If you’re someone who likes making pizzas at home, then we have the most suitable baking utensil for you! You can be confident that this pizza steel will make your pizza making process extremely quick and efficient.

Now, what is a pizza steel? Pizza steels, generally recognized as baking steels, are baking sheets made of steel for making pizzas.  

Whether you use it occasionally for your family or on a daily basis for your small home business, this is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

In this Artisan Pizza Steel review, we have given a detailed analysis of the Artisan Steel-High Performance Pizza Steel, which might as well be the best pizza steel on the market!

Artisan Steel – High Performance Pizza Steel Review

The incredibly fast conductive composition of pizza steels allows fast pizza making with professional quality results and perfectly crispy crusts. And that resulted in this baking equipment to have gained enduring popularity among diligent home chefs, especially pizza makers.

With its rising success, the manufacturing of these baking sheets has escalated. One of those examples is the Artisan Steel – High Performance Pizza Steel. Although much like its competitors, it has a few distinctive qualities that make this pizza steel stand out.

If you are someone who loves wood-burning pizzas, you will love this one as it allows you to get the same crisp crusts at home. As this is a steel product, the baking surface is much more conductive than the stone surface of a wood-burning oven.

So, it makes for quicker and more efficient heat transfer. Due to its ultra-conductivity, you can use this cooking appliance to prepare crispy, fresh pizzas in a tenth of the time.

Upon arrival, you will find a step-by-step instruction guide with the steel baking sheet, which you can refer to if you need help with cleaning or maintenance.


  • Has a super sturdy steel construction which will last a long time
  • Ensures fast heat conductivity and faster results
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Can handle temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Delivers professional standard pizzas with perfect crisps


  • May rust on some occasions

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Key Features

Here, we have provided a detailed description of its key features for you.

Great Size and Construction

With a 16-inch length and 14.25-inch width, this rectangular pizza steel allows you to make big 14-inch pizzas smoothly. The size isn’t too big, so it will fit almost all types and sizes of ovens, and it isn’t too small, so you can enjoy big sized homemade pizzas with your family.

Artisan Pizza Steel Review

Moreover, it has a quarter-inch thick solid construction, which makes it very strong and well balanced.

Super Strong & Durable

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this pizza steel is extremely sturdy. The item has a solid construction, which makes it indestructible. Unlike pizza stones, this pizza steel has great heat tolerance and won’t break even under extreme temperatures.

So, you will be able to use these for a long period of time.

Directions to Use

As these utensils are made from heavy-duty steel, they have high heat tolerance. It can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it is still advised to use this unit on the top racks of your oven, and not beyond the second rack. The middle racks ensure even heat distribution when making pizzas or pies.

Exceptional Heat Conductivity & Overall Performance

Pizza steels are better than pizza stones for a number of reasons. Among them, the most significant one is heat conductivity.

As this unit is made from solid steel, it transfers heat twenty times faster than any material of pizza stone. With this product, you will be able to make pizzas in a very short amount of time.

Also, the even distribution of heat helps you get a great looking pizza with delicious crusts and delicious taste.

Easy Maintenance

Now, this pizza steel comes pre-seasoned. In order to increase the longevity of the steel, you have to wash and maintain it carefully.

The cleaning process is quite simple. You don’t even have to use soap; just wash it with water and a stiff brush. Then, dry it using a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth, and season it with a fine layer of cooking oil.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Thanks to its extremely conductive nature, you can use this pizza steel for different types of cooking methods. Besides ovens, they work great with induction cooktops and stoves.

Artisan Pizza Steel

Further, you can make lots of food items other than pizzas, including bread, pies, and more.

Great Value for Money

From durable construction to super-fast heat conductivity, this steel sheet offers all kinds of features. The best of which is efficiency. It will help you get the perfect balance of taste and texture at only a fraction of the time needed to get the job done with pizza stones.

You can get all these and more at a very affordable price. So, you should definitely go ahead and get this pizza steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a pizza steel?

Pizza steels are essentially steel slabs, which are mostly a quarter-inch thick.

Some of the baking steels come a little pre-seasoned. This function helps you to put your pre-baked pizza dough straight on it and does not cause sticking.

2. How to use a pizza steel?

The easiest and most effective way to use a baking sheet is to put the steel in the oven and then heat it up at 500 degrees for about an hour.

Once the baking steel heats up, spread butter to the surface to avoid sticking. Then, go ahead and set the pizza on the baking steel and wait for approximately 4 minutes, rotate it 180 degrees, and wait 4 minutes more. And you’re done!

3. Do I need to season my steel?

Most baking steels come pre-seasoned, all you should need to do is wash it and dry it before you can start cooking.

But sometimes, you have to season the steel if it doesn’t come pre-seasoned. And sometimes, you need to re-season your steel if you notice rusts forming on it or even if your food starts sticking to it. 

4. How to bake pizzas fast?

Using pizza steels is the fastest way to make delicious pizzas. As pizza steels are made from heavy-duty steel, and steel is a great conductor of heat, these are the perfect utensils to make pizzas quickly and efficiently.

5. What is the best pizza steel?

While some great pizza steels are available at the moment, the Artisan Steel-High Performance Pizza Steel is arguably the best pizza steel you can find, especially in terms of efficiency.


Given its substantially low price point, structurally durable construction, and, most significantly, ultra-heat conductivity, the Artisan Steel-High Performance Pizza Steel is arguably the finest pizza baking sheet available in the market.

But the decision is yours.

And if you’ve read our Artisan Pizza Steel review to the end, by now you should know if you want this thing or not.