White cooked rice garnished with parsley in two red bowls.

How Much Does Rice Expand?

Rice is a versatile food choice, traditionally incorporated in many different cuisines. And being one of the world’s most-produced grains, rice has thousands of varieties worldwide. You have Asian rice such as jasmine rice, basmati rice, tinawon rice, black rice, and African rice like red rice, brown rice, and purple rice.  The different varieties of …

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Best S’mores Maker

Best S’mores Maker

A S’mores is a well-known campfire treat in the United States and Canada made of roasted marshmallows with a layer of chocolate placed between two graham crackers. Traditionally, s’mores were cooked over a campfire in the woods when people went camping. However, one can make s’mores at home over a heating source like the flame …

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Why are Japanese rice cookers so expensive

Why are Japanese Rice Cookers So Expensive? Is it Worth It?

Japanese rice cookers are seriously pricey. They can cost you up to hundreds of dollars—which is a fraction of the cost of the basic rice cookers. The vast price difference has brought up why Japanese rice cookers are so expensive compared to other types of rice cookers and whether they’re worth the price. In this post, we’re …

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