getting is fun mixing accessories. Spice up how that spatula looks! Get them more modern ones. The effort coming from you will help them love baking more.

Fun Mixing Accessories

4. Measuring Sets

Cool and stylish measuring sets are also a great option. If they’re more an R2D2 fan, there are a lot of Star Wars-themed measuring sets in the market. 

Measuring Sets

Although I personally love Doctor Who themed ones but, I do realize that my future teen might not feel the same about the Doctor and TARDIS. And here comes another important point. Shop for the person on the receiving end.

5. Customized Aprons

Everything customized can make anyone feel immensely special. And same goes for your kid who’s into baking

Maybe you like to sew and are good at it. In that case, you can sew them a baking apron. I can’t tell you how special the idea of this gift is. It holds both sentimental values and will come handy every time the kid is baking. 

But it’s okay if you don’t know sewing. There are so many places online where they will gladly customize aprons any way you like. 

My personal favorite is the idea of an apron where it will show the memories of every time you and your kid baked together. I’m thinking photographs here, stitched together? I’m tearing up just from the thought of it.

6. Baking Lessons

This is also a great choice, but it does depend on the teen. Some of us just bake to let some steam off or show our skills off to close members within our social circles. The same is applicable for the teens. 

Not everyone starts to bake, wanting to become the next great pastry chef. So, if your teen is someone who sounds serious about baking and wants to have some direction from professionals, by all means, do sign them up for baking lessons.

Baking Lessons

But I do advise parents to talk about it with their teens first. Because you shouldn’t assume your teen’s schedule isn’t just as busy as yours. 

Given the situation around the world now, it’s probably a lot safer to sign them up for online baking lessons. For instance, Masterclass offers great pastry lessons by the French pastry chef Dominique Ansel, which could be worth checking out!

7. Sprinkles and Other Decorators!

If you are a true baking enthusiast, you know you look forward to the give your cupcakes or cookies or cakes the final touch by sprinkles every time you bake! No matter how long you have been baking for, it never gets old!

Sprinkles Decorators!

They can also be a fun gift for your teen. So why not, right?

Final Words

I’m sure you won’t run into many difficulties purchasing the baking gifts for ambitious tweens once you know what you’re looking for.

Target has a huge online collection you might want to check out, or you might know some better place. I hope that the article helped you have a little better idea about what baking presents your tween might like.